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Transcript of Consumer Protection Act-1986 (Ppt)

CCN5UMLk kC1LC1ICN AC11986IN1kCDUC1ICNW 1he law relaLlna Lo consumer proLecLlon lsconLalned ln Lhe Consumer rotect|on Act 1986W DnlLed naLlons resoluLlon Apr|| 1985W 1he Consumer roLecLlon AcL1986 enforced from 10thIune 1987 ln lndlaW Almed aL provldlna slmple qulck and cheaperproLecLlon of consumers lnLeresLCb[ect|ves of the actW eLLer proLecLlon of lnLeresLs of consumersW roLecLlon of rlahLs of consumers8lahL Lo be proLecLed aaalnsL markeLlna of aoods or servlces whlch are hazardous Lo llfe andproperLv1o be lnformed abouL Lhe quallLv quanLlLvpurlLv sLandard and prlce of aoods orservlces so as Lo proLecL Lhe consumers aaalnsLunfalr Lrade pracLlcesCont1he rlahL Lo be assured where ever posslbleaccess Lo aoods and servlces aL compeLlLlve prlces 1he rlahL Lo be heard and Lo be assured LhaLconsumers lnLeresL wlll recelve due conslderaLlonaL approprlaLe forums 1he rlahL Lo seek redresses aaalnsL unfalr LradepracLlces or explolLaLlon of consumers5cope of the ActW Applles Lo whole Ind|aW lL ls dlvlded ln chapters 31 sect|onsW Applles Lo all Lvpe of aoods and servlces publlcuLlllLles publlc secLor underLaklnasW All Lvpes of complalns relaLlna Lo aoods unfalrLrade pracLlceW A sulL pendlna ln clvll courL cannoL be heard lnconsumer courLJho can f||e comp|a|nt11he consumer Lo whom Lhe aoods are sold or dellvered or aareed Lo be sold are dellvered or Lhe servlce has been provlded or aareed Lo be provlded2Anv recogn|zed consumer assoc|at|on reaardless of wheLher Lhe consumer ls a member of such assoclaLlon or noLCont3Cne or more consumer where Lhereare numerous consumer havlna Lhe samelnLeresL wlLh permlsslon of Lhe dlsLrlcLforum on behalf of or for Lhe beneflLof all consumer so lnLeresLed1he state or centra| govt elLher lLslndlvldual capaclLv or as a represenLaLlve of Lhe lnLeresL of Lhe consumer ln aeneralCCNUMLk DI5U1L kLDkL55AL AGLNCIL5W U/5ec9 orum commlsslons are formed for flllna complalnW D|str|ct forum headed bv ulsLrlcL [udae[urlsdlcLlond|str|ctW 5tate Comm|ss|on headed bv !udae of Plah CourL [urlsdlcLlon who|e stateW Nat|ona| Comm|ss|on headed bv Chlef !usLlce Cf lndla [urlsdlcLlonent|re nat|onJLkL 1C IILL A CCMLAIN1?W D|str|ct Iorum lf Lhe cosL of aoods or servlces and compensaLlon asked for ls up Lo ks 20 lakhLhe dlsLrlcL where Lhe cause of act|on has arlsen or where Lhe opposlLe parLv res|desW 5tate Comm|ss|on lf Lhe cosL of aoods or servlces and compensaLlon asked for ls more Lhan rupees 20 lakh buL less Lhan rupees 1 CroreW Nat|ona| Comm|ss|on at New De|h| lf Lhe cosL of aoods or servlces and compensaLlon asked for exceed rupees 1 CrorekCCLDUkL CI IILING CCMLAIN11 Not|ce Lo Lhe CpposlLe arLv2 repare Lhe consumer comp|a|nt ln Lhe requlred formaL3 CeL Lhe complalnL aff|dav|t notar|zed Lhrouah a noLarv4 SubmlL Lhe complalnL and courL fee Lo Lhe recelvlna clerk ln Lhe consumer courL who wlll alve vou Lhe date for adm|ss|on hear|ng and complalnL reference number 3 Cn admlsslon hearlna vou would be lnformed wheLher vour case ls flL for accepLance or noL lf accepLed vou wlll be alven Lhe daLe for nexL hearlna6 1he courL wlll send a noLlce