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A glimpse into the Compassites world through our "Sneak Peek" brochure. Feel free to download it! :)

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  • 1. W N S ESn eak Peek
  • 2. About Us Compassites Software is a niche technology services rm that works in the space Amplify Customer of big data, cloud computing and consumerization of IT. Compassites was Success founded in early 2005 by a bunch of highly passionate industry veterans. Compassites is focused and committed to help enterprises realize their business potential by taking their ideas from concept to reality by implementing the right technology solutions. Compassites has a vast experience in product development and building custom solutions and partners with clients to design, develop and deploy technology solutions rapidly. The clientele is a mix of domestic and foreign customers, and some of the products that Compassites has been involved in include Jie, iCharts, Payback. We typically use the Agile development methodology to help clients meet their critical time-to- market deadlines and adapt to the changing needs of their user- base. We are also exible to follow the development methodologies and models that suit the customers needs and methodologies. Technology and We have a team of about 75 employees, sitting across two locations: Innovation Bangalore and Pune, India. The team is well versed with technologies such as J2EE, .Net, PHP, and Ruby on Rails (RoR), Cloud Enablement, Big Data & Data Analytics, e-Commerce frameworks and various openPassionate Uncommon Social source technologies.Navigators Responsibility Compassites Sneak Peek 2012 l Copyright 2012, All rights reserved.
  • 3. Mission Driving Force Culture Foster Conceptreneurship - After fostering entrepreneurship for more than 7 years and bringing 22 products to life from ideation - we are equipped to guide our customers to take their ideas from concept to market. Our focus on Technology and Innovation acts as fuel to accelerate the process.We are driven by a larger than life mission which is supported by our work culture. Success & Protability - Protability is important for every company. For us, success is measured based on variety of factors other than just Net Prot. We want to be protable to be able to invest back in the company, in our passionate Navigators who are working towards making our customers successful. Our Mission In addition, through our employee driven programs, such as COACH (Compassites On A To produce measurable Cause for Help), we are determined to make a dierence to the world around us. Results for our clients Value Employees - Compassites is a services company and core to our business through exceptionally is passionate navigators - our people. We help our navigators realize their Passionate people potential and charting a clear path for their career growth. while maintaining Uncommon responsibility to create a better world. Our CultureDriving Forces At Compassites, our employees are called as Navigators. We believe in aCustomer Success - We are driven by making our customers culture which empowers our peoplesuccessful. Our navigators are curious and talented - to understand to make decisions, make a dierencethe challenges customers are facing and to implement solutions to our customers via innovativequickly to amplify time-to-market for customer to stay ahead of the solutions and most importantly, havegame. fun as they grow within the organization. Our culture encourages numerousContinuous Innovation - We believe that everyone is capable of initiatives that benet Navigators and helpinnovation and innovation should be a daily practice as opposed to a one- them to learn and grow into well roundedtime event. Innovation at every step of the way in our software delivery is a personalities.key measure and every navigator is encouraged to continuously come up withinnovative ways to create a dierence. Compassites Sneak Peek 2012 l Copyright 2012, All rights reserved.
  • 4. Our People Our ApproachOur employees are our biggest strength and their well being is our priority. We ensure that we hire thebrightest and best people from the software industry. We love to work with people who are passionate and The Idea: Put YOU (the customer) in controlwant to make a real dierence with their work. Our people are highly customer focused and obsessed aboutdelivering the best software to clients. Complete Transparency Daily standups Information radiators Access to environments Iterative Development