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This is the music magazine contents page analysis.

Transcript of Music Magazine Contents Pages Analysis

  • 1. Music magazine contents pages analysis By Jack Barlow
  • 2. This contents page is laid out fine, although not all the pages are labelled (only the important ones are, this is not that good as people would expect to see more items on the contents page). The colour scheme is Red, Yellow, Black and Grey, this is fine as there are not too many colours clashing with each other and the red contrast with white makes it look like it is standing out of the page. The right hand side of the page is bare, this is a disadvantage as it is not good to look at blank space in a magazine (This space could have been used to add more pages on)
  • 3. This contents page has a bad layout as the contents are on the left hand side in the smallest part of the page. (This is expected to be the opposite as it is the contents page) The pictures with the page numbers on are clever but there is no explanation as to what the picture are about, therefore making them useless
  • 4. This contents page layout is fine, although again it takes over the smallest part of the page. The pictures are probably there for a reason although I do not know why because the text is not matched up to them. I like how the contents are separated into sections (Features and Departments)