Bartolomeo Esteban

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Murillo. Bartolomeo Esteban. 1618-1682. A Boy with a Dog. A Girl and her Duenna. A Girl and hi. A Girl with Fruits. Angel rescues St Peter from prison. Childhood of Virgin. Chasuble of st Idelfonso. Brother Juniper and the Beggar. Children with a shell. Flower seller. Annunciation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Bartolomeo Esteban

  • A Boy with a Dog

  • A Girl and hiA Girl and her Duenna

  • A Girl with Fruits

  • Angel rescues St Peter from prison

  • Childhood of Virgin

  • Chasuble of st Idelfonso

  • Brother Juniper and the Beggar

  • Children with a shell

  • Flower seller

  • Annunciation

  • Grape and Melon eaters

  • Isaac blessing Jacob

  • Joseph with infant Christ

  • Madonna and Child

  • Rest on the Flight into Egypt

  • St Diego giving Alms

  • St Isidor

  • St Justa and St Rufina

  • St Leander

  • The Beggar Boy

  • The Dream of the Patrician

  • The Departure of the prodigal son

  • The Prodigal Son feasting with Courtesans

  • The Prodigal Son driven out

  • The return of the prodigal Son

  • The Prodigal Son feeding swine

  • The Good Shepherd

  • The little fruit seller

  • The Pie eater

  • The toilette

  • Three Boys

  • Two Peasant boys

  • [email protected] of St Francis