Harriet Tubman An American Hero. Who Was Harriet Tubman?

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Transcript of Harriet Tubman An American Hero. Who Was Harriet Tubman?

  • Harriet TubmanAn American Hero

  • Who Was Harriet Tubman?

  • Minty RossAraminta Ross was born into slavery in 1822Araminta was born in MarylandAraminta was known as MintyWhen she was 5 years old she was hired out to do child-careWhen she was 12 years old she was doing field work and hauling logsMinty said I grew up like a neglected weed.

  • Turn & TalkTake 20 seconds and talk to your shoulder partner.What do you think Minty meant when she said that she grew up like a neglected weed?

    I grew up like a neglected weed.

  • As Minty Grows,Slavery Grows

  • Slavery SeparatesWhen the Atlantic slave trade ended people in the Southern states became upset.They could no longer get slaves from Africa.Farmers in Southern states went to Marylands Eastern Shore to find slaves.Young slaves were sold and sent to work in cotton fields.2 of Mintys sisters were separated from their family to work in cotton fields in the South.

  • Minty on the run!

  • Minty becomes HarrietIn 1844 Minty married a free black man named John Tubman.Minty was still a slave even though she married someone who was not a slave.Minty changed her name to Harriet Tubman.She took her moms first name (Harriet) and her husbands last name (Tubman)

  • Harriet the RunawayIn 1849 Harriets master died.Harriet decided to run away!Harriets husband would not go with her.Harriet travelled all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person; now I was free. There was such a glory over everything. I felt like I was in heaven.

  • New Canaan Bound

  • The Underground RailroadThe railroad had no rails and except for the occasional hidden basement, it had no underground.It was a series of safe houses strung out along routes that extended from the slave border states to Canada.The safe houses were owned by people, white, and black, who hated slavery and hated the Fugitive Slave Act.

  • Moses & Cargo

  • What Was Harriet Tubmans Greatest Achievement?

  • Document A

  • Harriets Southern Route to Freedom

  • Harriets Northern Route to Freedom

  • Document BImagine you are going to run away from school. You plan to leave on Saturday night because you normally rest on Sunday and wont be missed until Monday morning when you are supposed to be at school.You are going to travel by foot and can only take what you can carry. If anyone finds you in Florida they can take you to jail and will receive $500. If they find you out of the state of Florida they can take you to jail and receive $1,000.Tonights Homework: Make a list of what will you take on your trip. Be prepared to share in class.

  • Document CHarriet Tubman was a SPY! Her mission was to free as many slaves as she could.Harriet knew how to stay hidden while getting lots of useful information.You are now a spy in 1855. Its Friday and your plan is to free a family of slaves tomorrow night. You are observing them as well as their master. Describe in detail what you see. Use sensory details to show what you hear, feel, see, and smell as you are spying.

  • Document DWhen Harriet talks to Sarah she is very descriptive. Harriet uses simile and metaphor to describe what she saw and felt. Write a journal entry about Harriets day. Make sure to use figurative language to make your reader feel like they are experiencing the day with Harriet.Tonights Homework: Illustrate your description and be ready to share and show in class.

  • Document E

  • What Was Harriet Tubmans Greatest Achievement?

    Harriet Tubman was not always known by this name.*Minty and 2 of her brothers tried to runaway and escape slavery. Here is a newspaper advertisement that was put out for them.*