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  • word/meaning contraction useage1 or 2 octas (eighths) cloud coverage FEW METARabandon ABND GENabbreviate ABBR GENAbbreviated precision approach path indicator APAPI ICAOabeam ABM GENabnormal ABNML GENaboard ABD GENabout ABT GENabove ABV GENabove aerodrome level AAL ICAOabove clouds ACLD GENabove ground level AGL GENabove mean sea level AMSL GENabove mountains MON ICAOabove sea level ASL GENabove transmitted as received ATAR GENabsolute (temperature) A NWSabundant ABNDT GENaccelerate ACLT GENaccelerate-stop distance available ASDA GENaccept ACPT GENacceptance (message type designator) ACP ICAOaccess ACES GENaccident ACDNT GENaccident notice ACNOT GENaccompany ACPY GENaccount ACCT GENaccount mechanical AMECH GENaccount traffic ATFC GENaccount weather AWX GENaccumulate ACCUM GENacknowledge ACK GENAcknowledgement of receipt (message handling) R GENacross ACRS GENacting ACTG GENactivate ACTVT GENactive ACTV GENactive or activated or activity ACT ICAOactual wind factor ALWF NWSaddition ADDN GENaddress ADS GENadequate ADQT GENadirondack ADRNDCK NWSadjacent ADJ GENadministration ADMIN GENadministrative ADMIV GENadministrator ADMIR GEN

    AWC Contractions Sorted by Word/Meaning

  • advance ADVN GENAdvance boundary information ABI ICAOadvection ADVCTN NWSadvice ADVC GENadvise ADZ GENadvise ADV NWSadvise at what time able AAWTA ICAOadvise by air mail as soon as possible ADMAP GENadvise customs ADCUS GENadvise disposition ADSPN GENadvise or issue instructions to all concerned ADCON GENadvise this office ADZOF GENadvisory ADZY GENadvisory ADVY NWSAdvisory Circular AC GENaerodrome AD ICAOaerodrome beacon ABN ICAOAerodrome chart ADC ICAOaerodrome control tower TWR ICAOaerodrome flight information service AFIS ICAOaerodrome forcast TAF ICAOaerodrome obstacle chart (followed by type & name/title) AOC ICAOAerodrome office (specify service) ADO ICAOaerodrome reference point ARP ICAOaerodrome traffic zone ATZ ICAOaerodromes- air routes and ground aids AGA ICAOaeronautical AERO GENAeronautical Center, FAA AAC GENAeronautical chart 1:500 000 (followed by name/title) ANC ICAOaeronautical fixed service AFS GENAeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network AFTN GENAeronautical Information Circular AIC GENAeronautical Information Manual AIM GENaeronautical information publications (In General) AIP GENaeronautical information regulation and control AIRAC GENaeronautical information service AIS GENaeronautical information specialist AIS GENaeronautical maps and charts MAP ICAOaeronautical mobile satellite service AMSS ICAOaeronautical mobile service AMS GENAeronautical navigation chart small scale (followed by name/title scale) ANCS ICAOAeronautical Radio, Incorporated ARINC GENAeronautical Telecommunications Network ATN ICAOaeronautical telecommunications operator ATO GENaffect AFCT GENaffirmative AFIRM GENaffirmative AFM ICAOafter AFT GENafter dark AFDK NWSafter passing APSG ICAO

  • afternoon AFTN GENagain AGN GENagree AGR GENagreement AGRMT GENahead AHD GENair carrier ACR GENAir Carrier District Office ACDO GENAir Defense Control Facility ADCF GENAir Defense Emergency ADE GENair defense identification zone ADIZ GENAir Defense Liaision Officer ADLO GENAir Defense Sector ADS GENair defense warning ADW GENair express AXPS GENAir Force Base AFB GENAir Force Communications Network AIRCOMNET GENAir Force NOTAM Exchange Area AFNEA GENAir Force NOTAM Exchange Office AFNEO GENAir Force Representative to the FAA AFREP GENair freight AFRT GENAir Line Dispatchers Association ALDA GENAir Line Pilots Association ALPA GENair mass AMS NWSAir National Guard ANG GENair navigation facility ANF GENair navigation radio aids ANRA GENair operations network AIROPNET GENair report AIREP GENAir Rescue Service (USAF) ARS GENAir Reserve Base ARB GENair route surveillance radar ARSR GENair route traffic control ARTC GENAir Route Traffic Control Center ARTCC GENair traffic control ATC GENAir Traffic Control Association ATCA GENair traffic division ATD GENair traffic flow management ATFM ICAOair traffic management ATM ICAOair traffic procedures ATP GENAir Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee ATPAC GENair traffic representative ATREP GENair traffic service ATS GENAir Traffic Service Contingency Command Post ATSCCP GENAir traffic services inter-facility data communication AIDC ICAOair traffic services reporting office ARO GENAir Transport Association of America ATA GENair transport pulse radar navigation aid CPN GENair transport pulse radar search CPS GENair transport rating ATR GENair weather service (USAF) AWS GENairborne collision avoidance system ACAS ICAO

