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1. Digital Shoreditch 2015 Your biggest social media weapon? Your workforce! 2. 3 Alison Battisby, Social Media Consultant and Founder of Avocado Social Involved in some groundbreaking social media projects for brands including Nokia, Pringles and Tesco Avocado Social focuses on social media workshops and consultancy for all shapes and sizes of business, offering a jargon free and fun approach to social media training and development 3. Find the Tesco social media policy here: 4. Macmillan Cancer have trained over 1,000 staff in social media What is Twitter? How do you use a hashtag? How do you post exciting and sharable content? Trained the press team informally in a 2 day workshop Social media is changing so they continually update staff with a weekly social media news email So Social. 5. Let your workforce have a say in whats posted in social media Invite them to come forward with ideas for social media Include them in content brainstorms And finally 6. Thank You