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Sneak peek at Honeyshed.com based on site experience during private beta access.

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  • 1.Honeyshed Sneak Peek www.greg verdino .com www. honeyshed .com//beta. honeyshed .com november 11 th 2008

2. Still from Site Intro www.greg verdino .com 3. Still from Site Intro (2) www.greg verdino .com 4. Puma Alexander McQueen Video, Buy Now Button Highlighted www.greg verdino .com 5. Akomplice T-Shirt Video, Stash button highlighted (Stash lets registered users safe their favorites) www.greg verdino .com 6. Video Window in Expanded State www.greg verdino .com 7. Product Review Pane Expanded www.greg verdino .com 8. Video Upload Form: Allows Members to Sell Their Own Products www.greg verdino .com