AAC and Mainstream Platforms (including iPad/iPod)

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AAC and Mainstream Platforms (including iPad/iPod)

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AAC and Mainstream Platforms (including iPad/iPod). Selection. Low tech or Hi Tech Not mutually exclusive AAC software or app can bridge the gap allowing client to choose from two as required. Choosing a Hi Tech aid. What output is needed ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of AAC and Mainstream Platforms (including iPad/iPod)

  • AAC and Mainstream Platforms (including iPad/iPod)

  • SelectionLow tech or Hi Tech

    Not mutually exclusive

    AAC software or app can bridge the gap allowing client to choose from two as required

  • Choosing a Hi Tech aid What output is needed ?

    How complex is the clients communication going to be ?

    How will the client access the aid ?

    How will this integrate with other AT needs ?

  • Dedicated aidsProsConsLong battery life Typically not very flexibleRobustnessCan be expensive (sometimes very)Fixed interfaceFit for no other purposeReliability

  • Mainstream Platforms as VOCAProsConsPowerful with scope to Typically fragile and not always upgradesuitable for harsh environmentsFlexible to change Can be larger and heavier whenever necessary Computers crash!Better voices andBattery life clearer screens Time taken to boot upPersonalisation

  • Which Platform????

    Mobile phonesGames consoles/iPodPalmtops / Pocket PC/PDAsTablet /iPadLaptopDesktop

  • Mobile PhonesA Mainstream operating system in its own right Cheaper and widely availableLimited accessibility featuresProcessing power/battery life/volume

  • Games console/iPodLimited options (no calls/web access etc )Light, easy to handle, hardwearing, availabilityVolume, battery life, etcMay need additional accessories

  • Palmtop /Pocket PC/PDAsPalmtop computers (Pocket PC) These are much smaller devices designed to be carried in the pocket. The small screen is a touch screen but due to the compact size, displaying large grids is impractical. It is also not practical to connect switches or external input to these devices, but the high robustness and portability of these devices makes them very convenient for communication on the move.

  • Tablet PCs/iPadTouch screen / StylusNo physical keyboard (but one can be connected/use onscreen) Highly portableTablet computers are increasingly popular, lowering the cost and providing better specified computers. As a result, tablet machines will change fairly often.Use of apps now allow for affordable AAC options, constantly updatedhttp://www.spectronicsinoz.com/article/iphoneipad-apps-for-aacwww.appsforaac.net

  • iOS DevicesiPod Touch 8, 16 or 32 GB memoryDoes have WIFI access, web browser, cameraNo Bluetooth Switches wont work3.5 displayiPhone Usually cheaper on contractHas Bluetooth, WIFI access, better camera4-5hours continuous use battery lifeTurn off apps when no using to preserve battery3.5 displayiPad Larger version10 hour battery9.7 display

  • Communication Apps150+ AAC apps currently availablePrices vary from free to 200+No trial versions of apps iTunes limitationSymbol/Picture basedSymbol & Text based Text only based

  • Communication apps - PrecautionsApps sometimes developed by parent/family member with one specific end user in mind and some developers have limited knowledge of child language developmentCertain apps do not allow for editing/customisation to suit individual vocabulary needsSome apps only downloadable in certain countries Some apps are subscription basedNot all apps have a message windowVoice quality can varySample of apps that have received good reviews included in this presentation, it is not an exhaustive list!

  • Selected Symbol/Picture Based AppsSingle message appsTapSpeak Button (12-40)Like BigMacStandard version can import own photosPlus Version has 4500 PCS symbolsiTalker (8)*Import own photosSequenced message appsTapSpeak SequenceLike Step By Step communicatorsiPad onlyEditing features disappear in portrait mode

  • Selected Symbol/Picture Based AppsVisual Scene Display Apps (iPad only) - designed to provide a high level of contextual support. Scene & Heard uses 12,000 Wigit Symbols, or own imageslinking between scenes possiblehotspots, or symbol strip at bottomRecorded speechcan schedule to launch at a specific timeScene Speak (8)*Can use own images Set up as a book, swipe to turn pagesHotspots for output, no linking possible Synthetic and recorded speech

  • Selected Symbol/Picture Based AppsApps suitable for whole message buttons (no message window, no page linking similar to GoTalk, Tech/Talk, Supertalker, etc.)

    iComm (basic version free)*2-4 cells per pageImport own images, small number of symbolsRecorded speech in paid version.

    Talking Cards (30)2, 6,12 cells, no linking possibleCustom symbols, import own imagesRecorded speech

    (Continued Next Screen)

  • Selected Symbol/Picture Based AppsApps suitable for whole message buttons

    TapToTalk *(subscription based, free to download)2000 custom symbols, import own imagesCreate pages online using own imagesNo message windowRecorded SpeechSwitch accessAlso available for NintendoDS

  • Selected Symbol/Picture Based AppsApps suitable for sentence construction (message window available, page linking similar to Dynavox M3, Liberator Springboard etc.)AlexicomAAC *(subscription based)Create pages online using own imagesSynthetic speechSwitch accessExpressive (40)Import own images, Smarty SymbolsMultiple levels, Recorded speechSounding Board *(40)AbleNet symbols, import own images1-9 locationsRecorded speech

  • Selected Symbol/Picture Based AppsAutism specific appsGrace (30)Autism specific, PECS replicantNo speech outputMessage window to construct sentencesCan import own images

  • Apps with Symbols & Text to SpeechThese are apps that support AAC users who have emergent/developing literacy skills.Usually has synthetic speech outputWord prediction available in some appsSimilar in language level to Dynavox V, Liberator Eco, Grid 2 symbol based users.Quality very much related to price!

