Harriet Tubman by, Sara Bray

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Harriet Tubman by, Sara Bray. the underground railroad hero. Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland, 1820. Her real name was Araminta Ross. she was born into slavery She was know as Harriet because it was her mother’s name.. As a child…. She learned about the out doors. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Harriet Tubman by, Sara Bray

Harriet Tubman by, Sara Bray

the underground railroad hero

Harriet Tubmanby, Sara Bray

Ok, here we go.1Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland, 1820Her real name was Araminta Ross.she was born into slaveryShe was know as Harriet because it was her mothers name.

YAY!!!!2As a childShe learned about the out doors.She tried to help other slavesShe tried to save a slave from being punished and a supervisor fractured her skull with a metal weight.Because of the injury, she suffered lots of blackouts

OUCH. THAT MOST LIKELY HURT!3familyShe married John Tubman in 1844Her father taught her a lot about the outdoors. That is how she learned.John was free.

BIRDS!!!!4Her personalityShe was very honest and helpfulShe really showed bravery when she tried to save the slave and got hurt insteadShe shows courage when she leads other slaves to freedom

TTRUTH IS HELPFUL IN LIFE5She is known for..She escaped slavery but did not stayShe went back and helped others escape, too.she did not just make two trips. She made lots more.

RUN SLAVES RUN!!!!6Interesting factsSlavery is owning someone for no pay.Slaves are treated very badly.They get beat with whips and forced to do very cruel things. Slaves can not get married unless their owner says they can. They have little rights.They get fed very poorly. They sleep in cabins on a small pallet of straw.Most slaves are fed corn meal or Vegetables.

WHY WERE THAY TREATED SO BADLY?!?!?7infoWorld book encyclopedia

YAY!!!!!8What year was Harriet Tubman born?A.1827




What was Harriet Tubmans real name?A. Ariana ross

B. Ariminta ross

C. adalia ross

D. ania rossHarriet only made 2 trips?A. true

B. falseHow did she get the name harriet?A. She was born with it

B. she just wanted it

C. she dropped her old name, ariminta, and went with her mothers name

D. her mom wanted her toWhat did Harriets dad teach her?A. about the outdoors

B. to read

C. to do math

D. To cookThanks for watching!!!!Hope you liked it!!!!