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  • 1. The layout I think is set out well, the space is used up and the contents is showed clearly and simply showing the reader in an easy format what the magazine includes. The title NME This Week suggests that the mode of address is aimed at a younger audience. The language is more laid back, informal and social suggesting that the magazine is aimed at a younger audience. The images used reflect what is included within the magazine, which is good as they have aThe colours mix well and go purpose. I think the image is of a good size and atogether, yet are quite dark. I balance is created with the writing and image. Ithink using more colours and do believe that possibly including more imagesbrighter colours may have been may have made the front cover more interesting.a better idea as it would be Yet as a whole the image is of a good size andmore eye catching. works well on the page.
  • 2. The colour scheme works well, again quite darkand a variety of colours may work better as theywill stand out more and catch your attention. Onthe other hand a continuous colour scheme can berecognised with NME; which can be seen a goodthing as readers will be able to recognise NMEeasier.The contents page of this magazine is laidout very well. The space has been used upand the information has been presented ina easy format for a reader to understandwhat the magazine includes within theissue. The layout as a whole is placed welland looks very interesting.The image chosen is very large, making it eyecatching yet I think isnt the best choice for themagazine and looks quite boring. A band playing ata gig would have been a more interesting image tolook at therefore the image choice isnt the best. Ialso think more images would have made thecontents page more interesting to look at. On theother hand, the page is balanced well with theimage and writing.
  • 3. I think the page is really unbalanced due to the size and placement ofthe image and writing. I think the image size as one single aspect is goodas it is eye catching yet as a whole i think it is too big and takes up toomuch of the space. For one it focuses too much of your attention on itand not on the writing and also creates a unbalanced feeling about thepage; making it look like as if it is at a tilt. I think the image should bemade smaller and the text should be placed better and not in one clump.Furthermore, I do think the page is unbalanced and the format of the text appears to beboring, on the other hand I think it is simple and informs a reader simply of thecontents of the magazine. This can been seen as an advantage as it is clearly informingyou or it can be seen as disadvantage as it is plain and boring and the layout sound bemore outgoing and fun. The colours on the page work well together yet there is a huge lack of colour on this page making it very simple, plain and boring. In order to relate to a younger audience more colours need to be used to catch their attention and keep them interested. Even if a large range of colours isnt used then the use of; for example three colours should be used more so because as you can see with this magazine the theme is black and red and those colours have barley been used.
  • 4. The colours on the contents pages work well and anobvious red and black themes can be recognised. Afterlooking at a few contents pages now of differentmagazines, I have noticed that red and black arefavourite colour schemes, especially with NME. For mymagazine, I think I will interpret these colours yet alsouse a variety of other colours to make my magazinedifferent and unique. Id also like to use more colours torelate to a younger audience and also so it looks moreinteresting and catches your attention quickly.Lots of images have been used on this contents pagewhich makes it very interesting to look at. Not onlydo the images reflect what is included within themagazine but numbers are used to show the readerinstantly that what page you can find moreinformation about; for example the band within thepicture and their new album. Even though there is alarge amount of images, i still think the page isbalanced well, although maybe more text should havebeen included.The layout works well and a balance has been created with the image and text. The imageshave been placed neatly and simply along with the text included. Creating a professional andinteresting layout.
  • 5. A large variety of colours have been used on this magazine. I think the colours work very well together and make the contents page stand out. It creates a very bubbly effect making the magazine look interesting; luring a reader into wanting to read more. The layout is neat, yet there is still a lot going on creating an outgoing vibe which creates interest in the magazine. The space has been used well and pictures have been included to keep the interest of the reader. The images have been placed well on the contents page, maintaining a balance of text and imagery. The2 OFF! the magazine images used are current to the date and relevant to theis advertised on the information included within the magazine, creating acontents page, drawing a purpose for them. I think some of the images are tooreader in at a beginning small and should have been bigger but as a whole thepoint. Therefore making magazine is balanced, the colour scheme is bright andthem more interested in vibrant and relevant pictures have been used whichthe magazine as they maintain a readers interest in the magazine.believe they are receivingsomething extra from themagazine.