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  • 1. Purdue University Student Chapter Association for Women in Communications Offering communication students a welcoming place to grow, connect and succeed. November 2, 2010 Upcoming Events 11/3 AWC Bake Sale 9am-4pm Outside of CL50 Letter form the President Dear AWC members, 11/16 Chapter Meeting 6:00- I cannot believe we are heading into November already. I am very 7:00pm in BRNG B268: proud of how well our semester is going, but especially proud of our meeting attendance. For those who may have missed our last meeting, Guest speaker from there was a group discussion about choosing the right communication Lafayette/ W. Lafayette classes and everyone gave advice on resumes and cover letters. Convention Center Everyone got a chance to get to know everyone better and get some key tips on helping decide what Com classes to take each semester. 11/25 Thanksgiving Our exec was very impressed with the outcome of the meeting; we felt like we had helped out each of our members who attended. We hope in the future to do more interactive meetings offering our advice and 12/2 End of Semester Bash- help to each other. Dinner and Pottery Painting Last week AWC participated in Boo at the Zoo at the Lafayette Columbian Park & Zoo. Everyone had a great time dressing in costumes and helping kids carve pumpkins throughout the night. AWC loves to participate in fun activities like this throughout the year. Continued on page Mission Statement The Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.
  • 2. lorem ipsum dolor issue, date The Low Down on LinkedIn Job Outlook for Com Majors By Joy Shang, AWC Member By Kathryn Warner, AWC Member I have MySpace, Facebook, and a Twitter why Being a freshman in college, I dont give much should I still bother to start a LinkedIn? thought to the condition of the job market. But what about my fellow classmates who are in their You may question as I did when I first got to know about LinkedIn. Well want to know the answer? Keep on senior year, who ideally would like to start reading! working once they graduate? What is LinkedIn? Communication is currently one of the most popular majors. With that being said, competition Thanks to Wikipedia, we know that LinkedIn is the is extremely keen and positions are highly leading professional network on the web. Here I want to coveted. Therefore, students need to do what they highlight the professional. Unlike Facebook and other can to make themselves stand out in order to social websites, LinkedIn focuses more on professional impress potential employers. Employment for career networking; which enables you to find new these jobs is expected to grow an average 7-13% opportunities for internships and full time positions, as well as managing what potential employers learn about within the next few years. Specifically, marketing you from the Internet. and public relations employment is expected to grow at an average pace; sales employment, Why should you have LinkedIn? however, will grow faster that average- around 15%. Advertising, on the other hand, will You may think LinkedIn is a kind of dull; however it experience little to no change because of the sharp would be an amazing resource when you are looking for a job. As we know, networking is crucial, especially for a reduction in agencies. job hunter. Sometimes "It's not what you know, but who Regardless of the job outlook, be sure to put you know" that helps you get your dream position. yourself out there, chase down your dream job, However, where can we find enough resources to build our network? Well, LinkedIn might be your wise option. and never give up hope! First of all, it is the worlds largest professional network Some helpful websites regarding the outlook for with over 80 million members and growing rapidly every communications majors: day. More than that, it is more simple and professional; in other words, it is perfectly designed for business and professional users. careers.html To sum up, LinkedIn is definitely a good start for college students to head for their future. unications_Jobs_Media_Jobs.htm _relation.htm 2
  • 3. lorem ipsum dolor issue, date Surviving COM 204 By Lauren Hausermann, Newsletter Editior To many pre-communication students COM 204 or Critical Perspectives on Communication seems more like a horror story then a class that can help them prepare for their future. But, I promise you as a current 204 student it is not as bad as it may seem. Yes you will have to work. COM 204 is not a class one can attend and just absorb the important information. You have to not only attend class but pay attention as well. Professor Boyd uses PowerPoints but in addition to the information presented on those everything that he states is also important; including why he shows you pictures, videos, or even sound clips. Your TA is your best friend. Even though your own TA does not grade your major papers, their opinions matter. Follow their directions and do as they say. Visit your TA regularly and ask for guidance not only on the major papers, but daily assignments and any topic you may be confused on from lecture. Work ahead! The more time you spend writing your papers the better. Although 10 drafts for one paper may seem obsessive the more the better. Use the feedback you get from your TA and grow as a writer with each draft. If you put your best effort in and follow your TAs advice there is no way you cannot get a 5. Good Luck Girls! Letter from the President AWC Member of the Month. continued Hua (Joy) Shang We encourage each member to come join us at our outside events. Its a great way to get to know each Major: undecided currently in USP however I am thinking about of our members, have fun, and participate in meaningful events that help out members of the major or minor in communication community. Year: Freshman Our next coming event is our bake sale on November 3rd outside of class of 50 from 9am to 4pm. We ask that each of members come help work Hometown: Chengdu, for at least a half hour or donate a baked or Sichuan China purchased good to our sale. We are looking to help raise money for our upcoming field trip to Indy this Plans for the future: Travel as year and upcoming guest speakers. We appreciate your help! many places as I can before 25 and work as a freelancer at the same Finally, we are in the process of planning our Xmas Party. So far we plan on taking our members out to time. Then I plan to work for Times Brunos and afterward going to make pottery at All in China. Hopefully one day I can Fired Up in Wabash Landing. The food and studio fee will be on us! Date and Time are TB