Taking the Plunge

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Throughout this book, kids will have the opportunity to write down their answers and thoughts to questions.  There are interactive learning aspects throughout the book with intriguing stories and fun activities and facts included. 

Transcript of Taking the Plunge

  • Written by Chris Gabbard

    Designed by Cameron Sanderson

  • In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, God created the first people on earth, Adam and Eve (see Genesis 2). They lived a really good life. They had everything they wantedfood, land, animals, and a perfect relationship with the Lord. But something went wrong. Something got in the way, and it was SIN.

    What is sin? Sin is anything that we do to disobey God. Whataresomeexamplesofthings that you do that disobey God?

    Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, and God gave them anything and everything they needed there. But God asked them not to do one simple thing: not to eat from one tree in the garden, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

    Adam and Eve were tempted, and they disobeyed God by eating a piece of fruit from that tree. That is where SIN began. Sin got in the way.

    From that moment in the garden, everyoneall people on earthbegan to sin.


  • shortofGodsgloriousstandard.

    Everyone sins. The only person who has not sinned is Jesus. He is sinless. Even as he lived on this earth for 33 years, he never sinned, not even once. That is pretty amazing, right?

    So at that moment, when Adam and Eve sinned, it separated all of us from God. God has never sinned. He doesnt like sin.


    God doesnt hate the person who sins, but he dislikes the sin that the person is doing. God loves us; he just doesnt like the things we do that disobey him.

    Listbelowsomethingsthatyoudontlike(i.e.,maybeatypeoffood,certain creepy crawlies, etc.):_____________________________ _____________________________

    At that moment when Adam & Eve disobeyed God, he was sad. He wanted to be close to Adam and Eve, but their sin got in the way. In order for Adam and Eve to have a good relationship with God again, something had to happen.

    God decided to send his one and only son, Jesus, to the earth to die on the cross for the sins of the world. Not just for Adam and Eve, but for every single person in the entire world!

    God says in order for us to get rid of our sin, we have to ask Jesus to forgive us.

  • Whatdoestoforgivemeantoyou?


    Imagine if you got a brand new toy for your birthday. You loved that toy! You played with it everyday. You showed it to all your friends. You kept it in a safe place in your room or somewhere special so nothing would happen to it. One day, you brought that toy out to play with, and you were showing it to a friend. Imagine that your friend began playing with it and broke it on purpose. Your favorite toy no longer worked after that, and it couldnt be fixed.

    Circlehowyoumightfeelbelow.Mad Sad Angry Upset

    Frustrated Unhappy

    You might have all of these feelings swirling around. After all, that was your favorite toy in the whole world.


    HmmmTo forgive your friend for breaking your toy would