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2011IEEE/IFIP 41st International Conference on Dependable Systems & Networks (DSN 2011) Hong Kong, China 27-30 June 2011 4 IEEE IEEE Catalog Number: CFPl 1048-PRT ISBN: 978-1-4244-9232-9
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Transcript of 2011 IEEE/IFIP 41st International Conference on … › dms › tib-ub-hannover ›...

  • 2011IEEE/IFIP 41st International

    Conference on Dependable

    Systems & Networks

    (DSN 2011)

    Hong Kong, China

    27-30 June 2011

    4 IEEE IEEE Catalog Number: CFPl1048-PRTISBN: 978-1-4244-9232-9

  • DCCS 1: Safety and Security

    Chair: Matti Hiltunen, (AT&TLabs Research, USA)

    Uni-Directional Trusted Path: Transaction Confirmation on Just

    One Device 1

    Atanas Filyanov (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany), Jonathan McCune

    (Carnegie-Mellon University, USA), Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (TUDarmstadt,

    Germany), andMarcel Winandy (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)

    Boundless Memory Allocations for Memory Safety and HighAvailability 13

    Marc Brunink, Martin Siifikraut and ChristofFetzer (TU Dresden, Germany)

    A Methodology for the Generation of Efficient Error DetectionMechanisms 25

    Matthew Leeke, Saima Arif, ArshadJhumka and Sarabjot Singh Anand (Universityof Warwick, UK)


  • DCCS 2: Network Fault Tolerance

    Chair: Rodrigo Rodrigues, (MPI-SWS, Germany)

    Fault Tolerant WSN-based Structural Health Monitoring 37

    Xuefeng Liu, Jiannong Cao, Md. Zakirul Alain Bhuiyan, Steven Lai (Hong KongPolytechnic University, Hong Kong), Hejun Wu (Sun Yat-Sen University, China)and Guojun Wang (Central South University, China)

    Online Detection of Multi-Component Interactions in Production

    Systems 49

    Adam Oliner and Alex Aiken (Stanford University, USA)

    An Empirical Study of the Performance, Security and PrivacyImplications of Domain Name Prefetching 61

    Srinivas Krishnan andFabian Monrose (UNC-Chapel Hill, USA)


  • DCCS 3: Distributed Systems

    Chair: Flavio Junqueira (Yahoo! Research, Spain)

    Efficient Model Checking of Fault-Tolerant Distributed

    Protocols 73

    Peter Bokor, Johannes Kinder (TUDarmstadt, Germany), Marco Serafini (YahooResearch, Spain), and Neeraj Suri (TUDarmstadt, Germany)

    Unified Debugging of Distributed Systems with Recon 85

    Kyu Hyung Lee, Nick Sumner, Xiangyu Zhang andPatrick Eugster (PurdueUniversity, USA)

    Improving Log-Based Field Failure Data Analysis of Multi Nodes

    Computing Systems 97

    Antonio Pecchia, Domenico Cotroneo (Federico II University ofNaples, Italy),Zbigniew Kalbarczyk and Ravishankar K. Iyer (University ofIllinois at Urbana-

    Champaign, USA)


  • DCCS 4: Network Security

    Chair: Vitaly Shmatikov, (UTAustin, USA)

    An Analysis of Signature Overlaps in Intrusion Detection

    Systems 100

    Frederic Massicotte (Communications Research Centre, Canada) and YvanLabiche (Carleton University, Canada)

    Detecting Stealthy P2P Botnets Using Statistical Traffic

    Fingerprints 121

    Junjie Zhang (Georgia Tech, USA), Roberto Perdisci (University ofGeorgia,USA), Wenke Lee, Unum Sarfraz (Georgia Tech, USA), andXiapu Luo (HongKong Polytechnic University, USA)

    Applying Game Theory to Analyze Attacks and Defenses in VirtualCoordinate Systems 133

    Sheila Becker (University ofLuxembourg, Luxembourg), JeffSeibert, David Zage,Cristina Nita-Rotaru (Purdue University, USA) andRadu State (University ofLuxembourg, Luxembourg)


  • DCCS 5: Recovery

    Chair: Elmootazbellah Elnozahy, (IBM, USA)

