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  • 1. UNIT 14- GAMING By Tori-Rose OMara Creative media production Level 2 BTEC Diploma Deconstructing computer games Lecturer: Emma Maugham
  • 2. 60S This is the first game console made. It was made by a man called Ralph H. Baer and created in Germany. The game console is called Brown Box. It is just a brown wooden box that connects totwo controllers and then can be set up to be used on a normal TV set. As it is the first console madeit only contains six simple games such as volleyball, chase game, Ping-Pong, tennis, light-gun gameand handball. When the brown box was created it was not very popular with the public but eventually the system started making money and ended up with 12 games.
  • 3. 70sAtari created one of the earliest arcade video games its was a very simple gamethat consists of two paddles that would hit a ball over a line in the middle of thescreen. Then the scores where added up at the side, featuring simple 2Dgraphics. The game was alot like a electronic version of ping pong. The gamingdevice was created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972.
  • 4. 80SIntellivision is a game console released by Matell. The console features better graphics thanatari 2600 the console contains 4 games avalible to play. Intellivision was the first gameconsole to include synthesized voices throughout the game. It appears to have been verysuccsessful as it sold over 3 million units.
  • 5. 90S Nintendo introduced the Gameboy It was the first major handheld games console.The Gameboy features an 8-bit CPU and a black and white LCD screen. The Gameboy has spacific cartrage games that you buy separately from the console.
  • 6. 1995Sonys PlayStation was launched in 1995 it was the arrival of the most popular console ofthe 32-bit era of games. They changed from cartridge-based games and upgraded with CD-ROM technology this helped the sales go up dramatically.
  • 7. 2000Sony released the second addition to the PlayStation calling It the PlayStation 2. It was the first 128-bit system. The PlayStation 2 has the ability to play older 32-bit PlayStation games and also functions as a DVD player. The PS2 also helped to raise popularity of console games played over high-speed internet connections.
  • 8. 2002The Gameboy has now released its newest addition calling it the Gameboy Advance.This is also handheld with a LCD screen that can display more that 32,000 colours.The Gameboy advance features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and folding case.
  • 9. 2004 Nintendo releases the Nintendo DS, in attempt to add more computing functions to itshandheld games consoles. The DS features two screens and touch screen technology and also features backwards compatibility for older Gameboy games. You can buy loads ofgames to play on the Nintendo DS but the console does not contain games on the memory.
  • 10. 2005 To challenge the Gameboys handheld console market Sony released the PlayStationportable. The PSP features wireless capability, high quality graphics and also some non- gaming functions such as photo storage and digital audio/video capabilities.
  • 11. 2006 Nintendo have released there latest games console called the Nintendo Wii. The Wii hasseveral advanced features such as wireless motion-sensitive remote controllers, built in Wi- Fi and lots of other features that have made the Wii the best selling latest generation console system in the world. You can buy many games for the Wii and it also has a lot of accessories that you can buy to play the games such as the Wii fit board.
  • 12. 2012 The PlayStation Vita is a handheld games console manufactured and marketed by Sonycomputer entertainment. It was released in Europe, north America and south America onFebruary 22, 2012. The PlayStation vita includes 3G/Wi-Fi, a limited addition carry case, a4GB memory card and Bluetooth. The vita has a 5inch screen that is mute-compatible to touch screen.