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    I Chair: E. Sher09:30 - OStSO

    O9-5O - \O-3O Ptepory tecture;.The Technologfstic Challenge in Dynamle ChangeableEnvironment •*Mafor General Ifdll Adam , ' • "• ', } , '

    SBSSlOi Al - CFD

    of Cojnbustlon Processes

  • (Sunday, May 23, 2005 - Parallel Sessions A- cent.)


    Chair: Y. Taitel

    Evaporation in Parallel Horizontal Pipes - Flow Rate DistributionU. Minzer, D. Barnea, Y. TaitelDepartment of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Tnnsfer, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

    Performance of PCM-Based Air Conditioner PCM - \>in 'nwaG. Ziskind, V. Dubovsky, S. Mozhevelov, R. LetanHeat Transfer Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Laminar Two-Phase Seprated Flows: Analytical and Mechanistic ModelA. Goldstein, A. Ullmann, N. BraunerDepartment ofFluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

    Sensible Heat Storage in Solar Concentrating SystemsG. Mittelman, A. Kribus, A. DayanDepartment of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

    (HALL. 2)




    Direct and External Costs of Electrical Power Production - Comparing 9Fossil-Fuels with Renewable ResourcesC. SuqarmenOrmat Systems Ltd.

    Miniature Internal Combustion Engines: Miniaturization Limitations 10and ChallengesD. Levinzon1,1. Sher2, E. Sher1'The Pearlstone Center for Aeronautical Studies, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Ben-Gurion University of the Negev'Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Solar-Assisted Induced Ventilation in Real-Size Structures 11G. Ziskind, U. DroriHeat Transfer Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


    Full Scale Field Tests of Concrete Slabs Subjected to Blast Loads 12A. Schenker1.1. Anteby1, Y. Kivity1, E. Gal2, O. Sadot1, E. Basusa1,R. Michaelis1, O. Levintant1, G. Ben Dor1department of Mechanical Engineering, 2Department of Structural EngineeringFaculty of Engineering Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Assesment of the Residual Stability of a Building that was Severly 13Damaged in BlastV. Yagust, P. Yankelevsky, A. Dancygier, S. Schwarz, Y. KarinskiNational Building Research Institute, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Resistance of Normal Strength and High Strength Concrete to Projectile 14ImpactA. Dancygier, D. YankelevskyNations! Building Research Institute, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Towards Improved Response Reinforced Concrete Apartment Buildings 15to Accidental BlastD.Z. Yankelevsky. S. Schwarz, Y. KarinskiNational Building Research Institute, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

  • (Sunday, May 29 , 2OO5 - Parallel Sessions A - cortt.)




    Chair: K. Schulgasser . Page '

    On Generalized Stress Concentration Factors 16^17R. Segev . , , - , ' _ - _ . - _ , £Department of Mechanical Engineering, Befi-Gdriun University of tne Negev ' ' " - ~r •• ' < '

    Shakedown Fatigue Limits for Materials, with Minute Porosity ''. > l& ' ':3. Tirosh. S. Peles ' „ : \ \ •« - . ' ' ',-Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Vechnton-Israet Institute of Technology. \ -

    The Dynamic Response of Fiber Composites with Viscoelastic Matrices • 19L. Tevet-Deree, G. deBotton : ' '. I -Department of Mechanical engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Nag&y

    Torsion Bar Spring ' . , '- J^f.1 • ' • 20-21

    E. Zahavi ' ; *. * '-'"'" " ^ r - ? t * - * ' ' , ' • > " • - ' %

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ber-Gurion University pftye Negeyf' • -

    The. Influence of the Microstrlicture on thfe Dyrtamtc Response of 22Composites . , • ' , . ' ' 'D. Shainef G. deBotton .

    s '•" 'Department of Mechanical Eiigrneerl)igr Bett-Gurion Mverujty^ of the Negsy -• • . ' _ ' ' .

