Boko Haram: Amnesty committee under fire

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Vanguard Newspaper 15072013

Transcript of Boko Haram: Amnesty committee under fire

  • ...towards a better life for the people

    N150VOL. 25: NO. 61925ONLINE |

    MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013**

    Mr & Mrs

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    Amnesty has failed Northern CANThe whole thing is confusing Balarabe MusaJTF kills Boko Haram top commander in BornoWe didn't claim we spoke with Shekau Amnesty C'ttee source




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    Amnesty committeeunder fire




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    AL-MUSTAPHAMajor Hamza Al-Mustapha, former Chief Security Officer, CSO, to late Head of State, Gen. SaniAbacha being received by a large crowd in Kano yesterday. Inset: Founder of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, Dr. FrederickFasehun, leading Al-Mustapha out of the plane at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano. Photos: Abdulsalam Muham-mad. See story on Page 7.



    LAGOSTHE Presidential Committeeon the Dialogue andPeaceful Resolution ofConflicts in NorthernNigeria, came under se-vere criticisms, yester-day, from across thecountry following denialby Boko Haram leader,Abubakar Shekau thatthe sect had entered intoa cease-fire agreementwith the Federal Govern-ment.

    The Committee came

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    Vanguard, MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013 5


    BOKO HARAM: Amnestycommittee under fire

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    Excellence is to do a common thing in an un-common way Booker T. W. There are many com-mon things begging to be done in an uncommonway.

    Tell me a fact and Ill learn. Tell me a truth andIll believe. But tell me a story and it will live inmy heart forever Native American proverb

    DURING Marks first month at college, the professor gave his students a pop quiz. He wasa conscientious student and had breezed throughthe questions, until he read the last one: What isthe first name of the woman who cleans the school?Surely this was some kind of joke. He had seen thewoman several times. She was tall, dark-haired andin her fifties, but how would he know her name? Hehanded in his paper, leaving the last question blank.

    Just before class ended, one student asked if thelast question would count toward the quiz grade.Absolutely, said the professor. In your careers,you will meet many people. All are significant. Theyeach deserve your attention and care, even if allyou do is smile and say hello. Mark never forgotthat lesson. He also learned her name was Dorothy.

    This story best illustrates the importance of rec-ognising that everyone is important and relevantin the scheme of things. In essence, knowing andacting on this principle in our everyday dealingswith people we encounter, may just be the key tonot only influencing and making good friends, butalso, to being loved and appreciated as we wouldlove to see happen in our world.

    RETREATCountry Chairman, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC)/GuestSpeaker, Mr. Mutiu Sunmonu; Director-General, NESG, Mr. Frank Nweke Jnr. and the Chairman,Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Mr. Foluso Phillips, at NESG retreat held at the RaddisonBlue Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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    under attack on a daythe Joint Task Force(JTF) Operation RestoreOrder II in Borno State,said that it has succeed-ed in killing a top com-mander of Boko Haram

    sect, Bulabulin Nganar-am, who was on thewanted list of the JTFwith a N10m bounty. Thesect commander whowas killed in a shootoutwith the taskforce wassaid to be responsible forthe killing of a teacher

    and three students ofSanda Karami Second-ary School, Ruwan ZafiMaiduguri.

    Chairman of the Com-mittee and Minister ofSpecial Duties, AlhajiTanimu Turaki, had on aHausa service pro-gramme of Radio FranceInternational monitoredin Kano, July 8, that theFederal Government hassecured a ceasefire dealwith the sect which hadclaimed responsibilityfor terrorist attacks thathave led to deaths ofabout 4000 people since2009. The Presidencycorroborated AlhajiTurakis announcementwhich it claimed hadShekaus consent.

    Imam Marwana, amember of the sect saidto belong to Shekauscamp reportedly con-firmed the truce dealand begged Nigerians toforgive them over thenumber of people killedin the country. I appealto those who lost theirloved ones to our activi-ties to forgive us and onour side, we have for-given all those who com-mitted atrocities againstus.

    Denying the cease-fire, weekend, Shekau,who endorsed the attackand killing of a teacherand 29 secondary schoolstudents at Mamudo,Yobe State penultimateweek, said: Let me as-sure you that we will notenter into any truce with

    these infidels. We willnot enter into any trucewith the Nigerian gov-ernment. We believe inthe massacre inflictedon the secondary schoolin Mamudo andDamaturu and otherschools. We earlierwarned that we weregoing to burn allschools. They areschools purposely builtto fight Islam.

