Boko Haram topshot killed — JTF

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Boko Haram top shot killed — JTF

Transcript of Boko Haram topshot killed — JTF

  • ...towards a better life for the peopleN150VOL. 25: NO. 61712

    ONLINE | www.vanguardngr.comTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2012


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    15 others killed in Bauchi, MaiduguriYuguda condemns killings in Bauchi

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    Boko Haram topshot killed JTF

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    KANOIN whatappeared to be amajor victory against theBoko Haram sect, theJoint Military Task Forceconfirmed, yesterday,that the sects spokes-man, Abu Qaqa, hasbeen killed, while twoother members were ar-rested after a shootoutbetween the sect and

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    From left: Gov.Adams Oshiomholeof Edo State; Dr.Samuel Ogbemudia,and his wife,Yetunde, cutting thecake to celebrate the80th birthday of Dr.Ogbemudia inBenin City, yester-day.

    NATIONAL AWARD RECIPIENTS: From left: Chairman Heirs Holdings, Mr. Tony Elumelu, CON;Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, CON and Chairman of Globacom, Dr. Mike Adenuga, GCON, during the na-tional awards investiture ceremony in Abuja, yesterday.


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    Vanguard, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 20125

    Boko Haram top shot killed JTF


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    security operatives.There were, however,different accounts onhow the encounter tookplace.

    According to one ac-count, quoting an officialof the task force, theshooting occurred yes-terday morning inMariri, a town southeastof Kano, where soldiersstopped a vehicle withthe sect spokesman, thecommander, the spokes-mans wife and theirchildren, the officialsaid. It was not clearwhat happened next,though the official saidsoldiers shot dead boththe commander and thespokesman. The wifeand children remain inmilitary custody. Thewife told soldiers themen had accompaniedher to Kano as shesought medical help.The military official wassaid to have spoken oncondition of anonymityas the information wasnot to be made publicyesterday. Lt. IwehaIkedichi, a militaryspokesman in the re-gion, later told journal-ists that soldiers had

    only killed one man, theBoko Haram spokes-man. However, the offi-cial who spoke to TheAssociated Press hadbeen at the scene of theattack and offered fur-ther details about thescene.

    A different accountsaid a team of the JointMilitary Task Forcestormed the hideout ofthe sect in Hotoro areaof Kano municipalwhere one of the com-manders of the sect waskilled, while two othermembers were arrestedduring the combat op-eration.

    Vanguard was toldthat the military actionfollowed intelligence re-port indicating the pres-ence of high profile sectmembers, who had beenon the wanted list of se-curity agents in the area.

    The source further re-vealed that the daylightoperation involving sev-eral infantry and coun-ter terrorism officers wasswift and ended withinhalf an hour.

    The sources, however,refused to divulge theidentity of the top com-

    mander killed duringthe operation and thosetaken into custody,pointing out that whatmattered at the momentis the success recordedduring the military ac-tion.

    Residents were appre-hensive when a militaryhelicopter was seen hov-ering the skyline of thecity indicating a majormilitary operation.

    JTF confirmsoperation

    Confirming the arrest,JTF spokesman in thecity, Lt. Ikediche Iwehatold Vanguard on phonethat we carried out araid this morningaround Hotoro generalarea where we killed amember of a terroristgroup and arrested twoduring the operation

    Lt Iweha, howeverfailed to clarify the iden-tity of the top com-mander killed and thosearrested. He only saidthat we dont have theirnominal roll and can notsay who was killed andarrested but investiga-tion would certainly re-veal their identity.

    Meanwhile, Kano cityand environ were gen-erally calm after the op-eration as business ac-tivities resumed whilethere were increased ac-tivities in all the militarycheck points in the city.

    Yesterdays combat op-eration came on theheels of a devastatingattack by yet to be iden-tified gunmen at Hotoroarea where a member ofNational Security andCivil Defense Corp(NSCDC) was killedwith his entire family.

    In a related develop-ment, bloody confronta-tion between the JTFand some suspected ter-rorists in Maiduguri left10 persons dead, whilegunmen killed five per-sons in Zango area ofBauchi Metropolis.

    An eye witness of theMaiduguri incident,Mallam UsmanAbdullahi, who residesin the troubled Gwangeward, which is one of theblack spots identified bythe JTF, told Vanguardthat an Improvised Ex-plosive Device (IED)suspected to have beenplanted on Sunday bysome terrorists targetinga security patrol vehiclein Gwange Ward of

    Maiduguri, the BornoState capital exploded,leaving two men of theJTF seriously injured.

    Abdullahi said: Soonafter the explosion,gunshots ensued, butthe JTF after repellingthe attack quickly cor-doned off the area, whilethe exchange of gunduel between the JTFand the attackers led tothe killing of some peo-ple and burning of sev-eral houses.

    I cannot tell whetherthose killed were inno-cent people or thehouses which were setablaze belong to the sus-pected terrorists, but allI saw with my eyes wasthat some corpses lit-tered the streets onMonday (yesterday)morning, even as somehouses were still burn-ing as I am talking toyou now, Abdullahistated.

    A hospital attendant atthe State Specialist Hos-pital who did not wanthis name mentioned,told Vanguard that hesaw two patrol vehiclesof the JTF with somecorpses around the gateof the hospital. Headded that each of thevehicles carried fivedead bodies.

    Bizman shot inYobe

    Also on Sundayevening, at about8:45pm, some gunmenshot and injured a Busi-ness man and a topANPP stakeholder inYobe State, AlhajiMustapha SheriffMashidimami.

    It was gathered thatthe gunmen who in-vaded the family houseof the politician onDamboa Road,Maiduguri Metropolisdemanded unspecifiedamount of money, butwhen they were not ableto get the money fromthe business man, theyshot and injured himbefore they fled.

    Already, AlhajiMashidimami has beenrushed to an undis-closed hospital where hewas said to be respond-ing to treatment.

    Unknowngunmen kill

    five, injure sevenin Bauchi

    In Bauchi, five peoplewere confirmed killedwhile seven others sus-tained injuries whenunknown gunmen yes-terday attacked Zangoarea, near federal lowcost housing estate, asuburb of Bauchi me-tropolis.

    The area, it was gath-ered, was one of theflash points in the townthat witnessed severalethno-religious andcommunal clashes.

    A community leader inthe area told Vanguardthat the gunmen tar-geted an area where peo-ple used to assemble inthe evening to playcards and gamble. Theycame inside a tricycleand started shootingsporadically, killing fivepeople on the spot andinjuring several otherswho were later taken tothe hospital.

    Some residents saidthey were scared whenthey heard severalgunshots near theirhouses which causedfear, confusion and pan-demonium as theyscampered for safety.Immediately after theincident, security mencordoned the area.

    Efforts to get the statecommissioner of PoliceMohammed Ladanfailed as he did not pickhis calls while the PolicePublic Relations OfficerASP Hassan Moham-med Auyo said he was oncasual leave and hadtravelled out of the state.

    A reliable securitysource confirmed thatfive people were killedon the spot and sevenwere injured but that noarrest was made and se-curity men have com-menced investigationinto the matter.

    In his reaction, Gover-nor Isa Yuguda con-demned the attack oninnocent people at theZango area of Bauchimetropolis describing itas an act of terrorismwhich his administration

    and other governmentsin the country are fight-ing hard to eradicate.


    The Governor accord-ing to a statemen