    . Jlopot yfsiUaT.Nav?gatl6iji 'aflet rfomtngf. -',-:- >

  • (Sunday, May 29 , QOOS - Parallel Sessions B)

    1123O - 14:00 PARALLEL SESSIONS B

    X23O - H:OO SESSION B1 - MICRO CHANNELS AND BIO FLOWChair: A. Seifert =—— _ = — = = =— Page

    How Do Exposed Skin Temperatures Vary in the Face of Cold Wind - 27Reflections on the Assessment of Wind Chill Equivalent TemperaturesA. ShitzerDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Gravitational Deposition in a Rhythmically Expanding and Contracting 28AlveolusS. Haber1. A. Tsuda2, D. Yitzhak1'Technion-Israel Institute of Technology'Harvard University, USA

    Single-Phase and Boiling Flows of Surfactant Solutions Through A Set of 29Parallel Micro-ChannelsP. Klein1. G. Hetsroni2Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Flow Characterization of a Micro-Mixer Based on a Confined Twin-Jet 30InstabilityA. Seifert1, A. Nahum2School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

    123O - 14

  • (Sunday. Moy 29, 2003 - PcrdW Seasons & ~ eont.)

    1330 - SESSION B3 - (H>U.3),-Chafrt U. Fisher

    Solar Hydrogen for Transportation .M. Epstein , - ; • tSc4m-/ieseardi Fm^lties Uhit Wernnma Institute of SOencs

    Pago, -' lf^? '% k'{i Gr Ben-Dor, H. ShapltQ, B. Uvertat. ,fc •..*'«•! . ' ^: v ' f V V .' .̂

    pagertefate BlfUrcaW^h Scenarios l«t the rjynamfdsJ ofOseilNtor* with SytttrbetrlcNonlinearities " ' !

    Q.V. GendatmaftFtculfy or Mecfiajtical

    Propagation, of NaiHSfcatfonary Elastic VVaVte? lit arr InUsing the New Sp«ctratTechnIqMi* - • -•A. Qofubehllc D, tlvahi' ' " ' '

  • (Sunday, May 2S>, 2OO5 - Para\\e\ Sessions B - cont.)

    Analytical Solutions of Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes forNon-Homogeneous RodsS. Nachum, E. AltusFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Blind Deconvolution Source Separation of Multipe Source Mixturewith Application to Fault DettectionR. Peled1. S. Braun2'Ort Braude College



    123O - 14:OO SESSION B6 - OPTIMIZATION $ MEASUREMENTS (HALL. 6)Chair: E. Kochavi

    Recalculation of Sizes and Tolerances on Change of Measuring and 54Setting BasesI. Lopatukhin, M. ShpitalniFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Coordinate Measurement, Roughness Measurement and Thermal 55-56Diagnostics as Parts of Contemporary Quality Management SystemM. Rucki, J. Chajda, B. Gapinski, A. Gazdecki, M. Grzelka, L. Rozanski,P. Swornowski, M. Szelewski, M, WieczorowskiDivision of Metrology and Measuring Systems, Institute of Mechanical Technology,Poznan University of Technology, Poland

    High Speed Machine Vision in Mechatronic Systems: Application to 57-58Agricultural SystemsV. Alchanatis. Y. Kashti, R. Brikman, S. Ostrovsky, L. Reshef, H. BeresInstitute of Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Reseanzh Organization, The Volcanl Center

    Optimal Synthesis of Design Concepts from a Morphological Diagram 59-60Y. Gilboa, M.P. Weiss, A. CohenThe laboratory of Integrated Design, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    14:00-15:00 LUNCH (JAFFA COURT)


    15:00Chair: M


    -163O. Mond



    Stability Thin Rotating Disks in the Presence of a Uniform Axial 61Magnetic FieldM. Mond, E. Liverts, Y.M. ShtemlerDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    New Manifestations of Negative Viscosity in Ferrofluids 62-63M.I. ShliomisDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Self-Assembly of Elongated Micron-Size Rods by Moving Droplets 64-65fiJCatz, A.L. YarinFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    A New Spectral Theory of Turbulent Flows with Stable Stratification 66and its Application to Stratified Boundary LayersS. Sukorian.skY*, B. Galperin2

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negevcollege of Marine Science, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA


  • 7 'May 2 & C - eont,}


    \daptive Control of afrt Underwater Vehicle.'\. Tlano^ p; kUatah Ms Cameras*, AVEI-I "


    rhe influence,

  • (Sunday, May 29, 2OO5 - Parallel Sessions C - cent.)

