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Transcript of HARRIET TUBMAN BY: Blaze Poe

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  • HARRIET TUBMAN BY: Blaze Poe http://hateandanger.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/harriet-tubman-quote.jpg?w=630 http://hateandanger.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/harriet-tubman-qu ote.jpg?w=630
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  • INTRODUCTION You are about to see the world from Harriet's point of view about slavery and what she did while she was a slave and when she was free she was a union nurse. http://www.nsm.buffalo.edu/~sww/0history/ugrrmapUS.gif
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  • APPRECIATED Was appreciated for her work http://www.lasentinel.net/UserFiles/ File/030410/2%20underground%20railroad.jpg
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  • BLACKOUTS Often face blackouts during the day http://watermarked.cutcaster.com/cutcaster-ph oto-100619183-Old-weight-with-path.jpg
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  • CAUGHT No slaves ever got caught on her watch
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  • DEMANDING http://brotherpeacemaker.files.wordpress http://brotherpeacemaker.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/slave-being-beaten.jpg She thought slave owners were demanding
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  • ESCAPED She escaped at age 29 http://www.wordworker.org/ugrr1http://www.wordworker.org/ugrr1. jpg
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  • First She got her first slave job at 5 http:// www.greenpeace.org/international/ReSizes/OriginalWatermarked/Global/international/planet-2/image/2003/11/slave-worker-at-work-in-the-am.jpg
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  • Good She was sometimes a good slave http://oreowriter.files.wordpress.com/ 2011/07/slaves.jpg
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  • Head injury She suffered a head injury from a weight http://www.modern50.com/files/gimgs/1416_huge-50-lb-s cale-weight-iron-vintage2.jpg
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  • Intermediate Was an intermediate abolitionist
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  • John John Tubman was her husbands name http://janicehuse.com/ima ges/HT2.jpg
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  • Knocked Harriet once had a tooth ache so she knocked them out with a pistol
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  • Lazy She was often called a lazy slave http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/whi/fullimage.asp?id =9464
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  • Mothers She has her mothers name http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ha rriet_Tubman
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  • Nurse Was a union nurse in the civil war http://bobrowen.com/nymas/civilwarwomen.htm l
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  • Occasionally Occasionally trains would take slaves to the north http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/4000/4051/old-train_1.h tm
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  • Parents She recued her parents in Maryland http://nursing101.wikispaces.com/Harriet+Tub man
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  • Quilts Quilts often hide messages to warn run away slaves so it was common to see a quilt hanging out of windows http://www.caroldoak.co m/free-quilt-patterns.php
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  • Revoked She revoked slavery and went north for equal rights http://www.zazzle.c om/no_slavery_postcard-239866629997140826
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  • Songs Songs were often used as code http://www.psdgrap hics.com/psd-icons/music-note-icon-psd /
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  • Terror She thought terror was in her mind http://tribune.com.pk/story/147962/counter-te rrorism-strategy-the-impact-of-banning-an-organisation/
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  • Union Worked for the union http://www.blueandgrey.zoomshare.com /1.html
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  • Violation If you were caught hiding slaves you would be in violation of the slave code and could be sentenced too jail or death http://kpel965.com/two-juvenile-boys-arrested-in- bayou-vista
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  • Woods She slept in the woods during the day http://nature.new7wonders.com/ar chives/wonder/black-forest
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  • Xenophobia Did not have xenophobia http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Other_Metaphors_and__g307- No_Sign_p61459.html
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  • Yearned yearned for people at a young age http://www.shutterstock.com/pic -53344267/stock-photo-a-big-person-looking-down-at-a-small-person.html
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  • Zodiac Since no one knows exactly when she was born so she has no zodiac http://cloud.graphicleftovers.com/14260/66792/3d-zodiac-signs.jpg
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  • CONCLUSION Now that you know about Harriet's life isn't about fun and games it was about something that matters not something that doesn't. she change the way other people thought about her she lead the underground railroad a trail that hundreds of people escaped on to get away from slavery.
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  • WORK CITED Skelton, renne, Harriet Tubman,2005 martin, Michael Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad,2005 martin, Michael Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad,2005