10 Life Lessons For Personal Success

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10 Life Lessons For Personal Success

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10Life LessonsPersonal SuccessA great reminder for us as we live our lives and seek to be the besta1

Learning from others is the best way to gain the wisdom from others successes and failures. Most of these personal success life lessons are not taught in school or we learn the hard way by making mistakes but if you could gain the insights from those who have been there before, you can get a head start in developing yourself and your success. These 10 valuable life lessons also serve as a great reminder for us as we live our lives and seek to be the best that we can be with each day. Lesson 1 : AttitudeThe one thing you can control is your attitude towards life and how you deal with them. Rather, focus on the positives and gain from the knowledge of different experiences as you progress in life. Take obstacles in life as life lessons and see yourself through by taking charge of your attitude. Life will bring us many challenges, but it is up to you on how you handle them and your attitude.

Og Mandino says: Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts. Master your emotions and never feel shame for trying anything and failing, because the only people that never fail are those who have never tried anything.Lesson 2 : PassionWhen you are doing something you are passionate about, the time just seems to fly by, just like when you are having fun. Your success in life and career is directly related with you doing something you are passionate about because you will put your heart and spirit behind what you do to make it successful.

Leverage your efforts by showing others how you have succeeded. But before doing that, you must succeed yourself. You will succeed by aiming high. Better to aim for the moon and reach a cloud, than aim for a tree top and only reach the height of a bush.

Lesson 3 : GoalsHaving goals gives you the life strategy for you strive towards, goals change with time and as situation changes but by having goals big and small you can work your way towards a direction you want. Without goals, we run the risk of moving aimlessly towards something we don't know where we will be ending.

As humans, we are creatures of habits!!!Develop habits that bring you closer to your goals instead of those that push you away from them. Ask yourself all the time if what you are doing will take you closer to your goal or closer to failure.

Lesson 4 : HealthWithout health, you body, mind and spirit is incapable of doing things you want to accomplish. Be good to your body since it is the only body you will have for the rest of your life. It is the machine that allows you to carry out your thoughts, dreams and desires. Don't take your health for granted and respect it by doing the most you can.

Most importantly, love yourself. You must live with yourself the rest of your life, make the best of it and make decisions you are sure you can live with.

Lesson 5 : LearnContinually seek to learn new things, new skills and stay curious. Knowledge is definitely power and with education both formal and informal will provide you with the personal success tools for you to use as you progress in life. I am a true believer in always learning, to challenge your mind and to strive to gain knowledge.

Remember that all good situations or bad situations will pass. Learn them all. Enjoy your good moments knowing this too shall pass. Dont let the small things get to you and never become so empowered by your own ego to not let laughter in your own world. Og Mandino says: Remain as a child for only as a child are you given the ability to look up to others.

Lesson 6 : ExcellenceStrive for excellence in all you do. If you do anything, why not try to do it with excellence. Simply ask yourself, why do things half heatedly? Give it your all versus just doing the minimum required, go above and beyond, this way you will gain the rewards during and after you accomplish each task you chose to do. Even the small things, do them well.

Remember you are natures greatest miracle. You are unique and must capitalize on that uniqueness to offer others more. The more you can offer to others that cant do it themselves, the better your success.Lesson 7 : FocusWhatever it is you are doing or if you have goals, give them the proper focus and attention so that you nurture them to success. With focus you give your full attention and heart, we are only give so many hours in a day, chose to focus on specific action items and goals in life and you will find that you will accomplish more.

All your dreams, all your plans and all your goals will just dust unless you start forming the good habit of acting on them. You must take actions toward your goals everyday if you want to succeed.Lesson 8 : Always ImproveContinually seek to be a better person today than you were yesterday. Personal innovation and growth involves a continuous commitment to continuous growth.

"Live as if today was your last chance. You can never get back the time you wasted. But you do have the chance to make great things with the time you presently have available to you.

Lesson 9 : BalanceWithout balance, something will give. If you focus too much attention on one thing, everything else in your life will give. Seek balance in life, career, health, and thoughts. Like they say, too much of a good thing can also be bad, seek balance and set aside time for all the joys and responsibilities in life.

Make an effort to smile to people you see. I bet most of them will smile back at you. Not only will they smile back, but they will feel an emotion which creates a better overall mood for the nest minutes and even hours to come. That smile is contagious and will be passed along to others.Lesson 10 : PatienceEvery successful self made person has the patience and confidence in their dreams and most of us only see the end result of success, but don't see the time, sweat, tears and failures that each successful person endured until they realized success. Give it the proper time and patience. Having patience for yourself and others will pay you with rewards in the long run.

If you give up at step number 91 and the end of that path is at step 100, you just wasted precious time you will never get back and walk away from you success. As Og Mandino says: Success often lies just a few short steps beyond the point where we decide to quit.

Remember you are natures greatest miracle and can do great things if you live your life as if it were your last. Control your emotions and laugh at the situations in your life. Learn and multiply your knowledge with others without delay. As you learn it, act on it, you will achieve great things. You will achieve the success you are looking for whether it is in business or any other part of your life you apply these laws to.

Thank You Very MuchSompong YusoontornDon't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. - David Frost