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Profile of the advertising agency: Alliance Works Consultants.

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  • 1. Tortilla Roti Arepa Can you tell the difference? We can help you. Full Service Advertising Alliance Works Consultants, LLC Public Relations & Creative Events
  • 2. We believe in not following trends, but making decisions based on what is best for our clients. In all we do and in every approach we take, we strive to lift your ideAs to new heights. Fulvio Martinez | Partner and Creative Director
  • 3. We are Alliance Works Consultants, a full service advertising, public relations and creative events agency with offices located in theUnited StatesandCanada. Our agency is dedicated to the creation, planning and handling of ideas that help your business grow. We know that most companies have an untapped market willing and capable of doing business with We take great pride in making ourselves a them, except they do not know who they are and one-stop-shop for our clients who are looking for how to find them. We will make doing business in solutions to their needs in communications, these untapped markets a reality. In particular, we are advertising, research and strategic planning, experts at introducing our clients to ethnic markets, production, animation and the development of digital specifically the Hispanic markets in the United States experiences using trusted emerging technologies to and Canada. connect with your users and drive business value. We are experts in these fields, bringing together many years of combined experience to the table. As well, we have the ability to customize our services to each one of our clients unique situation. Philosophy: Mission: We strive to achieve business excellence by creating: - Ideas for advertising and developing your business; To think with you, - Ideas to improve and promote your brand; - Methods of penetrating ethnic markets in the United Think like you and States and Canada; - Plans to prepare and run campaigns that exemplify Think for you. and dignify our CULTURAL and ETHNIC origin and our knowledge of how these ethnic consumers think, behave, rationalize and what motivates them outside their natural market; Our priority is always you, our clients, and our objective is to find for you - Campaigns that use art, vision, effectiveness, technique solutions to your current challenges and assist you to achieve your vision for the and value; future. Our group of talented and creative thinkers will help you achieve your - Develop ideas that are people centric, focused on the goals, by presenting you with fresh and unique ideas. way they think, live and dream; - Remain competitive and accessible to businesses of all sizes and reach. - Bring value to our clients in everything we do.
  • 4. Advertising STATISTICS CANADA | Census Hispanic RIO GRANDE FOODS | Branding Development THE MORTGAGE CENTRE - Hispanic Interactive DUREX CONDOMS | Heroes DANIER LEATHER | Design Challenge BLUE HAZE | Artist Platform Some of our clients:
  • 5. Together, we conquer the world for you. As our name states, we are an alliance of highly capable and skilled professionals, driven by passion and keen on delivering results for you every time we come together to think and create on your behalf. The following is a summary of our capabilities, resources and strategic partnerships. ADVERTISING | PUBLIC RELATIONS PRODUCTION | POST PRODUCTION WEB DESIGN | INTERNET MARKETING Your brand is something living and breathing; Whether you need a stunt driver to jump through Using OPEN SOURCE technology we can provide easy capable of making your sales go through the roof or else a ring of fire, your product shots to be flawlessly to manage, reliable, and, above all, flexible dynamic susceptible to public opinion and speculation. AWC can photographed, an animated character to interact web pages for our clients. In addition, we work with provide you with the research, analysis and strategy with a live person or a spokesperson to deliver a experienced professionals in social media and search necessary to grow and upkeep your brand in any type message in five different languages, we can do it all. engine optimization to make your website a sound of market, despite the number of competitors you face There is no production too big or too small that our marketing investment. and the conditions of the market. professional filmmakers cannot handle. 2D/3D ANIMATION AND DIGITAL CONTENT: INTERACTIVE | DIGITAL EXPERIENCES CREATIVE EVENTS | INSPIRATION Our animators have over 8 years experience We provide cutting edge digital experiences to our AWC is proud to partner with the energetic and creating high-end 3D, CGI and Multimedia. clients. Think of Star Trek meets your brand. We are creative team at STARFISH, who believe that adding Using their expertise they are able to create unique capable of developing digital experiences using trusted events to a marketing mix delivers a unique experience animation, videos and solutions for our clients for their and emerging technologies to connect with your unlike any other medium. STARFISH and AWC has worked Marketing, Visualization, Presentation, Promotional users and drive business value. Using mediums such as: with companies and individuals on a variety of events for and Demonstration needs. Web, Desktop, Device, Multi-Touch, Mobile. social, corporate and charity. From guests lists of 5 to 5000 our expertise is in creating extraordinary events that leave Think iPhone Applications, Augmented Reality, Microsoft lasting impressions. Surface and whatever else your imagination creates. AWC is proud to work with:
  • 6. ALLIANCE WORKS CONSULTANTS, LLC 7353 McWhorter Place Suite 202 Annandale, VA 22003 USA |