Introduction to iTunes/iPod Touch/ iPad

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Introduction to iTunes/iPod Touch/iPad Lenette Sprunk

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Introduction to iTunes/iPod Touch/ iPad. Lenette Sprunk. iTunes. This is your link to your account information on iTunes. This is where you can also redeem gift cards to add money to your account. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to iTunes/iPod Touch/iPadLenette Sprunk


This is what you want to select in iTunes if you want to shop for applications, music, moves, books, etc.

The App Store is where you shop for applications to download to your iPod. If you click on the arrow to the right of the app store it will bring up this pull down bar to select what type of app you may want to shop for. This is your link to your account information on iTunes. This is where you can also redeem gift cards to add money to your account.iTunesiTunes-Cont

You can search for a certain app by typing it into the search area at the top right of iTunesYou can get more information on an app by clicking on the picture icon in iTunesiTunes-Cont

Be sure to watch out for the requirements when shopping for apps. Some apps are only compatible with iPods or iPads and not both!


Click on the more to get detailed information about the appIt is also a very good idea to take a look at the customer ratings to see what others that have downloaded app think of it.


Or you can click on buy in this screen to purchase or download the app. You do NOT have to go into the detailed portion of the app to purchase or download it.You can click on buy in this screen to purchase the app (or download if it is free)Connecting your Device

This message box displays when you connect your device to your computer. Be sure not to disconnect while this process is taking place.When you connect your device it will show up here. When you click on the iPod that displays in your Devices category, this will show you what is on your device.Device Contents

You can choose which movies you want synced to your iPod by deselecting the Automatically Include and then check the movies you want syncedThe easiest way to be sure you are getting only the photos you want to your iPod is to set up an iPod Photos folder on your computer and then set up sub-folders with the photos you want synced.The Applications Tab will display all of the applications you have purchased in your iTunes account.You can uncheck any app in this box if you do not want it to be on your deviceDisconnecting your Device

Be sure to click on the eject button before disconnecting your iPod from your computer. Also be sure it is completed with the syncing process before you eject.

Signing Out of iTunes

If you are using a computer with public access, be sure to sign out of your account when finished to avoid unauthorized purchases.Universal Access

8GB iPods do not have these featuresEducational ApplicationsMathSpellingReadingSchedulingSensoryCommunicating

Word SearchScienceTimeMoneyOrganizingRecordingSpellingApplicationSpecificationsApplicationSpecifications


Reading Cont.ApplicationSpecificationsApplicationSpecifications


Word GamesApplicationSpecificationsApplicationSpecifications





Picture PromptingApplicationSpecificationsApplicationSpecifications


Note TakingApplicationSpecificationsApplicationSpecifications


Other NoteworthyApplicationSpecificationsApplicationSpecifications

Audio Files

Recording using an applicationTaking books/documents from text to speech and putting in a music fileUsing software program to convert file and another software program to record Text-to-Speech then SoundConverting Text-to-Speech files to Sound FilesFree (MS Word, TextEdit, Vozme, Spesoft, Speakonia, TypeItReadIt, Orator, VoxMachine)Purchased (Kurzweil, Wynn, GhostReader, Read & Write Gold)Converting .wav files to .mp3 filesSwitch - Only needs to be done for free programs, purchased programs usually already have the MP3 file conversion built inImporting to iTunes to sync to iPod or MP3 playerRecording Video Played BooksConverting Text-to-Speech files to Sound FilesMust use a program that highlights wordsRecording text-to-speech with highlightingiShowU (Mac), CamStudio (Windows)PowerPoint to iPodSave PowerPoint Slides as picture files.Save to iPod Photos FolderSync to iPodCan also run the recording software and go through PowerPoint, recording voice and slides, to make entire presentation available for review on iPod.