  • airborne early warning AEW GENairborne pulse search radar APS GENAirborne Radar Unit ARU GENaircraft ACFT GENaircraft and engine mechanic AEM GENaircraft classification number ACN ICAOAircraft communication addressing & reporting system ACARS ICAOaircraft control and warning ACW GENaircraft earth station AES ICAOaircraft movement information services AMIS GENaircraft out of commission for parts AOCP GENAircraft Owners and Pilots Association AOPA GENAircraft parking/docking chart (followed by name/title) APDC ICAOairmail ARML GENAirmen's Meteorological Information AIRMET GENAIRMET WA NWSairport ARPT GENairport AP ICAOAirport Development Aid Program ADAP GENAirport District Office ADO GENairport in sight AIS GENairport information desk AID GENairport layout plan ALP GENairport lights APL GENairport manager AMGR GENairport of entry AOE GENairport operating certificate AOC GENairport reference point ARP GENairport reservation position ARP GENAirport Reservations Office ARO GENairport surface detection equipment ASDE GENairport surveillance radar ASR GENairport system plan ASP GENAirport Traffic Control Tower ATCT GENAirport/Facility Directory AFD GENairports program report APR GENair-report ARP GENairspace ASP GENairspace docket ASD GENairspace flight inspection pilot ASIP GENAirspace Reservation Unit (Canadian) ARU GENairway AWY GENairways engineer AENG GENairways facilities sector AFS GENairways facilities sector field office AFSFO GENairways facilities sector field office plus unit AFSFOU GENairways facilities sector office AFSO GENairways technical district office ATDO GENAlaskan Air Command AAC GENAlaskan Region- FAA AAL GENAlaskan Standard Time (time groups only) A NWS

  • Alberta ALTA NWSalert notice ALNOT GENalerting ALR ICAOAleutian ALUTN NWSalighting area ALA GENalignment ALNMT GENall (when used as prefix) AL GENall accident notice offices ALANO GENall air carrier field offices ALACFO GENall air defense liaison officers in region ALADLO GENall air route traffic control centers in region ALARTC GENall air traffic (area) supervisors in region ALATAS GENall air traffic field facilities ALATF GENall air traffic field offices ALATFO GENall air traffic service personnel in region ALAT GENall airway facilities sector and field offices ALAFFO GENall AT combined station/centers in region ALCS/C GENall AT combined station/towers in region ALCS/T GENall ATC towers in region ALTWR GENall concerned notified ACN GENall FAA field offices and personnel ALFAA GENall FAA offices on Service B ALFAB GENall flight service stations in region ALFSS GENall flight standards field offices ALFSFO GENall international aeronautical telecommunication switching centers ALIATSC GENall international air traffic switching centers AIATSC GENall international field offices ALIFO GENall international flight service stations in region ALIFSS GENall offices having send-receive teletypewriter service on circuit ALCKT GENall quadrants ALQDS NWSall radar ATC facilities in region ALRAFAC GENall regional offices ALRGN GENall sectors ALSEC NWSall up weight (gross weight) AUW GENAllegheny ALGHNY NWSallotment advice ADVALT GENallowable take-off gross weight ATOG GENaloft ALF NWSalong ALG GENalternate ALTN GENalternate (aerodrome) ALTN ICAOalternate airport ALTPT GENaltimeter ALTM GENaltimeter setting ALSTG GENaltimeter setting indicator ASI GENaltimeter sub-scale setting to obtain elevation when on the ground QNH ICAOAltimetry system error ASE ICAOaltitude ALT GEN

  • altitude reservation ALTRV GENaltocumulus AC NWSaltocumulus castellanus ACCAS NWSaltostratus AS NWSamber A GENambiguity AMB GENamend / amended forecast AMD GEN/amendment AMDT GENAmerican Meteorological Society AMS NWSAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Company ATT GENamount AMT GENamplifier or amplify AMP GENamplitude AMPLTD NWSanalysis ANLYS NWSannounce ANNC GENannual leave AL GENanswer ANS GENante meridiem AM NWSantenna ANT GENanticipate ANCPT GENanticyclonic ACYC NWSAppalachian APLCN NWSapparent APRNT GENappear APPR GENappoint APNT GENapproach APCH GENapproach control or approach control office APP ICAOapproach end runway AER GENapproach light system ALS GENapproach path alignment panel APAP GENappropriate APROP GENapproval APVL GENapproval request APREQ GENapprove APV GENapproximate APRX GENApron APN ICAOarctic (air mass) A NWSArea chart ARC ICAOarea command post ACP GENarea forecast ARFOR GENarea forecast FA NWSarea forecast center AFC NWSarea minimum altitude AMA ICAOarea navigation RNAV GENarea notice ARNOT GENarea supervisor ARSUP GENArmy Air Field AAF GENArmy Liaison Officer ARLO GENArmy National Guard RNG GENArmy radar approach control facility ARAC GENaround ARND GEN

  • arrange ARNG GENarrest ARST GENarresting gear A-GEAR GENarrival or arrive ARR GENas soon as possible ASAP GENas soon as possible SAP ICAOascend ASND GENascent to ASC GENASOS automated observation with precipitation discriminator (rain/snow) AO2 NWSASOS automated observation without recipitation discriminator (rain/snow) AO1 METARasphalt ASPH GENassign ASGN GENAssigned altitude deviation AAD ICAOassistant ASST GENassistant chief AC GENassociate ASSOC GENat all times AATM GENat or above AOA GENat or below AOB GENat sea MAR ICAOat the coast COT ICAOat this time ATTM GENATC beacon interrogator ATCBI GENATC facility ATCF GENA