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1. Lightening SurfersDesign Of App 2. Home Screen 3. First ButtonWhen you click onthis button you canautomaticallychange what theword says into yourown phrases.Also whenclicked thephrase will getbigger so thechild canrecognise it,learn how to sayit and use it inits context. 4. Second ButtonThese are image boxes.They will have picturessuch as food, numbersetc. We are aiming foryou to be able to take apicture of the childs mealand upload it to this appgiving them a choice ofwhat they would like.Right now the app willjust have basic pictureslikeABC, Parks, Food, Animals etc. This shouldimprove the childsawareness of the world 5. Third ButtonHomeFamilyGameCreate yourownDrawingsBlogSupportLearningGameSpeaking/Listening GameThis is the third screen enlarged, in this part it is to improve thechilds confidence. All these buttons have been researched andfound out that they help autistic children. 6. Fourth ButtonTo help autistic children tellthe time. We have found inresearch that autisticchildren get frustrated withthat sort of thing but canfeel pride I they get it right.Our app is aiming to helpthem tell the time withfunctions of a talking clockand spins round and askingwhat time do you think itis with a childs response. Ifincorrect clock will saycorrect answer and try getthe child involved in funloving way. Updates willfollow. 7. Fifth ButtonDay Of TheWeek 1Goals AchievementsStarsMonday Tell thetime on myownI told the time onmy ownTuesday Ask for mydinnerI didnt manageto ask for mydinner but maybetomorrowWednesday Read atwo pagesof my bookI read one pageof my bookThursday Being niceto othersI was nice toothersFriday Dont getangryI stayed calmSaturday I workedwell withmy familyI worked wellwith my familySunday IcompletedmyhomeworkI managed mostof my homeworkwithoutThis is to improveconfidence and tomake autisticchildren have agoal and improve.This is not a putdown even if thechildren doesntachieve their goal.This is week onebut we will providea three months ofweeks then as youupdate you getunlimited. Theseare sample Goalsand achievements.1-star poor and 5excellent but not toworry you can getbetter thats what 8. Sixth ButtonThis is the sort ofbooks you will findon this app and asyou go throughthey develop withage or ability. Funreading for autisticchildren. 9. Seventh ButtonThis is one of hemany games in ourapp. This is to take anautistic childs mindoff everything that ishappening aroundthem. To decreaseamount of anger andupset.