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Transcript of Analysing front covers, contents pages and double: Music Magazine

Analysing front covers, contents pages and double page spreads

Analysing front covers, contents pages and double page spreadsCharlotte Kelly

The masthead is behind the main image which shows that this music magazine is so well known that it does not need the whole headline to be on show for it to be recognized.Pink and blue pastel colour scheme highlights that this particular magazine is unisex. Pink stereotypically being seen as a feminine colour and blue a male colour. Clothes she is wearing are quite plain, also she has natural hair and make-up, highlighting the fact shes not trying as hard to portray herself as something she isn't. Also stereotypically female music artists objectify themselves for attention, she does not portray this.Subtle bling and leather to show a small side to her edgy and tough side. She is not completely plain yet not massively over the top. Bling also could represent wealth and a lavish lifestyle.It says Likes to watch and the fact she is holding a camera shows a different side to Janet Jackson, maybe a more arty side trying to capture a different side to herself. Also it says first ever photo issue, the camera highlights this. Limited edition cover, could be saying that Janet Jackson is limited edition as unlike other generic female artists.

Using red, white and black as the scheme shows quite a flash and wealthy theme. Red, white and black makes you think of casinos/ the club scene and therefore wealth and the more lavish lifestyle. Also red represents desire adding to the fact Trey Songz, who is the main image, is topless and therefore desirable. The black background makes the text really bold. There is a good amount of both red and white, neither colour is to overpowering.

The facial expression hes pulling, the fact hes topless and wet all alludes to a provocative tone. Also the facial expression and stance could be seen as quite threatening. His tattoos highlight his rock star/fierce attitude.The taglines living the dream and NO DICE Gambling in the NBA also links to this wealthy and gambling lifestyle. This highlights that the rapper lifestyle is quite lavish and threatening. Only what normal people could dream of. The hardest in R&B also linking to this threatening lifestyle of a rapper. The whole front cover is quite intimidating. Red could also be seen as the colour for anger.

The pink and girly colour scheme highlights that it is aimed at woman and that Billboard is a more feminine magazine. Also the fact Katy Perry is covered in flowers, pink flowers shows this. Flowers often are related with hippie music, or something quite alternative.The headline Billboard is not fully visible which shows that it is a well known Magazine as they dont need to show the whole headline to make it recognisable. Katy Perry Inside the Court of the new Queen of Pop This shows that Katy Perry is quite a regal and therefore sophisticated character. Stereotypically female artists can come across as quite provocative but Katy Perry is full covered and looks innocent covered in flowers. Her Make-up is simple and elegant and not overpowering again highlighting this regal stance. Flowers also can link to coronations and celebrations, therefore celebrating the queen. The black bold text against the pink background stands out and is very clear. Its also quite simple and therefore portrays that this magazine is simple yet elegant. There are only hints of other colours, for example the orange and white titles however these are still feminine colours.

The black, white and red colour scheme really stands out and portrays this idea of danger. The colour red can also represent this idea of blood and is quite threatening. This links to Cheryl Coles pose, her facial expression is very hostile and aggressive and shes licking her ring which is a spike showing she is not afraid. Also the setting and style of the background; the rain, dark lighting and make-up highlight this menacing atmosphere. The title Q is very significant and bold. Its different to the previous magazines as the title is in front of the main image or background. Q is a very momentous title as it leaves the audience thinking of what it could stand for and therefore highlighting this menacing atmosphere. Q stands out from the crowd as not many magazines have a singular letter title. Also it says the UKs biggest music magazine showing that its very well known.3 Words Cheryl Cole ROCKS This is significant because it links to the main image. Cheryl is portraying herself as a threatening character which links to Rock which is loud and aggressive. Also 3 words is quite ironic as Cheryl previously brought out a single called 3 words.The Crooked Vultures and Vampire Weekend as taglines really fit into the theme of this magazine. The black, white and red could also be linked with horror and blood and therefore vultures and vampires are really significant.

The Q is very significant and bold. Its different to the previous magazines as the title is in front of the main image or background. Q is a very momentous title as it leaves the audience thinking of what it could stand for and therefore highlighting this menacing atmosphere. Q stands out from the crowd as not many magazines have a singular letter title. Also it says the UKs biggest music magazine showing that its very well known. By repeating the title of the magazine in the contents highlights its importance.Issue 279- Q magazine is obviously a very popular and well known magazine as it has been running for so long. The longer its running it shows that people obviously still want to buy it.The colour scheme is consistent, in nearly all Q magazine covers Red, White and Black are used. They can also been seen as quite formal and elegant colours, as together as a scheme the colour scheme gives a wealthy feel. Red, white and black make you think of a casino and therefore a wealthier lifestyle. Also the font and layout of this contents is very professional.There are multiple images which are all very eye catching and elaborate. The layout of this contents page is quite clear and not over the top, the page numbers and their stories are clearly seen on the left hand side and main stories have images to make them more eye-catching. The names of the artists Muse The Beatles' Rock nutters all allude to the fact this magazine focuses on the classics and rock. The font of the magazine also links to this, its quite old fashioned yet classic. Also the clothing of what the people in the images are wearing is quite retro, and therefore highlights the unique feel to this magazine,

The word contents makes it clear what page the reader is on. By merging 232 Contents and Nov05, the page gets this sort of industrial look which is supported by the sepia background of the page and quite plain colour scheme. Q magazine always uses this colour scheme of black, red and white showing it is quite consistent. The picture of James Blunt takes up nearly the whole page, however on the left part of the picture has been cut off by the text. This flat edge is very professional and doesnt look very well thought out. However this could have been done to purpose to highlight the importance of the text over the picture. The image shows James Blunt very plain looking straight at the reader which gives a more personal feel to the magazine.Graphics of using the red arrow at the bottom makes it more clear to turn to page. It may seem pointless but works as an enticement to keep the audience reading. The logo and name of the music magazine has been put in the corner of the contents page which is more subtle than the cover yet has still been kept there so the reader is aware of what theyre looking at.The article of James Blunt is placed second even though he is the main image. This again highlights that it isnt particularly well thought out as this is quite odd giving him such a large image and then putting him second. However the main image on the cover could be the leading story,Every Month features, helps break the magazine up. Shows consistency in the magazine. The black banners for features and every month highlight their importance.

ROCK SOUND there is no mention of the contents, Rock sound is the most significant writing in their approach and highlights the idea of the magazine. No.141, if its issue 141 it shows its a popular magazine and therefore a well thought out and professional.The black, white and blue colour scheme is quite electro and punkie which also adds to this idea of Rock sound. Also the man in the main image has black hair, glasses and tattoos which stereotypically gives off a very rock and punk image. His expression is quite eye catching and intriguing and makes you wonder why he is pulling it. The Margin and text is over the main image which shows that the text is most important. It looks very professional as the image is not cut off and therefore doesnt leave any sharp lines, The text and colour scheme is consistent which again highlights the professional theme. The artists on the left hand side Papa Roach Slip Knot etc. again allude to this Rock sound which shows that the title is in fact relevant to the content of the magazine., Also the fact theyre numbered makes the magazine more clear and easier accessible,

The word contents is laid out uniquely with an eye catching effect, it could also be laid out like this to not take the focus of the main image. The magazines iconic style is established through out the magazine. What also adds to this abstract style is the way the V behind is positioned.The clothes Kanye are wearing are high fashion reflecting the established take to the magazine, it also highlights the message that music magazines dont just focus on music. It also includes things like fashion, celebs, culture etc. This is shown by the separate title of fashion in the bottom right,The layout is clear and easy to