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Online-video marketing is growing, and entrepreneurs, entertainers, marketers, agencies, cause-marketers and advertisers continue to burn budgets pursuing "viral videos." In this "sneak peek" of "Beyond Viral," a book by the only marketer who doubles as a YouTube star, you will learn some of the crucial areas to avoiding pitfalls and benefiting from real case studies and experience. Readers will discover what works in online video, and how to promote themselves, their brands (products or solutions) and their causes. Entrepreneurs, performers, agency leaders, and marketers will gain rare knowledge about online-video marketing and how to leverage the medium to engage customers and drive sales. By Kevin "Nalts" Nalty (

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BEYOND VIRAL: A Sneak PeakExecutive SummaryBEYOND VIRAL: How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money With Online Video is a newly published book by Wiley, and part of David Meerman Scotts The New Rules of Social Media Series. This sneak preview provides a summary of the book, including titles and primary educational objectives of the eighteen chapters. BEYOND VIRAL is a practical guide for those interested in marketing themselves, a business or a cause using the most visceral form of social media: online video. It was written based on 5 years of hands-on experience by an industry expert, career marketer and YouTube star with more than 165 million views to date.About the AuthorKevin Nalts Nalty is the only popular YouTube personality who doubles as a career marketer. He is one of the most-viewed comedians on YouTube, with more than 160 million views and 200,000 plus subscribers. A former product director at Merck, Nalty was an innovation leader at Johnson & Johnson and has more than 20 years of marketing experience. Nalty now is a rare and sought-after speaker and consultant focused on online-video and social-media marketing via Nalts Consulting, LLC ( His list of leading clients includes Fox, GE, Microsoft, MTV, Kodak, Starbucks, Logitech, Panasonic and Holiday Inn. He has spoken at top industry conferences and to senior executives from such leading companies as M&M, Google/YouTube, and Coca Cola.

REVIEWS & PRAISEKevin Nalty is and has been my go-to guy on all things viral video. Youll learn and laugh as Nalts shares his experience and unique expertise.Michael Donnelly, Group Director, Worldwide Interactive Marketing The Coca-Cola Company

This is a must-read for marketers and those interested in learning more about the evolving world of video and social media. Del Ross, Vice President, U.S. Sales and Marketing, InterContinental Hotels Group (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza)Kevin is a gentleman, a scholar, and a lunatic. Read his book and then destroy it immediately.Tom Green, comedian, actor and host of

Kevin has two things going for him: the experience to know what really works in the online-video space and the guts to share his secrets.Joe Michaels, Senior Director, MSN and Bing, Microsoft Corporation,

You wont just learn about online video, youll learn about how to make it work for your business real-world instruction from someone who does this everyday.Brad Aronson, Author of Internet Advertising, Digital-Advertising Pioneer, Entrepreneur and Founder of iFrontier (acquired by Microsoft)

Press Release & Contacts Media Contact: Heather Condon, Wiley (, 201.748.6017) Author: Kevin Nalty, Nalts Consulting, LLC, Book website:

THE NEW RULES OF SOCIAL MEDIA SERIES FROM WILEY PRESENTS:BEYOND VIRAL: How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online VideoBy Kevin H. NaltyForeword by David Meerman Scott