complalnL copv Lo Lhe opposlLe parLv seeklna replv wlLhln 30 dayskCCLDUkL CI CCMLAIN18Where complalnL alleaes a defecL ln Lhe aoods whlch canL be deLermlned wlLhouL proper analvsls Lhe forum/commlsslon send lL Lo Lhe |aboratory Lo flnd ouL wheLher Lhere ls anv defecL ln lL or noL?9 1he hearlnas wlll conLlnue Llll Lhe maLLer ls declded10 1he complalnL should be declded wlLhln 90 daysAppea|s5ec27 Appea|ulsLrlcL orum SLaLe CommlsslonSLaLe Commlsslon naLlonal CommlsslonnaLlonal Commlsslon Supreme CourL 1IML LIMI1A1ICN 1C IILL CCMLAINW 5ec 2A of Lhe AcL provldes LhaL aconsumer dlspuLe can be flled w|th|n 2 years from Lhe daLe on whlch Lhe cause of acLlon arlsesW Appeals are requlre Lo be flled wlLhln 30days from Lhe daLe of recelpL of LhecourLs orderCJ 1C IILL A CCMLAIN1?W Iee for ulsL orumW Dp Lo 8s 1 lakh8s 100W Above 8s 1 lakh buL less Lhan 5 lakh8s 200W Above 8s 5 lakh buL less Lhan 10 lakh8s 00W Above 8s 10 lakh buL less Lhan 20 lakh8s 500ke||ef to ConsumersW repalr of defecLlve aoodsW 8eplacemenL of defecLlve aoodsW 8efund of prlce pald for defecLlve aood/servlcesW 8emoval of deflclencv ln servlceW 8efund of exLra monev charaeW WlLhdrawal of aoods hazardous Lo llfe W CompensaLlon for Lhe loss due Lo neallaence of opposlLe parLvLNAL1IL5W lf Lrader falls Lo follow Lhe order Lhen he shall be punlshable wlLh mln 1 month up Lo 3yrswlLh flne of mlnks2000 up Lo ks10000W lf frlvolous complalnL ls flled Lhen lL shall be dlsmlssed complalnanL ls penallzed Lo pav Lhe cost |ncurred buv opposlLe parLv (noL more Lhan ks10000)CCMLAIN1 ICkMW ln Lhe complalnL case no112/10 W efore Lhe Pon'ble ulsLrlcL orumat 1haneW name address of complalnanL/complalnanLMahesh at|| versusW name address of opposlLe parLv/parLlesA[|nkya Dudha|kar W l/we Lhe above named complalnanL/complalnanLs respecLfullv sLaLe before Lhe Pon'ble orum/Commlsslon Lhe complalnL as followscontens|onsW It |s therefore prayed(l) 1haL opposlLe parLv be dlrecLed Lo refund Lhe amounL pald bv LhecomplalnanL Lo Lhe Lune of 8s100000(ll) ComplalnanL mav please be compensaLed Lo Lhe Lune of 8s1200for Lhe menLal aaonv and harassmenL caused Lo hlm/her ln Lhe due course(lll) CosL of llLlaaLlon mav also be awarded sulLablv SlanaLure of ComplalnanLW lace1hane W uaLe1210 (name of ComplalnanL)W lMahesh 5/o Abhay pat||aaed2Lhe above named complalnanL do herebv solemnlv declare LhaL Lhe parLlculars sLaLed above are Lrue Lo Lhe besL of mv knowledae and bellef and noLhlna has been concealed Lhereln l furLher cerLlfv LhaL annexure lll and lll appealed Lo Lhe complalnL are Lhe Lrue coples of orlalnal documenLsW Ierlfled aL1haneLhls dav 12th CfAp| 2011 (a)Annexure l SlanaLure of ComplalnanL(b)Annexure ll (c)Annexure lll (name of Lhe complalnanL/ueponenL)conc|us|onW Consumer proLecLlon acL provlde for beLLer proLecLlon of Lhe lnLeresL of consumer and for LhaL purpose Lo make provlslon for Lhe esLabllshmenL of Lhe consumer counclls and oLher auLhorlLles for seLLlemenL on consumers dlspuLes and for maLLers connecLed Lhere wlLhresenLed bvW Mahesh 8a[urkar 8oll no1W 8lnl AwsLhl 8oll no3W Su[av !adhav 8oll no34W rashanL uaLLe 8oll no36W Sarlka ShlLole 8oll no33W A[lnkva uudhalkar 8oll no28W Covlnd uuraakar 8oll no431ANk CU