    CEC: Continuous Eventual Checkpointing for Data Stream

    Processing Operators 145

    Zoe Sebepou and Kostas Magoutis (ICS-Forth, Greece)

    Coercing Clients into Facilitating Failover for Object Delivery ....157

    Wyatt Lloyd and Michael J. Freedman (Princeton University, USA)

    Phase-based Reboot: Reusing Operating System Execution Phasesfor Cheap Reboot-based Recovery 169

    Kazuya Yamakita, Hiroshi Yamada and Kenji Kono (Keio University, Japan)


  • DCCS 6: Practical Experience


    Chair: Miguel Correia, (University ofLisboa, Portugal)

    Communix: A Collaborative Deadlock Immunity Framework 181

    Horatiu Jula, Pinar Tozun and George Candea (EPFL, Switzerland) (ToolDescription/Demo)

    CloudVal: A Framework for Validation of Virtualization

    Environment in Cloud Infrastructure 189

    CuongPham, Daniel Chen, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, andRavishankar Iyer(University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA) (Practical Experience Report)


  • DCCS 7: Memory and I/O

    Chair: Murali Annavaram, (USC, USA)

    Helmet: A Resistance Drift Resilient Architecture for Multi-level

    Cell Phase Change Memory System 197

    Wangyuan Zhang and Tao Li (University ofFlorida, USA)

    HDP Code: A Horizontal-Diagonal Parity Code to Optimize I/OLoad Balancing in RAID-6 209

    Chentao Wu, Xubin He, Guanying Wu (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA),Shenggang Wan, Xiaohua Liu, Qiang Cao and Changsheng Xie (HuazhongUniversity ofScience and Technology, China)

    LLS: Cooperative Integration of Wear-Leveling and Salvaging forPCM Main Memory 221

    Lei Jiang, Yu Du, Youtao Zhang, Bruce Childers, andJun Yang (University ofPittsburgh, USA)


  • DCCS 8: Replication and Consistency

    Chair: Michael Paulitsch, (EADS, USA)

    Get Off My Prefix! The Need for Dynamic, Gerontocratic Policies inInter-domain Routing 233

    Edmund Wong and Vitaly Shmatikov (The University of Texas at Austin, USA)

    Zab: High-performance Broadcast for Primary-BackupSystems 245

    Flavio Junqueira, Benjamin Reedand Marco Serafini (Yahoo Research, Spain)

    Deadline-Aware Scheduling for Software Transactional

    Memory 257

    Walther Maldonado, Patrick MarHer, Pascal Felber (University ofNeuchatel,Switzerland), Julia Lawall (DIKU, Denmark), Gilles Muller (INRIA/LIP6, France)and Etienne Riviere (University ofNeuchatel, Switzerland)


  • DCCS 9: Error Detection

    Chair: Cristian Constantinescu, (AMD, USA)

    A Combinatorial Approach to Detecting Buffer OverflowVulnerabilities 269

    Wenhua Wang, Yu Lei, Dongang Liu, DavidKung, Christoph Csallner, Dazhi

    Zhang (University of Texas at Arlington, USA), Raghu Kacker and RickKuhn

    (National Institute of Technology and Standards, USA)

    Cross-layer Resilience Using Wearout Aware Design Flow 279

    Bardia Zandian and Murali Annavaram (University of Southern California, USA)

    Transparent Dynamic Binding with Fault-Tolerant Cache

    Coherence Protocol for Chip Multiprocessors 291

    Shuchang Shan, Yu Hu andXiaowei Li (Chinese Academy ofSciences, China)


  • PDS 1: Fault Tolerance Assessment

    Chair: Domenico Cotroneo, (University di Napoli Federico II, Italy)

    Fault injection-based assessment of aspect-oriented implementationof fault tolerance 303

    Ruben Alexandersson andJohan Karlsson (Chalmers University of Technology,


    A Framework For Early Stage Quality-Fault Tolerance Analysis Of

    Embedded Control Systems 315

    Satya Gautam Vadlamudi (IIT Kharagpur, India), Dipankar Das (GMIndiaScience Lab, India), Partha Pratim Chakrabarti (IIT Kharagpur, India) andPurnendu Sinha (GMIndia Science Lab, India)