If you havent already, go to YouTube immediately and search Nalts. Kevin Nalts Nalty has fooled millions of online-video viewers into thinking he is a celebrity. In actuality, Nalty is an online-video creator, a dad, video enthusiast, and career marketer who has gone viral.As a most-viewed personality on YouTube, Kevin Nalty continues to wow viewers with his lowbrow humor and comedic-like style. You name it; Kevins done it. Anything from heartfelt family moments to sophomoric candid-camera style pranks. He has actively participated in the growth of YouTube since its conception in 2005. Now 5 years later, Kevin has created more than 1,000 videos with hundreds of millions of views. With his new book, BEYOND VIRAL: How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video (Wiley; ISBN: 9780470598887; Hardcover; $24.95), Nalty joins well-known authors including Brian Halligan, Jim Sterne and Steve Garfield in the successful New Rules of Social Media Series created by a leading speaker/author/expert, David Meerman Scott. Beyond Viral provides rare insights on how create cost-effective video campaigns, evolve a brand online, engage and motivate customers, and measure their resulting awareness, intent and behaviors. How is BEYOND VIRAL distinct from any other online video book? The medium is changing so rapidly that few understand it entirely The majority of YouTube books are simply dull how-to instructions Many books focus on video production and not business implications Video books are often written by writers not practitioners (Nalts is not a writer, but a career marketer and online-video creator)BEYOND VIRAL also provides case studies detailing what worked for such leading brands including Microsoft, Starbucks, GE, MTV, Mentos, Holiday Inn, and Fox Broadcasting. Readers will learn the successes and failures of the worlds most-recognized companies and bold startups. The seminal book also exposes the common mistakes and pitfalls that many top companies and agencies continue to make while chasing the dream of going viral.Viral video is dead according to Kevin Nalty, but there are golden opportunities for businesses that establish the right strategies and tactics, and execute based on the best practices that have never before been so documented. BEYOND VIRAL is not about how to become the next Nalts, but how to make and promote video to build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and measurably drive sales.About the Author: Kevin Nalty (Philadelphia/NYC) is known as "Nalts" on YouTube, and is the only career marketer who doubles as one of the most-viewed YouTube comedians. Formerly a marketing director at Merck and Johnson & Johnson, Nalty currently helps well-known brands Starbucks, YouTube, GE, Microsoft, Fox Broadcasting, MTV, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Cox Communications, and Coca Cola on how to market via online video. He has written about this topic at his blog,, for nearly five years, and hundreds of thousands of individuals downloaded his free e-book, How to Become Popular on YouTube without Any Talent.Nalty has written for marketing trade publications, including Advertising Age and iMediaConnection, and he speaks globally at industry conferences. His unique style combines humor, passion, and practical advice. For more information please visit,, or To see Nalts videos visit or

ISBN: 9780470598887; Hardcover; $24.95; WileyFor more information about Wileys books, please visit our Press Room

BEYOND VIRAL Chapters & Summaries

Chapter 1: The Least a Marketer Needs to KnowBEYOND VIRAL begins with online-video marketing 101, based on Naltys unique perspective as an entertainer and a career marketer with an MBA in marketing and experience as a former big-5 consultant, agency leadership, and a decade of client-side experience as a product director at Merck and innovation leader at Johnson & Johnson. This chapter explains: Why a marketer needs to know about online video. Pitfalls to avoid and ways to save yourself time and money. Ways to target customers in ways you may not have considered. How video can help you from awareness to loyalty

Chapter 2: Flavors of Video: From Skateboarding Cats to ProMany business people consider YouTube, and the online-video medium, based on amateur one-hit wonders. Readers will learn that the medium has a hierarchy of content from individual webstars to television-like web series. You will learn: About the continuum between professional video and user-generated content. That a third hidden layer offers marketers a cost-efficient and powerful opportunity to get messages woven into a video (not just ads that may be overlooked). How marketers can cost-efficiently market via popular content, going beyond banner ads without complex partnerships with major studios and networks.Chapter 3: Viral Video Is DeadWhile videos continue to go viral, Nalty proclaimed viral video dead for advertisers because the odds of a commercial video being seen by millions are nearly insurmountable. This important chapter explains: Why advertisers creating viral videos are likely wasting money and missing more proven tactics. The Seven Deadly Sins marketers and agencies so often make in their well-meaning but nave attempt to go viral. The eight immutable laws of viral video truisms learned from dozens of marketing campaigns and more than 1,000 videos since the medium began. The common traits of the most popular online videos (from kids and pets to dancing and topical satire).Chapter 4: Videos Role in the Marketing FunnelWhile most marketers look to generate dramatic buzz, there are roles for online-video in various stages of a customer relationship from attention to loyalty. This chapter, with contributions from Online Video Maven Daniel Sevitt, shows how a videos intent and distribution platform depends on these stages. There are three primary types and goals of online video: viral (awareness), conversion (initiation), and education (loyalty). To help broaden readers considerations for online-video they will learn: How video can serve the stage of a customer-engagement process, from awareness and engagement through trial and loyalty. Proven best practices for engaging with a prospect after they have seen a video. How video can help humanize a corporation, and mitigate the medias tendency to vilify or characterize a companys public image.Chapter 5: The Most Visceral Form of Social MediaBEYOND VIRAL is part of Wileys New Rules of Social Media series, and it is hardly possible to explore online video comprehensively without acknowledging the significant social currency through which it thrives. This chapter explores: How online video remains a social medium despite t