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Notes n More iPhone / iPod / iPad

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  • Notes n MoreiPhone / iPod / iPad

  • Many forms of a Note

    Text notes Pictures Videos Scribbled - hand drawn Voice (audio) Save web files - PDF, HTML, Office,... Convert web pages to PDF

  • All notes lead to action items ...

    Tasks (To Dos)

  • Scenarios

    A conference trip A vacation trip A wedding, birthday party ... basically any project

    Each can have notes, pictures, videos, audio recordings and ofcourse tasks

  • The problem with apps today

    A different app for each type of note one for video, one for audio, one for tasks, one for text notes, ...

    Each app has its own method of organizing - folders, tags, libraries,...

    But, ... all logically belong together

  • Notes n More does all thisin one app ...

  • And syncs Notes n Tasks across iDevice using

    iCloud Lets take a short tour ...

  • Start by Creating Note Collections

    Collection Synced Across


    Present Only on Device Created

    App Settings & Help

  • Create New Note Collection

    Decide whether the notes in the Collection should be synced across


    Note: This can be only done during creation of the collection

  • Tasks scheduled for the Day

    Appointments scheduled for the Day automatically pulled from the Calendar

    on your device

    Incomplete tasks automatically carried over from past

    Viewing a Collection

    Go to next or previous days

    Create New Task

  • Tap to Edit a Task and access scheduling options

    Viewing a Collection

  • See a Monthly view of all your Open Tasks

    Go to the schedule for a particular day

    Viewing a Collection

  • Viewing a Collection

    Create a New Note in the Collection.

    You can create notes, add images or videos with notes, save files from the

    Internet or even create freehand drawn scribbles or scribble on images

    Notes created in Cloud enabled collections are automatically stored to cloud & synced across devices.

    Viewing a Collection

  • Viewing a Collection

    Sort notes in a Collection by Time or by Name (title) of the


    Sort order is Alphabetical (A -> Z) or Latest to Oldest for time.

    Full-text search notes in a Collection

    Clear search results and show all notes in the


    Edit -> to Select & move notes to Trash or to another


    Tap to edit notes, bookmark, change

    collection of an Image, Video, PDF, Voice Memo

  • Rich Note

    Formatting options - Bold, Italics, Underline,


    List Options - Numbered List, Bulleted List, Outdent

    & Indent List Item

    Select text from the Note and Create a Task. Task will show up in the list of Open


    Move Note to other collection, Bookmark it,

    Email it

  • Emailing a Rich Note retains the formatting,

    letting you create formatted emails

    Rich Note

  • Controls to Begin, Pause, Stop and Play a Voice Memo

    Slider to move location in a memo when playing

    Take notes while recording or playing a memo

    Insert time (play / record) location into notes

    Voice Memo

  • Select Background or Pick an Image to scribble on

    Pick pen color or switch to Eraser mode

    Pen / Brush size

    Erase everything. Start from a clean slate

    Add simple text notes to your scribble


  • Internet Note

    Save the Page text as HTML

    Save the Page as a PDF. Converts visible width and

    entire length to a PDF

    Zoom into the section of the page you want and then take a

    picture / screenshot of the area


    Aashish Patil

    [email protected]