    Displacement of Solutes in Saturated Porous Media as a Result of Shock 80Wave PropagationN. Gafni. A. Gross, S. SorekDepartment of Environmental Hydrology & Microbiology, Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research,J. Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Post-Shock Filtration Through Granular Media: Similirity Solutions andShock Tube ResoursesH. Shapiro, A. Britan, O. Igra, G. Ben-DorShock Tube Laboratory, Pearlstone Center for Aeronautical Engineering Studies,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


    15:OO -16:30 SESSION CS - MACHINE THEORY (BALLS)Chair: B. Sandier

    The Right Selection of Rolling Bearings 83-84H. GriibelFAG Kugelflscher AG & Co. oHG, Germany

    Parallel Kinematics in Precision Machine Tools 85-86Y. Shneor1. V. Portman2, E. Abramov1lCAMT, Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Rotem Industries Ltd.'Department Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Development of a New Pedestal for a Radar in a Baloon 87-88R. Lew. D. Shitrit, A. Shor, Y. MorDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, IMINT and Radar Division,ELTA Systems Ltd., Group & Subsidiary oflAI

    The New Generation of Packeging Cad Cam Systems Raod Map 89T. GeldmanMcKITSystems


    Conceptual Design Technique Employing Graph-Theoretical 90-91Representations0. Shai. D. RubinDepartment of Mechanics, Materials and Structures, Tel-Aviv University

    Optimal Robust Concepts & Configurations 92-93A. Ziv-Av1. Y. Riech2'Ziv-Av Engineering, Israeldepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

    T.P.M. Total Productive - Divj"i onus - nV?i3 TVIIY" npmn 94-95Y. RazAviv Management, Engineering and Information Systems

    A Business-Oriented Approach to the Product Life Cycle 96-97G. Molcho, M. ShpitalniLaboratory for CAD and LCE, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Technion-Israel Institute of Technology


  • f£r/ ^Sunday. May 29, 2003 - PiJrofM Sessions D)

    I**- *j6j3Q - 1&OO PARAIXEL SESSIONS D

    *XV'16-30-16:00i * _

    SESSION PIChairt A. Yfckhot

    ':tA., Treatment of Pressure term In Global Galerklh Method with an,r.-i ' Arbitrary Inner Product for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equa


    ?..' A. GelfoatSchool of Mechanical Engineering,- Fatuity of Engineering, TbJ-Ayfo (/nt/erslty

    Equationsl it-

    ," > Hydrodynamic Forces add Moments on Two Sjfeqd^r,Bodies Moving in.>•."'Close Proximity • • • L •y./cN''' '"--

    ID. Kadrv. D. Weths

  • (Sunday, May 23, 2003 - Parallel Sessions D - com.)

    1&3O - \&\OO SESSION P3 - ELECTRONIC PACKAgiNg (HAU.3)Chair: E. Dolev and M. Ramot

    Using Accelerated Testing to Verify Lead Free Product Reliability for 111-112Proper Field Life ServiceA. HelbitzHALT Laboratory, ECI-Telecom Ltd.

    Transient Heat Transfer Analysis of a Radiation Detector 113E. Dolev1, I . Brandys1, U. Wengrowics1, E. Vulasky2, M. Ellenbogen2,R. Atias1, T. Mazor2, D. Tirosh1department of Electronic and Control, Nuclear Research Center2Rotem Industries Ltd.

    Facility for MOEMS Enironmental Robustness and Reliability Testing 114Z. Sherf. G. Ostrovski, P. HopstoneRafael

    New Challenge in Chassis Design - Advance TCA 115

    CIS - Computerized Analysis and Simulations Ltd.


    The Important Dynamic Properties for the Terminal Ballistics of 116Long RodsZ. RosenbergArmament Development Authority

    The Influence of Preload and Initial Geometry on the Onset of 117Adiabatic Shear BandZ. Wang. M. Merzer, D. RittelFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    The Mechanical Response of Pure Iron at High Strain Rates Under 118Dominant ShearD. Rittel1. G. Ravichandran2, A. Venkert32 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology'Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories, California Institute of Technology, USA3NRCN Negev

    A Study of Compressive Failure of Alumina Ceramics in Impact 119Experiments with Divergent Stress FlowV.E. Paris1, E.B. Zaretsky1, G.I. Kanel2'Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev^Institute for High Energy Densities, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

  • • (Sunday. May 2 9 . Sesatorw D >


    -. •''" -.''•*-- •'•vis t^;.'^v'"' -

    Chalrt R. Segev . - ,

    " The Breaking Load of A Non-Rotating Wire Rope fat Tpwer Crane.Applications .. . ' .R. Ashkenazi*. D. Elata1, M. P, Wefss^ .,1'Nuclear Research Center, Negev (NftCNJ3'ochnion-Israel Institute of Technofogy . .

