Elements of Virality!

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Virality Decoded! By Gaurav Madaan

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The elements of Virality decoded.

Transcript of Elements of Virality!

  • Virality Decoded! By Gaurav Madaan
  • Virality The tendency of an image, video, or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another; the quality or fact of being viral @gauravmadaan04
  • Components Virality has many strings attached, some identied, some still a mystery Identied components: - A cause concerning millions (Not always) Innovative exploitation of Hidden Equity (Not always) PR in form of Bloggers coverage (always) Inuencers Network (always) - Evangelists Unidentied Components: - Say X1, X2 etc. @gauravmadaan04
  • This piece of content is developed after a research of 60 viral campaigns (predominantly Indian campaigns in Social Space) @gauravmadaan04
  • Identied Component - 1 A cause connecting millions Normally this is a form of mass marketing, for any campaign to be successful it has to target masses. A cause that is recognisable by a million people at least. An example of this could be campaign called #LikeAGirl done by the brand always under P&G @gauravmadaan04
  • Few other campaigns based on same concept are: - Dove - What women think? Breaking Stereotypes #LastSele - Snapchat UnMuteMute @gauravmadaan04 By Ram ! Subramanian &
  • Identied Component - 2 Innovative exploitation of Hidden Equity Lets stay in this space and understand equity rst Equity is the expertise earned by an individual, thing, or an act over a period of time. It should have a following, it should be renowned. If one keeps doing the same thing over and over again, that thing becomes associated with that person @gauravmadaan04
  • Some examples of Earned Equity are: - Sachin Tendulkar! for Cricket CID - Thriller Series Corporate Culture Indian Superhero! Rajnikanth Manmohan Singh! #BeingQuite Sanskari Babuji @gauravmadaan04
  • Equity does not have to be for an individual always, it could be for anyone, anything, a culture, a tradition, BigFatIndianWeddings are another example @gauravmadaan04
  • Identied Component - 2 Innovative exploitation of Hidden Equity Lets get back to decode this component! Elements: - Innovative - Self Explanatory Exploitation - Self Explanatory Hidden Equity @gauravmadaan04
  • Hidden Equity By Hidden Equity i mean Equity which has not been exploited Now you will be able to decode the reason why Alok Nath is a hit, why Manmohan Singh is a hit, why Rajnikanth is a hit! @gauravmadaan04
  • Few campaigns based on hidden equity are: - Indian Mario by AIB Aadha 24 by TVF Caller NainaA tribute to Indian Ads @gauravmadaan04
  • India is a country where 50% of the population is under 30 years of age, hence topics like sex, entertainment, bakchodi etc. is widely accepted and shared! @gauravmadaan04
  • Viral Mantra - Find the hidden equity and use it for your brand @gauravmadaan04
  • PR in form of bloggers coverage With almost more than 200 million users over internet, India is a content consuming economy PR becomes an important part in success of any campaign Google would continue to dominate Indian minds for another 2 years (i mean SEO) Identied Component - 3 @gauravmadaan04
  • Inuencers Network You need a network to initiate virality, for example a fan page like The Logical Indian with more than a million likes could be your evangelist A person like Mahesh Srivats on twitter can be an evangelists for your brand Its all about earning your equity using others equity Identied Component - 4 @gauravmadaan04
  • X1, X2 remains unidentied - I am still continuing my R&D for decoding the campaigns or successes like KOLAVERI DI We just dont know why it happened? This simply means there are other components attached But the basic layout is ready for you to use, make sure you have these ingredients when you think of virality! UnIdentied Components @gauravmadaan04
  • @gauravmadaan04 Digital Entrepreneur, Consultant, Marketer WRITE TO ME @[email protected] or call @ +917838489791 to avail my services! Good Luck for your Campaign! Hope i added some value. Let me know if i missed something, feedback is an essential ingredient to human growth!