Entrepreneurship - Take the Plunge!

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What do you need to be an Entrepreneur? Nothing!You need to take the plunge!

Transcript of Entrepreneurship - Take the Plunge!

  • 1.Kapil Nakra CEO and Cofounder, OMLogic ConsultingAsia Pacific Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi September 3, 2008 Take the Plunge

2. About Me

  • Graduated from IIT-Delhi in 1999
  • Started first venture,Whizlabs in Oct 2000
  • Whizlabs become a leading Online Brand in IT Certification Domain.
  • Exited Whizlabs in Oct, 2007.
  • Started OMLogic, an Online Marketing Company in May 2008.

3. Want to be an Entrepreneur? 4. What are you waiting for? 5. Nothing is Required Confidence Experience Idea Team Professional Network Education Patience Ability to work hard Money Resources Urge Delegation Risk Taking Ability Business Background Business Plan Advisors Market Understanding Family Support Financial Stability 6. Jump off the Cliff 7. Why I Succeeded?

  • Team defining Idea versus Idea defining team
  • Thinking customers versus Thinking product
  • Measured Growth- Plansare useless,Planningis priceless
  • Buying Cycle versus Product Development Cycle


  • Let the gut overpower Investment discipline
  • Did not stay flexible
  • Did not keep the Big Picture Alive

Red Flags I did not notice? 9. Its a different world

  • Think extremes: King or Nobody
  • Be the one
  • Work endlessly
  • And enjoy doing that

10. Thanks Contact me:[email_address] Take the Plunge NOW!