    Failure Mechanism in Filament Wound Pressure VesselsD. Livshits. A, GotubchlkR j c k e t S y s t e m s Division, I s r a e l Military I n d u s t r i e s , , „ . , . •,

    . Smart Bonded Composite Repairs for Aging Aircraft" I. Kresset\ A.IC Green*, U. Ben-Stmqn*f G, GhHaJ

    1, Y,N. Gorbatov2, MvTur2, S. Gall* ?. . , ! \.

    • jMi Engineering Division, Ben-Gtirton JJjfesmattarta/ Atrpotfy' fTml-Avlv University .



    .1 ^


    „. .Graphite Fiber Therm*! Strap* Reliability Issues for AerospaceCooling Applications ^ . , s .D. Lozano .


    Mechanical Analyst? JOmfattmttott BtQP-gfattro-Opcus industries uxu

    {Chalrr A» _yaE

    DynamM Evolution, of• Karnfel^Y



    (HAUL. 1) j

    PageChair: E. Sher

    O9:3O - \O-yO

    - \O-5O

    Plenary lecture:"Innovation in Mechanical Engineering in Israel"Yehuda BronickiChairman and CTO, ORMAT Systems Ltd.

    Plenary lecture:"Challenges and Opportunities in Thermal Engineeringat the Micro and Nano Scales"Professor Avram Bar-CohenUniversity of Maryland, USA




    SYSTEMSChair: Col. Y. Hochman

    Introduction *Col. Y. HochmanTechnology Unit, IDF

    TAVOR Rifle Development - Past, Present & Future 133Z. ShneorsonTechnology Unit, IDF

    Unmanned Ground Vehicles 134A. KatzTechnology Unit, IDF

    Accelerated Development Processes in Security Projects 135I . SkuratovskvTechnology Unit, IDF

    Major Challenges in Simulation of Ballistic Phenomena 136E. MuzychukTest Evaluation Quality Assurance Unit, IDF

    ' Abstract not submitted


  • V?

    (Monday, May 3O. QOCB - Parallel ©egstorm B -

    Tfc3O-T3:OO SESSION E2 - ROBOTICS (NW4.'2SJ::Chair: E. Rimon , • . •> <

    Quasisbitic Locomotion of Multi-Legged Robots in>rTctibna| ' . ! , ' •Environments Under Gravity , - - / V ., . . • VY. Or, e. Rimon . ) / . , /Department 0f Mechanical Engineering, TechotQiHteraQtInstitute of'TetiioobgY •

    A Snalf Inspired Wall Climbing Robot for Counter Terrorism DutyA. Shapiro. I. Mhpoda, H. ZukDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Bbtx-Guriotz University of f/rd Negev •

    CBUG: A Quadratically Competitive Mobile Robot Navigation AlgorithmY. Gabrielv, E. Rimon - l

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tephntoti-l&raelInstitute of'Technology

    Identification of Mfcro Parallel Robot's Singularity Using UnaGeometryH. BamberoerMr A. Wolf*, M< Shoham


    1 RAFAEL -Armament Development Authority Ltd.*Robotfca laboratory. Department of Mech&ntcal Engineering, TachnlonJsraef Institute of Technology3Tha Robotics iasttWte, QuvOgm We/to/7 University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


    •Y .. •*



    Conduction ^ ^Gas-Partlete» Mow "* J

  • (Mondoy, May 3O, 2OO5 - Para\\e\ Sessions B - cont.)