    Characterization of Logical Masking and Error Propagation in

    Combinational Circuits and Effects on System Vulnerability 323

    Nishant George andJohn Lach (University of Virginia, USA)


  • PDS 2: System Evaluation and Verification

    Chair: Bill Sanders, (UIUC, USA)

    A Scalable Availability Model of Infrastructure-as-a-ServiceCloud 335

    Francesco Longo (Universita degli Studi di Messina, Italy), Rahul Ghosh (DukeUniversity, USA), Vijay K. Naik (IBMT. J. Watson Research Center, USA) andKishor S. Trivedi (Duke University, USA)

    Modeling and Evaluating Targeted Attacks in Large Scale DynamicSystems 347

    Emmanuelle Anceaume (CNRS / IRISA, France), Bruno Sericola (INRIA Rennes

    Bretagne-Atlantique, France), Romaric Ludinard and Frederic Tronel (Supelec,France)

    Incremental Quantitative Verification for Markov DecisionProcesses 359

    Marta Kwiatkowska, David Parker andHongyang Qu (Oxford University, UK)


  • PDS 3: Survivable and Intrusion-Tolerant


    Chair: Michel Cukier, (University ofMaryland, College Park, USA)

    Hypervisor-Assisted Application Checkpointing in VirtualizedEnvironments 371

    MinLee (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), A. S. Krishnakumar, P. Krishnan,Navjot Singh and Shalini Yajnik (Avaya Labs, USA)

    OS Diversity for Intrusion Tolerance: Myth or Reality? 383

    Miguel Garcia, Alysson Bessani (University ofLisbon, Portugal), Ilir Gashi (CityUniversity ofLondon, UK), Nuno Neves (University ofLisbon, Portugal) andRafael Obelheiro (State University ofSanta Catarina, Brazil)

    Resource and Virtualization Costs up in the Cloud: Models and

    Design Choices 395

    Daniel Gmach (HP Labs, USA), Jerry Rolia (HP Labs, UK) and LudmilaCherkasova (HP Labs, USA)


  • PDS 4: Data Analysis and Benchmarking

    Chair: Karama Kanoun, (LAAS-CNRS, France)

    WaRR: High Fidelity Web Application Recording and

    Replaying 403

    Silviu Andrica and George Candea (EPFL, Switzerland)

    Aaron: An Adaptable Execution Environment 411

    Marc Brunink, Andre Schmitt, Thomas Knauth, Martin Siifikraut, Ute Schiffel,Stephan Creutz and ChristofFetzer (TUDresden, Germany)

    Toward Dependability Benchmarking of Partitioning OperatingSystems 422

    Raul Barbosa (University of Coimbra, Portugal), Johan Karlsson, Qiu Yu andXiaozhen Mao (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)


  • PDS 5: Dependability Modeling

    Chair: Karthik Pattabiraman, (UBC, Canada)

    Modeling Stream Processing Applications for DependabilityEvaluation.......... 430

    Gabriela Jacques-Silva, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk (University ofIllinois at Urbana-

    Champaign, USA), Bugra Gedik, Henrique Andrade, Kun-Lung Wu (IBMResearch, USA) and Ravishankar K. Iyer (Univeristy ofIllinois at Urbana-

    Champaign, USA)

    Modeling and Analysis of the Impact of Failures in Electric Power

    Systems Organized in Interconnected Regions 442

    Silvano Chiaradonna, Felicita Di Giandomenico andNicola Nostro (ISTI-CNR,


    High Performance State-Machine Replication 454

    Parisa Marandi, Marco Primi andFernando Pedone (University ofLugano,Switzerland)


  • PDS 6: Security Studies

    Chair: Bojan Cukic, (West Virginia University, USA)

    How Secure are Networked Office Devices? 466

    Edward Condon (University ofMaryland, USA), Zaina Afoulki (Ecole Nationale

    Superieure d'Ingenieurs de Bourges, France), Emily Cummins (Rochester Institute

    ofTechnology, USA) and Michel Cukier (University ofMaryland, USA)

    A Combinatorial Approach to Network Covert Communications

    with Applications in Web Leaks 474

    XiapuLuo, Peng Zhou, Edmond W. W. Chan, Rocky K. C. Chang (HKPolyU,Hong Kong) and Wenke Lee (Gatech, USA)


