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2. This is the contents page of a well known music magazine called Q. This contents pageuses well structured composition and a clear headline CONTENTS and issue date.Image- there is onlyone image one thispage. It has been tookas a close up shotwhich allows the All the features audience to see any that are going facial expressions or to be within thischaracteristics that the issue of the artist has. With there magazine are only being one image it listed here. focuses all the readersattention on him andhis story. The imagealso takes up most ofThere isnt much usethe contents page andof colour on this it is also of a quitecontents page as thefamous musician calledbackground is plain James Blunt who willwhite and the writing isbe familiar to mostblack which gives the readers.whole page an overalldated and sophisticatedlook. There is some useThis contents page isof red which highlightsquite useful to thecertain information forreaders as it is clear andexample Q in the easy to read becausemasthead automatically everything that is goingcatches the readersto be in this issue of theattention. magazine is listed briefly with a page number and a bold coverline. 3. This is the contents page of a well know music magazine called Kerrang! It uses well structuredcomposition and a clear headline of Contents. This is quite a well balanced page as of thelayout of the image and text.This contents pageis quite useful tothe readers as the All the features thatcomposition of itare going to bemakes it clear towithin this issue ofread and easy to the magazine areunderstand and listed here.follow. The boldpage numbers andcoverlines also helpwith this too. The contents page There are many images doesnt seem to have on this contents page much use of colour as and they all seem tothe background is portray rock music to white and the text is the audience mainly in black which gives it because of the shot quite a plain look. types and what theHowever the use of people in the images arethe yellow and the wearing. The larger black together for the image on the left handheadline and for the side catches the readerscoverlines too catches attention more than the the readers eye as the other ones which couldtwo colours together suggest that he is theare bold and stand out main story in this issuefrom everything else. of the magazine.