  • Apps with Symbols & Text to SpeechAutoVerbal 8)Girl, Guy and Pro versions availableCannot add you own buttons, but can customise what existing buttons sayNo message window when working with symbolsPop-up keyboard with message window

    My TalkTools Mobile* (free/32)Need paid version to edit pagesNo message window when working with symbolsCan activate Apple on-screen keyboard from app

  • Apps with Symbols & Text to SpeechProloquo2Go* (140)Uses SymbolStix library (7000 items)Can import own images/photosFully customisable buttonsDirect Access onlyWord prediction availableCan use both symbols and text to construct message

    TouchChat AAC* (lite 8- full version 240)Fully features AAC appUses SymbolStix or own imagesWord predictionCan purchase with WordPower 24 page setDirect Access only

  • Text to Speech AppsThese are apps that are designed for individuals with good literacyWord prediction available in some start to type and the app guesses what words you might be trying to usePhrase prediction available in some - guesses what words might come next i.e. how are___Ability to save messages important can reuse frequent used sentences/preplanning speeches

  • Selected Text to Speech AppsAssistive ChatEasy SpeakEZ Speech ProiSayIt*can save words and phrases to use againTalkAssistKeeps a history of your messages that you can use again

  • Selected Text to Speech AppsPredictable* (120)Word prediction, phrase prediction coming soonSwitch accessible, with auditory scanningCan save your messages

    SpeakIt!* (1.60)Pop-up keyboardCan save messages/phrasesCan save messages as audio files to be exported.

  • NoteworthySome established AAC companies are now developing a iOS version of their softwareTobi CommunicatorGrid 2

  • Connecting to and downloading from iTunesApps are bought from the App Store on iTunes.You can either download iTunes to your computer, or use the app store directly from your iPod/iPhone/iPad. You need to be connected to the internet to do this.Browse for apps you want note: most AAC apps are listed under EducationCan purchase using iTunes vouchers if you dont want to use your credit cardYour device is linked with your iTunes account you cannot share your apps with others without wiping clean their pre-stored content or risking that they may alter your content.

  • Alternative AccessSwitch accessWill allow access to specific apps, rather than iPod/iPhone/iPad in generalUse Bluetooth to interact, replicating specific key pressesCurrently AbleNet, R.J. Cooper and TherapyBox producing switches need to check with are compatible with your appJoystick access - iPortalMore info at www.appsforaac.net/node/364

  • CasesiMain2Go case (iPod/iPhone)Speakers built into caseNeeds AAA batteriesHowever can be bulky difficult to hold, hides deviceOtterBox casesSturdy, very rugged.Commuter (slim) or Defender (more sturdy) optionsLatch strapping system

  • Cases contiAdapter case Very ruggedExpensiveBulky

    Hand-E Holder

    Velcro can be useful for iPods/iPhones

  • HoldersHand-E Holder

    The Latch from OtterBox may suit ambulatory individuals, those who can access it on their laps etc.

    Velcro! Particularly useful for iPod and iPhone.

  • WaterproofingZagg Invisible Shield


  • AccessoriesExternal Speaker (Need to secure to device/case)Wired, such as x-mini. Wireless, Bluetooth speakers, i.e Cyfi Sports

    Bub Caps

    Conductive stylus

    E-Tip Gloves/Conductive gloves

    BlueTooth keyboards

  • MountingDeassy mount expensive, but very sturdy from Mounts And More

    Dynamics have a wheelchair mount designed to work with the iPortal, and can be adapted, so that iPad draws power from chair battery.

    RAM mounts use suction pad, so may be suitable when a desk/wheelchair tray present.

  • Apple Accessibility FeaturesBuilt into Apple Operating System (iOS)Can help access to appsSettingsGeneral AccessibilityVoiceOver one tap calls out app/vocabulary item, double tap selectsAuto correction when typing using inbuilt keyboard

  • Alternative operating systemsAndroid systemhttp://www.appsforaac.net/content/aac-apps-android-0Click2Phone appWindowsStarting to catch up i.e. Motion Tablet from SmartBox AT

  • Useful Linkswww.appsforaac.net ACE Centre bloghttp://www.spectronicsinoz.com/article/iphoneipad-apps-for-aac - Spectonics Bloghttp://commquick.com/ - Communication related apps for Apple and Android platforms

  • Laptops v DesktopsWhere ..What ..When .How .Why ..

    Will this PC be used ?

  • Software for communication

    Now to introduce some of the products that will run on mainstream platformsSome of these will also run some of the other devices check with the supplier before you choosePractical session