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Slides from a talk on how to use the Gross National Happiness Index at the Association of Washington Cities conference in Kennewick, WA on June 26, 2013 http://www.awcnet.org/TrainingEducation/Conferences/AnnualConference/Workshops.aspx#a

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  • 1.Happiness and Well-being:A global movement, A local solutionhappycounts.org

2. What makes you happy?guided exercise 3. World Happiness ReportKey Findings:External:MoneyWorkCommunityDemocratic ProcessInternal:Values & ReligionHealthFamily experienceEducationAge 4. Gross Domestic Product - the sum of allgood and services produced in a yearWhat GDP counts:+ goods and services sold+ oil spills+ illness and death+ divorce.What GDP does not count:- volunteering- time with friends and family- community gardens- walking for exercise..Photostock freedigitalphotos.net 5. Does money make us happy? GDP in theUS has morethan tripledsince 1950s. Adjusted percapita GDPsince 1960 hasdoubled since2010 Happinesshas remainedstagnant andeven fallen 6. Easterlin Paradox40 year study of nations across the globeUp to a salary of$75K for family offour, long and shortterm happinessincreases a lot withmore moneyAfter a salary of$75K, long termhappinessincreases aremarginal or non-existent, short termincreases inhappiness do occur. 7. Unbalanced and UnfairThe United States has the widest gap betweenrich and poor of any wealthy country.The Nation, Unjust Spoils, Robert ReichShare of annual national incomeearned by the top 1 % of Americans:1980 8 percent2010 24 percentShare earned by the bottom 50%2010 20 percent 8. What about our planet?If everyone on Earth consumedat the level of the U.S,we would needFive to Seven Planets.Our lives areunsustainable.What is your ecological footprint? 9. When money does thetalking..The US is the only wealthy nation without : Paid Sick Days Paid holidays (none are required of employers) Paid Maternity Leave (with Swaziland, Liberia and PapuaNew Guinea). Most also offer paid leave for fathers. Paid Vacations (with Burma, Nepal, Suriname and Guyana)The US spends nearly twice per capita on healthcare than anyother nation yet, according the CIA fact book, the US ranks (outof 150 countries) 50thin the world in life expectancy 46thin the world in infant mortality 2ndin the world in obesity 10. Happiness is an American ValueGeorge Washington:The aggregate happiness of the society, which is bestpromoted by the practice of a virtuous policy, is, or ought tobe, the end of all government .John Adams:Happiness of society is the end of government.Thomas Jefferson The only orthodox object of the institution of governmentis to secure the greatest degree of happiness possible tothe general mass of those associated under it.and, of course, our Declaration of Independence. 11. What is Happiness?The 10 Domains of Happiness & SWL and affect 12. Purpose government life Granularity defines issues Capture theunobservableWhy do we need a subjective measure? hurting or thriving guide societies toward desirable futures experimenting society Inclusivity people tune out objective data people are the data personal assessment 13. Where does it all come from?Gross National Happinessis moreimportant thanGross National Product.--Jigme Singye Wangchuk,Fourth King of Bhutan,1972 14. UN ResolutionTowards a Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development 15. The spread of happinessUnited KingdomCanadaBrazilAustraliaChinaand here 16. A Grass Roots Organization Subjective Measure of Wellbeing scalable, available Tools, Resources and Knowledge 17. Happiness Initiatives 18. Objective IndicatorsObjective Indicators Happy ActionsHappy ActionsHappiness City Report:Feedback, and Recommendationsfrom the CommunityHappiness City Report:Feedback, and Recommendationsfrom the CommunityTown MeetingsTown MeetingsTools and resources for a grassroots movementYour Happiness Initiative TeamYour Happiness Initiative TeamHappiness Report Card:Survey and Objective IndicatorsHappiness Report Card:Survey and Objective IndicatorsSurveySurvey 19. Your Happiness Index 20. The Happiness Report CardThe Gross National Happiness Index Scoresrepresent results from 18,600 people who took theGNH Index between March 2011 and April 2013 21. Time BalanceIn a typical week, how much of your timeare you able to spend doing the kinds ofthings that you enjoy?None of my timeNot much of my timeSome of my timeMost of my timeAll of my time 22. Social Support SystemsDanish Unemployment Policies and Practices, HoursAdjustment ActNetherlands Hours Adjustment ActWorkers have right to reduce hours topart-time,while maintaininghourly salary, healthcare, promotionopportunities andpro-rated benefits. 23. EnvironmentHow satisfied with you are the effortsbeing made to preserve the naturalenvironment in your neighborhood.Very dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeither Satisfied nor DissatisfiedSatisfiedVery Satisfied 24. Natural Environment ExampleBhutans Preservation Policy60% natural habitat 40% developmentBig Hydro Decision 25. Pop-up parks NYC, Sydney, SFGames in parks BeijingNatural Environment Example 26. Thank youDownload the toolkit to conduct your own happinesshappycounts.org/toolkitsTake the survey and get your own personal assessment ofyour well-beingListen to an online-talk monthly info availablehappycounts.org/talks/Join twice a week networking calls to support each other in ourwork for global happiness and wellbeingcontact us at info@happycounts.org