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2. is one of the main mechanisms of psoriasis. attack the virus or bacteria in our body - by mistake become too active . which damages the "good" skin cells and causes the development of the psoriatic. 3. 4. Goodsourcesarefatty fishsuch asmackerel ,salmon ,sardines , andtuna .Canned tuna is fine, but make sure it's packed in water. the omega-3s leach into the surrounding oil. 5. Fish oil psoriasis benefits related to theanti-inflammatoryeffect of Fish oil. 6. Omega-3 fats content of Fish oil is known to reduce any abnormal inflammation in our bodies,including the inflammation connected with psoriasis and/orpsoriatic arthritis . 7. The researchers conclude thatfish oilis useful in the treatment ofpsoriasisparticularly 8. (1989). new research suggests that increasingEFAsrejuvenates the look of our skin and can preventsun-damageinducedsigns of aging . 9. Research suggests that the youthfulness of skin can be maintained with fish oil, specificallyeicosapentaenoicacid(EPA) 10. Protection from the sunsultravioletradiation(UV) is very important for preventingpremature aging . 11. EPAdiminishes the UV induced damage to our skin which helps maintain a youthful appearance Eicosapentaenoic acid 12.