  • PDS 7: Data Analysis

    Chair: Johan Karlsson, (Chalmers University, Sweden)

    Crash Graphs: An Aggregated View of Multiple Crashes to ImproveCrash Triage 486

    Sunghun Kim (Hong Kong University ofScience and Technology, Hong Kong),Thomas Zimmermann and Nachiappan Nagappan (Microsoft Research, USA)

    Amplifying Limited Expert Input to Sanitize Large Network

    Traces 494

    Xin Huang, Fabian Monrose andMichaelReiter (University ofNorth Carolina at

    Chapel Hill, USA)

    Analysis of Security Data from a Large ComputingOrganization 506

    Aashish Sharma, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Jim Barlow andRavishankar K, Iyer(UIUC, USA)


  • PDS 8: Wireless Networks and Storage Systems

    Chair: JieXu, (University ofLeeds, UK)

    Coerced Cache Eviction and Discreet-Mode Journaling: Dealingwith Misbehaving Disks.. 518

    Abhishek Rajimwale (Data Domain, Inc., USA), Vijay Chidambaram, DeepakRamamurthi, Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau andRemzi Arpaci-Dusseau (University of

    Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

    Impact of Temperature on Hard Disk Drive Reliability in LargeDatacenters 530

    Sriram Sankar, Mark Shaw and Kushagra Vaid (Microsoft, USA)

    Merging Ultra-low Duty Cycle Networks 538

    Matthew Dobson, Spyros Voulgaris and Maarten van Steen (Vrije University,Netherlands)


  • PDS 9: Performance Evaluation

    Chair: Felicita DiGiandomenico, (CNR-ISTI, Italy)

    Modeling Time Correlation in Passive Network Loss

    Tomography 550

    Jin Cao (Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, USA), Aiyou Chen (Google Inc., USA) andPatrick P. C. Lee (The Chinese University ofHong Kong, USA)

    Simple bounds for a transient queue 562

    Takayuki Osogami andRudy Raymond (IBMResearch - Tokyo, Japan)

    Approximate Analysis of Blocking Queueing Networks with

    Temporal Dependence 574

    Vittoria De Nitto Persone' (University ofRome Tor Vergata, Italy), GiulianoCasale (Imperial College London, UK) andEvgenia Smirni (The College ofWilliam and Mary, USA)


  • DSN 2011 Workshops

    Full day Workshops:

    The 5th Workshop on Recent Advances in Intrusion-Tolerant

    Systems (WRAITS) 586

    Alysson Bessani (University ofLisboa, Portugal) Partha Pal (BBN

    Technologies, USA)

    The 5th Workshop on Dependable and Secure

    Nanocomputing (WDSN) 588

    Jean Arlat (LAAS-CNRS, France), Cristian Constantinescu (AMD, USA), JohanKarlsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), Takashi Nanya (CanonInc., Japan), Alan Wood (Oracle, USA)

    The 1st International Workshop on Dependability of Clouds, Data

    Centers and Virtual Computing Environments (DCDV) 590

    JogeshK. Muppala (HKUST, Hong Kong), Matti Hiltunen (AT&TLabs-Research,

    USA), Robert Stroud (City University, London, UK), Ji Wang (NLPDP, NUDT,


    The 7th Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability(HotDep) 592

    Mootaz Elnozahy (IBMResearch, USA), Andreas Haeberlen (University ofPennsylvania, USA,)


  • DSN 2011 Workshops

    Half day Workshops:

    The 1st International Workshop on Open Systems Dependability:Adaptation to Changing World (WOSD) 593

    Mario Tokoro (Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., Japan), KaramaKanoun (LAAS-CNRS, France) Kimio Kuramitsu (Yokohama NationalUniversity,Japan) and Jean-Charles Fabre (LAAS-CNRS, France)

    The 3rd Workshop on Proactive Failure Avoidance, Recoveryand Maintenance (PFARM) 595

    Miroslaw Malek, Felix Salfner (Humboldt University, Germany), Kishor S. Trivedi

    (Duke University, USA)

    The 5th International workshop on Adaptive and DependAbleMobile Ubiquitous Systems (ADAMUS) 597

    Domenico Cotroneo (University ofNaples, Italy), Vincenzo De Florio (UniversityofAntwerp, Belgium)