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Sell it!

Be Mobile. Shop Local.All information within is confidential property of The Octane Group

My360In the garage sale mindset, its more of finding a deal, or treasure than a need. Certainly there are people who thrive on buying all the low priced clothing, but those that stalk the goods of some price, $50+ are those wanting a stellar deal on something or a treasure. Similarly sellers who would have a virtual garage sale or even bother with selling something individual in a small item count sale (1-10) items would likely not bother selling a $2 shirt, but try and get some quick cash with $50+ items.

In looking through the miles of junk on Craigs list, you are presented with the problem of consuming the sales quickly. Giving an improved image view greatly increases the users experience of consuming the sales, where going through a 100 or more sales can be done in a minute. Providing a way to flag deals of interest gives the saler a rapid way to keep track of those while continuing to view them.

In an ebay local mode you have to click the item, view image, add to watch list, conceivably map it with 3rd party app and move to next item in same fashion.

Craigs list provides a dry, textual description which you have to click through for undersized image, copy description & image, paste into notepad, map then move on. Either case is very painful and not tuned to those garage salers who like to spend their mornings going to pertinent locations vs. filtering out the locations with baby clothes/etc. Same case with people who I believe would use a craigslist type function if consuming the posts was not so timely.Functional AreasUser viewsLocation cover flow with geo tagging for mapping, radius setting and search function for filteringMap view displays geographic view of products, tagged locations, and flickable location preview. Flickable preview can be expanded

Create Geo StoreImage capture from photos and camera. (limit 4? Charge if more?)TaggingPrior used tagsMeta categoryPrice (options: trade/obo/freeContact (anon messaging)

My360 make an image view mode to quickly and casually scan products in area

Couch $500Near Far Tag Proximity slider lets people explore immediate range or Expanded. Future feature could present same view but for Specific search query i.e. bicycles. Conceivably options could includeServices as well or stand alone

My360 tap to flip the card and get product details

Couch $500Near Far Tag Proximity slider lets people explore immediate range or Expanded. Future feature could present same view but for Specific search query i.e bicycles

My360 Tapping on item flips to show product detail and options keeping images uncluttered.

Couch $500Near Far Tag Details: Leather Couch, Like new 4 years old.Pillows included.

Message Seller

BUY $6

My360 Tagging gives ability to reference on map and provide recall and instant direction. (note yellow beacons)

Couch $500Near Far Tag

Per pin function, user could get driving directions to one location or From one to another. Unregistered user could not save this unless signed in7Sell-it (Map view)

My furniture

Flickable image preview ofLocation with multi itemsI see this view as necessaryFor consuming thingsAt a certain venue independent Of category or search

My360 Purchase Scenario

Couch $500Near Far Tag Details: Leather Couch, Like new 4 years old.Pillows included.

Message Seller

BUY $9Purchase

My furniture

Two main ways to initiate:Sell sideBuy SideConceivably a buyer Could want to purchase something unseen physically. While not in the pure spirit of sell-it this should be a consideration. For 1.0, I dont think purchasers should initiate a transaction due to I never went and picked it up issues.Purchase (cont.)

My furniture

Seller finds item to be sold at their sale selects item out of item(s).

Purchase (cont.)

Enters a negotiated price if discounted from askingSell Now My Admin

Best offer $325orUser hits Sell Now and is presented with notice that both partieds agree to terms, price, etc.

Purchase (cont.)Possibly a mult-selection method could be used if multiple processors are avail.ContinueDefault

Purchase (cont.)

Possible method to incurr fee.Complete SaleSquare Payment

Seller also agrees to a $2.85Handling fee processed from Paypal Account in Settings $325

Purchase (cont.)

Square Payment

You have $325 deliverSearch

My furniture

Search would quickly search tag strings+ Watchlist SearchItem search GoNear Far Category search GoI see category search as optional. Well defined tags should obviateSearch (cont.)

My furniture

Conceivably show number 1st. Eliminates showing zero results in coverflow unceremoniously 18view

+ Watchlist SearchItem search GoNear Far Further, Adjusting near/far could give instant results. No result user could save search and be notified if a hit happensSearch (cont.)

My furniture

+ Watchlist SearchItem search GoNear Far Category search GoWatchlists could also be used for highly targeted adsWatchlist could ask how would you like to be notified? badge count, email, etc.Posting (tbd)

My furniture

Post New ItemCamera use / roll,Best offerRange, Pics, multiples, itemscategoryPricecameraroll cameraaddNext

Posting (cont.)

My furniture

Post SaleDescribe itemEditWatchlists could also be used for highly targeted adsIdeally, would want tagging to be able to determine category. ie. If bike is a tag, provide in a tag filter.Tags & search & watchlists deprecate categories and extra step. But category is probably necessaryTags


$325PriceOBONewTrunkWalnutMed7/29/11 3-6pmNowAvail:1 weekDur:Avail:Availability OptionAdd Items to SalePost Now!This would imply itIs avail for purchase, viewing, pickup at this time (i.e. garage sale)AdvancedItem IDItem IDOptional inventory identifier, biz useMain imagePosting (cont.)

My furniture

Post Sale - AdvancedMessaging toggle, etc.Location obfuscation for protection & privacy. Good for individual sale items, not for bazaars, garage sales, stores. 300yds in any directionOptions:Keep as defaultLocation

backPost Now!AdvancedAllow MessagingQuickbooksSocial IntegrationPromotion (v2.0)DistortLocationUse PreviousLocationHesitant to allow Posting wherever They want for spam/abusereasons.


Possible method to incurr fee.Message from user #0021331

What are the dimensions of this? Would you take $300? $325Item id: 00323This trunk is a fine piece and a great deal at $325. I can show you today. at 7/21 8:31pReplyMy Admin - Stats

My furniture

Settings My Admin - Stats207 Clicks


Impclicks1.07% conv2300 Imp15 DSOThink the stats, would be avail for upgrade backA main my admin settings needs a home. Different from advanced post options.Date

Dashboard7970 Views520 ClicksVisibilityGeo-LocationRevenue$2388Orders107Date: 9/21/119/23/11to6.5% Conv. Rate 34SocialItem DetailSmall Globe SteelPercent ViewsPercent Revenue32%80%

83 Foot TrafficMy360 otherSellers could obviously utilize same picture flow UI to view all the items they have for saleThis cover flow widget is generally available and would only require slight mod for tagging function. Perfect platform for injecting ads throughout. Esp when showing results on a search (i.e. bicycles). Possible platform for white-boxing mobile storefronts25Shared My360sOpportunity to get ideas on others likes or those with similar tastes.Users can share saved searches or can share favorite itemsThe natural social integration would be facebook, likewise it Would complement well with the tell friends about my360 to get My360 bux from their purchases.