    Reacting to this al-leged denial by Shekau,however, a source in thecommittee said the au-thenticity of the state-ment credited to Shekauwas in doubt, since itcould not be verified.The source added thatthe committee had neverclaimed it spoke withthe sect leader himselfand that unlike in thepast, the sect leadernever came out to dis-own the spokesman,who negotiated on be-half of the group.

    Govt must be trans-parent Onyema

    Meanwhile, reactingto the confusion yester-day, the National Chair-man, Foundation forEthnic Harmony in Ni-geria (FEHN), AllenOnyema, who is coordi-nating the amnesty pro-gramme for Niger-Deltaex-militants, argued thatthe government has to bemore transparent andtell Nigerians those itreached agreement withas was done in the

    Niger-Delta in the caseof militants.

    His words: If it is truethat the presidentialcommittee had any con-tact with real BokoHaram and they haveaccepted cease-fire, thatis welcome but theymust be sure of whatthey are saying. It willbe very embarrassing forthe Federal Governmentif the impasse continuesafter the cease-fire. Theyneed to let the countryknow those who hadsigned the cease-fire.

    When Chris Ekiyortook over as the leaderof the Ijaw Youth Coun-cil, he went round thecamps and got the mili-tants to accept non-vio-lence. We knew who andwho were in the cease-fire agreement. KingsleyKuku, Godwin Abbe,Tony Anenih and otherspaid visits to the mili-tants and it was tel-evised. It was madeopen. We know the ex-militants. Who are theBoko Haram leaders andmembers that the com-mittee spoke with? Whoand who agreed tocease-fire? I want thegovernment to be trans-parent so that the coun-try will be free. I dontlike what is happeningin the North. A biggerand peaceful Nigeria isbetter for us.

    The whole thing is con-fusingBalarabe Musa

    On his part, formergovernor of old KadunaState, Alhaji BalarabeMusa said the ceasefireagreement between theIslamic sect and FederalGovernment had be-come confusing basedon Shekaus denial.

    He said: We are nothaving what we expect,that is the ceasefire, be-cause the reports areconflicting. There is thisreport from the chairmanof the committee thatagreement has beensigned and Shekau wasinvolved and nowShekau is saying he isnot a party to the sign-ing of any agreement.

    There is also this reportthat there are two fac-tions of Boko Haram;there is one led byShekau, which appearsto be the original butthere is also a more mili-tant faction led by agroup. And so, the wholething is confusing. Wedont know whether ornot there is an agree-ment between the Fed-eral Government andBoko Haram leading toa ceasefire.

    Boko Haram has infil-trated JonathansgovtAfenifere

    On its part, the Pan-Yoruba socio-politicalorganisation, Afenifere,said that it was obviousthat Boko Haram hadinfiltrated the adminis-tration of PresidentGoodluck Jonathan.

    Afeniferes PublicitySecretary, Mr. YinkaOdumakin, told Van-guard on phone: I thinkwe should take Turaki,chairman of the Presi-dential Committee onBoko Haram to task nowbecause we saw him ontelevision that they havesigned a ceasefire withBoko Haram and heeven said something sooffensive that BokoHaram has promised notto attack during theRamadan. Assuming itwas true, it was okay forBoko Haram to go andattack people on Christ-mas Day but they cannotattack during Ramadanand for a minister of theFederal Government ofNigeria to be party tosuch an agreement, thenit is quite discomforting.

    Now that Shekau hasdenied that agreement,we need to ask whichBoko Haram Turaki wasclaiming and it showsclearly that may also bea confirmation of thestatement credited to thepresident some time agothat Boko Haram hadinfiltrated his govern-ment. It shows that theremay be sympathizers ofBoko Haram in govern-

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    LAGOS OPERATIVES ofthe Inspector-General of Po-lice Special Task Force on Anti-Pipeline Vandalism Unit, week-end, arrested four suspectedpipeline vandals in Shagamuarea of Ogun State and recov-ered a 33,000-litre truck loadedwith petroleum products si-phoned from the Nigerian Na-tional Petroleum Corporation,NNPC, pipeline.

    Surprisingly, one of the sus-pects, Ismaila Adetoro, 40, wasa police informant. The suspectwho confessed to have aban-doned the illicit business twoyears ago before beco