    11:30 - 13.-QO SESSION E4 - Bio MECHANICS I-Chair: A. Gefen ~~ — -

    Real-Time Detection of Internal Injuring Mechanical Stresses in 151-152Externally Loaded Soft Tissues: Toward Prevention of PressureSores and Diabetic UlcersA. Gefen1. Z. Yizhar2, S. Portnoy1, E. Linder-Ganz1, G. Yarnitzky1'Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tel-Aviv Universitydepartment of Physical Therapy, Tel-Aviv University

    The Determination of Elastic Properties of Cortical Bone Using State 153of the Art Methods of Optical MetrologyR. Shahar1'2. S. Weiner2, P. Zaslansky2'Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem^Department of Structural Biology, Welzmann Institute of Science

    Comparison Between Behaviours of Young and Elder Subjects During 154-155a Functional Reach TestR. Steindler, L. Monteleone, S. PettinelliDepartment of Mechanics and Aeronautics, Rome University "La Sapienza", Italy

    Biomechanical Aspects of Plaque Rupture in Multi-Focal 156-157Atherosclerotic DiseaseJ.E. Martinez1, Z. Aronis1, E. Linder-Ganz1, S. Raz1,1. Shraga1,V. Caplan1, Y. Lanir2, S. Einav1'Department Biomedical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University2Department of Biomedical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable Stents and their Components 158-159M. ZilbermanDepartment of Biomedical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

    The Effect of Root Morphology on Vertical Root Fracture in 160-161Endodontically Treated Teeth: An in Virto ModelT. Brosh1. Z. Metzger1'2, H. Baharav2, R. Pilo21 Department of Oral Biology, Tel-Aviv University2Department of Oral Rehabilitation, School of Dental Medicine, Tel-Aviv University

    11:30 - T3:OO SESSION E5 - ACTIVE MATERIALS (HALLS)Chair: G. deBotton

    Investigation of Twin Wall Structure at the Nanometer Scale Using 162Atomic Force MicroscopyD. Shilo1, G. Ravichandran2, K. Bhattacharya2'Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology'Division of Engineering and Applied Science, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA

    Electroactive Polymers - Application to Sequentially Laminated 163CompositesL. Tevet-Dereer G. deBottonDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Electroactive Polymer Composites - A Coupled Electromechanical 164Problem of Heterogeneous Solids in Finite DeformationE. Socolsky, G. deBottonDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gur/on University of the Negev

    Delamination Failure and Piezoelectric Actuation in Beams 165Strengthened with Composite MaterialsO. RabinovitchFaculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


  • Magnetic Puj^Welding * A Wove) Joining Technique;A> Ben-Artzv1, A. stern?, 8* JFrage**, V* Srlbwan*2 & i

    Leafefestlnt Of MOEMS * Theory *r*d PracticeT. Bar-Kohanv1. K. Feldman1, A- Stern* • "• f : - ' ' .'Department of Mechanical Engineering,, Ben-Gunan Unbsemty of W^HeSisr •'Department of Materials Engineering, Ben-Gurion Universityf0fth6N&gW - "> . ' '

    r(%,'-. .*'*;-!:! i; >>tyj--i?iWiv:> ->•'

    MOEMS EncapsulationMicroscopySjJJeJcV A. Stern1, K, Feldman1, T'8en-Guifoa University of the Negev -, . .'.!-

    New Developments r» Laser Assisted Pflctton Stir WeldingG. Kohn^*. A. Stern*. K. Feldman1^, S.

    ^ i ^ ^ " • ' " ' '

    Statft of the Art In i^aer Surface; TeixtUdng .I, Extort - , ' . ,

    6n$to*m\& ttefatoOrlerael InaOtuto ofTMintlos^

  • (Monday, May 3O, 2OO5 - Parallel Sessions F- cont.)

    1-4:00 - 15_5O SESSION R2 - CONTROL ! (HALL 2)Chair: N. Berman

    An Auto-Tuner for Decentralized Dead-Time Compensators and ItsApplication to the Quadruple-Tank Process with Dead TimesZ.J. Palmor1'2, D. Shneiderman1, U. Burshtein2, N. Albersheim2'Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology2Rafael

    Properties of a Novel Quadruple Tank Process with Dead-TimesZ.J. Palmor, D. ShneidermanDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Control of Multi-Link Flexible StructuresC. Waaner-Nachshoni, Y. HaleviTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Autonomous Vehicles ControlS. Aroaeti. N. BermanDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev





    1 8 0

    VkOO -15:30 SESSION F3 - AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING (HALL 3 )Chair: L. Tartakovsky

    Wankel Rotary Engine - The Past and the Present 181M. DulqerDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Some Considerations About Controlling In-Use Gasoline Vehicle 182EmissionsM. Gutman1, E. Berlin2, Y. Aleinikov1, V. Baybikov1, B. Flicstein2,Z.Fuhrer2, L. Tartakovsky1, Y. Zvirin1'Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology'Association of Haifa Region Municipalities for Environment

    Fluid Piston Engine as Circulation Pump in Cooling Systems 183I. OrianT.D.I. - Thermo Dynamics Israel Ltd.

    The Effect of Fuel Injection Profile on Diesel Engine Performance 184G. Goldwine, E. SherDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    14-:OO -15:30 SESSION F4 - Bio MECHANICS I (HALL 4)Chair: Y. Mizrachi

    A Model of Human Carotid Bifurcation Incorporating Collagen Fiber 185OrientationI. Hariton1, G. deBotton1, T.C. Gasser2, G.A. Holzapfel2'Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the NegevInstitute for Structural Analysis, Computational Biomechanics, Graz University of Technology,


    Mechnical Interaction Between Stent and Artery 186M. Brand1'2. S. Rivkln2, S. Einav3'Department of Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics, The College ofJudea and SamariaDepartment of Solid Mechanics, Materials and Systems, Faculty of Engineering,

    Tel-Aviv University ' r u m

    'Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University


  • Biologically Inspired Online Robotic Path GeneratorM. Zacksenhouse , •

    , FaeoHy af Mechanical engineering^

    OptimlzaUon of arOHMfiliied

    C|»aff4 M* Rubin

    d DispiAcernern-9 in

    Ben-Gurion University of ehsNdgev

    1 9 1

    Y Conditions on Buckling; of Columns and : \ t \' 192>f»CosseratPolnt ,*. .


    e A. ***"

    :J~J_^-_-Metal.RemoVaritates In Modern . 194

    opip Accelerometer

  • (Monday, May 3O, 2OO5 - Parallel Sessions

  • w• Pw""> , : . v %L. Tartakovskv. Y. Alelnfkov, V. Bayblkov, M. Gutman, M. Veinblat, Y.Internal Combustion Engmes Laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical £ngfne$cla&., •• , .Technion-Israel Institute of Technology , » r (

    s * . 1

    Chassis Design for a 4X4 Vehicle- P. HermannHermann Au&motfve Engineering -

    i > ' $4*

    The Israel! Fuels Evolution from Euro-0 to Buro-5;R. Brokrnan , 1Oil RsfttwietSL Haifa " i: ]


    . ?:>'»i Starosvetsky,*; .-»>^

    and Cb>rp»rttrtr '";-= ^ - \ , . •. >.> ?' fc* . « * ' ' ;

    t ,


    ? 'J .r ">.'.'


  • (Monday, May 3O, 2OO5 - Parallel Sessions & - cont.)

    153O-Chair: G.



    Experimental Investigation of the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability for 223the A = l CaseL. Uzan, O. Sadot, E. Sarid, A. Yosef-Hai, D. Shvarts, G. Ben-Dor,L A Levin/>ear/stone Center for Aeronautical Engineering Studies, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Instability Induced by Multiple 224Acceleration of a Contact Surface Between Two FluidsE. Leinov1. A. Formoza1, A. Yosef-Hai1'2, G. Malamud ' , Y. Elbaz ,O. Sadot2, L.A. Levin1, D. Shvarts1'2, G. Ben-Dor1'Pearlstone Center for Aeronautical Engineering Studies, Department of MechanicalEngineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev'Physics Department, Nuclear Research Center

    Simulating Fluid Dynanics Using a Varlational Principle 225G.A. Pinhasi1. A. Yahalom1, M. Kopylenko21 Faculty of Engineering, The College ofJudea and Samaria2FLOW-SIM Ltd.

