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  • 1. Analysing magazine front covers, contents pages and double page spreads
  • 2. The Master head used for this front cover is been shown as in a fancy and attractive style to fit in with the word Fabulous. The image used is of Harry Styles from the group One Direction, the image is in black and white which makes the cover more effective because it gives of a classic effect. The information given on the left about what is in the magazine is in small text and is in black and white text bit still stands out from the background. The medium text With Harrys name to stand out also gives out information that is contained inside the magazine. The cover is effective because it is not piled with information that is not needed on the front cover, it used a black and white style for the image which is effective and gives off a positive attitude to the cover. The convention of this fits in with the music genre because of the imagine used, this is because Harry Styles is from the band One Direction which relates to music. The magazine is aimed at people who like music, but overall it seems to be aimed at girls, this is because the mastered used a girl style of font, also more girls like One Direction then boys and Fans of one direction would buy the magazine too. The technique used on this front cover is to look expensive by using black and white and also use a font that stands out.
  • 3. The conventions used on this magazine is the masthead, for this they have used a Christmas style on the NME, the done this by making the colour of the text red which is known to be a Christmas colour, it also has snow on top which normal comes in the winter period. The colour of the magazine for the background is black but with snow falling as well, this is shown to be a cold winters night and a time to sit in front of the fire and read this magazine. The image used for this magazine is Simon Cowell who is known in music industry, it is showing a close up of him but including his chest. Other images used on this front cover is posters that could be inside the magazine. The title for the Grinch speaks is on about Simon because he is known to be quite the Grinch in the music industry and the Xfactor. The other text used on the front cover is in Christmas tree decoration shapes which tell the reader what is in side. This is an effective cover because it links to music and also have the Christmas festive effect to it. The targeted audience for this magazine is anyone who like music and also likes Christmas music because the magazine is for Christmas.
  • 4. The conventions used for this is the masthead which is Rolling Stone, this is done in a classic font which is used for the bands name of the Rolling Stones, The Colour for the background is multi-coloured which gives of 60s vibe. The image used for this is Jimmy Hendrix who is singer which relates to music, he is known to be a legend of music and it also says in gold font above his name. The colour scheme for the font is Gold and white, the Gold represents a classic and rich feel and also highlights the parts on the front the magazine company wanted to stand out. The information is given on the left side of the page to show the image of more. The magazine cover also has a background which gives it a more expensive and classic look. The magazine is effective because it has a classic 60s vibe to it but it could have a bit more style and be more attractive to catch the customers eye. The magazine has tried to appeal to an audience who likes 60s,70s and maybe 80s music because of the colours and the image used. The magazine fits in with is genre which is music because it has a music artist on the front and also it gives information about what is going on in music and what's inside about music.
  • 5. The conventions used on this music magazine is shown in the masthead FASHION, this is basic and looks cheap, also the image in in front of the middle of the masthead so it is hard to read. The positive side to the masthead is that it is bold so it stands out. The colour of the background is blue fading into white, this is also basic and looks cheap. The colour scheme for the text is black and pink, this is the colour normally for rock chick girls, the word ROCKS is also in pink. The image used is of Justin Timberlake who is a singer and actor, this relates to music because he is part of the music industry. The side title for the magazine CRAZY,SEXY,COOL is in large font and the rest of the text on the side is in small font, this is because this is the last thing to be seen and the magazine company wanted certain words and names to stand out first for the customer to see. The text on the left is to tell the customer what else is inside. The magazine is not that effective because it is basic and does not look attractive so the customer would not go to pick up the magazine. The magazine does not support its targeted audience because the rock chick theme has nothing to do with the music type the magazine is for. Also the name of the magazine does not fit the music genre.
  • 6. For this music magazine, the conventions on this are used well, the masthead VIBE is in large font and is in red which makes it stand out, the style of the font is in a classic style too which makes the magazine look more expensive. The colour of the background is white but it goes along with the black and white theme with the image, the colour scheme of the magazine cover is black , white and red which are classic colours and make the magazine look expensive. The image is in black and white and is of a music artist, the image is in black and white to go along with the classic theme. The information that is I the magazine is given on the left but also on the right so it does not cover the image. The music magazine cover is effective because it relates to the music genre but also has a classic theme which makes it look expensive, the colour scheme also goes with the classic theme. The magazine supports it targeted audience because it relates to the music genre and also pulls the customers eye to look at it and pick it up, it also has a music artist on so fans of his will buy the magazine and also people will buy it because it looks more expensive and looks laid out better so the customer would choose to read it.
  • 7. For this music magazines contents page, the conventions for this page have been used very well and have worked to fit in with the music genre, the image used is black and white but thats because its from the era when photos could only be black and white, the picture makes the page look classic because its from the music artist who sang Jonny be good which is a classic song. The background is white but that is a positive because otherwise the text would be hard to read. The other image used is of a other singer. The text is in small because it needs to fit in all the information needed for that page and about the story's shown in the pictures. The contents page is effective because it gives the information needed, it looks attractive and is easy to read and understand, also the classic look gives it that expensive look. The contents page supports the music genre and relates to the music genre it is aimed at. .
  • 8. On this magazine contents page, the masthead contents is the largest font on the page to stand out and let the reader know that it is the contents page, the colour is in white which helps it to stand out because the header board is black. The colour of the page has used a black header board for the contents and the review, this helps the titles and masthead stand out, other colours used are red, which helps to stand out the smaller titles and to make the reader read it easier to find information that is in the magazine, the main background is white which is a positive to let the page be easier to read. The black font has been used for the information and it is the smallest font on the page. The text box used at the bottom for the review of a band has made it easier for the reader to find the review, this makes the layout of the page good and a positive for the reader. The image used is on a band which relates to the music genre (The Courteeners) . The contents mage also includes the date at the top right corner to the reader can know what edition it is and if it is up date. The other image used is of the person who wrote the review so the reader can know who the reviewer is. The fonts used for this page are different sizes but in the same style, the different sized font makes it easier for the reader to find information e.g. where the review is because the font size for the review is large then the information font. This page is effective because it is shown as a music magazine, the layout of the page is easier to find information and understand and the colours used are not over the top. The page is aimed at a audience who