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Transcript of Esteban esquivelbuddhism

  • 1. Esteban Esquivel Spring 2011

2. Life of Siddhartha

  • Born:around 563BC
  • Dead :483 by poisoned mushroom
  • Where:In Northern India
  • Warrior class
  • Sat down a tree for seven weeks meditating
  • Siddharthas followers named the tree the Tree of Wisdom
  • Found enlightenment under the tree
  • Siddhartha was then called the Buddha or the Enlightened One

3. Teachings Four Noble Truths

  • 1 st - Suffering and unhappiness are part of human life. No one can escape sorrow
  • 2 nd- Suffering comes from our desires for pleasure and material goods. People cause there own misery because they want things they cannot have.
  • 3 rd People can overcome desire and ignorance and reach nirvana. Reaching nirvana frees the soul from suffering and from the need of further reincarnation.
  • 4 th People can overcome ignorance and desire by following an eightfold path that leads to wisdom enlightenment and salvation.

4. Eightfold Path 1.Right View Wisdom 2.Right Intention 3.Right Speech Ethical Conduct 4.Right Action 5.Right Livelihood 6.Right Effort Mental Development 7.Right Mindfulness 8.Right Concentration 5. Right Thought

  • Believe in nature of existence as suffering and in the Four Noble Truths

6. Right Intent

  • Incline toward goodness and kindness

7. Right Speech

  • Do not lie
  • Always tell the truth
  • Dont gossip
  • Avoid harsh
  • Avoid abusive speech

8. Right Action

  • Do not harm
  • Do not kill
  • Do not steal
  • Do not do sexual misconduct
  • Act kindly
  • Be honest
  • Respect belongings of others

9. Right Livelihood

  • Do not hurt people
  • Avoid stuff that can hurt others
  • Do not harm others
  • Do not use weapons
  • Do not slaughter
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs

10. Right Effort

  • Do not do evil
  • Do good
  • Do the right thing for right reason
  • Encourage good
  • Discourage unwholesome destructive thoughts
  • Helpful thoughts

11. Right Mindfulness

  • Control your feelings and thoughts
  • Be aware of what you feel
  • Think and do

12. Right Concentration

  • Practice proper meditation
  • Calm mind