    Experimental Investigation of the Propagation of Shock Waves 226Inside Structures, and the Comparison to Numerical SimulationsS. Berqer, G. Ben-Dor, O. SadotDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    153O - T7:OQ SESSION && - MANUFACTURING AND TESTING 111 (HAU. 6)Chair: A. Landau

    The Development of High Strength Magnesium Alloys by Rapid 227SolidificationA. Ben-Artzv1. A. Shtechman1, 3. Salah1, D. Shechtman2,J.Kinstler2, J. Wienberg1'Rotem Industries Ltd.'Faculty of Material Science, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    Investigation of the Surface Wavines During High-Precision Turning, 228Based on Analysis of Dynamic System of the Machine ToolO. Zilcha1. Y. Shneor1, Y. Pdut1, V. Portman2'Rotem Industries Ltd., Rotmax Divisiondepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Light and Heavy Reactive Materials, Welded by Friction Stir Welding 229A. Landau1, S. Haroush2, M. Pinkas1, M. Talianker2, Y. Snir1, S. Eden1'Nuclear Research Center'Department of Materials Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Reliable Simulation of a Metal Forming Process by FEM 230M. Korenoold. M. Szanto, Z. YosibashPearlstone Center for Aeronautical Engineering Studies, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


  • r- \ . (Monday. May 3O.2OO5- Sessions H) ' - A 3':

    r". Merkher. G. Halperin, I. Etsioni'sj' Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vechhio^IsraeLInstitute

    ,' *£ Trlbological Applications of WS2 (MoSi) Inorganic Fullerene-Like^ :'*• Nanoparticles as Solid Lubrication^ —' Rapoport1. N. Fleisher2, R. Tenne3 -, Z ,'-.,• )>{.-•'• 'Halon Academic I n s t i t u t e of Technology * - ' ' - v ' 1 • » . . ; •

    ; *AfanoAfeferfafe,


    /• u

    Static and Kinetic Friction of Smooth Glass Surfaces Rubbed withSjlfcon Oils - -

    KL. Ra DO port, V, Shmukler, A. Moshkovich, A. VerdyanHolon Institute of Technology

    The Influence Of friction Conditions and Material's MechanicalProperties on the Plastic Deformation of the Surface Layer InEiasto-Plastlc, Con tact

    2 3 3


    ' • • ' ' » • ' • • "'''i

    1 *W *



    P.IVibration Field Effect upon the Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer Parameters 237V. Kholmer. L. Grinis, G. TashkerDepartment of Civil Engineering, Sami Shamoon College of Engineering

    P.2A Study of the Mechanism of Sprays Formation by Bi-Component 238Liquid FlashingT. Bar-Kohanv, E. SherDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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    P . l lDynamic Stability of a Rocker Bogie Vehicle: Longitudinal Motion 252-253

    'Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israei Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Mechanical Engineering-Mechatronics, College ofJudea and Samaria


  • • • : -

    C p 1 2 :* ' ' Fundamentals of Machine Construction Technology

    'J I . Lopatukhin. A. Ber>t' FaciJty «f Mechanical Fngwcrrirj, Tcnnion-Israel Institute of Technology

    § .Duality between Graph, Representations as a Tool for Design:j' ' Establishing of New Concepts ' ' ''-",{ O. Shai. S. Portnoy

    PepartmeuC of Mechanics, Mater,d'~ Measurment of Residual Stresses In GTA Spot Welded Ti6Al4V Disks - f 7•

    ,byXRD and Hole Drilling Methods r , , . , , 1 i ..^:

    . I. Dahan1. J. Sariel1. M. Szanto2. A. Sternx ~ ,\j . v . V tX?Nuclear Resea-cb Center • *• ' * ^ ''

    'Department Ct Materials Engjneenng, Ben'G^rps £/$y$rsib£df, ge.v;,'

    £?/Residual Stresses and TheTr Measuferherit by X^D and Hole Drilling V'J>' '262-263"* M e t b o d e s , f ' * - ; v '-' . ' •• '•

    |J . Sariel1. I . Dahan1, R.^Reuven*, A. Stern2Q'NLclearResearch Center •",; ^ ' ?^Department of Materials- epgin'eerlrig^B^h'G^r'dtt University of liegey, ,

    . P.16

    Characterization ofp. I.evintan V

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    P.22On Board Independent Vehicles Trajectory Following System 272E. Golqotiu. R. DrosescuTechnical University, Gh. Asachi", Iasi, Romania

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