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  • 1. Home Page Comments Could we have space for a subscription ad on the banner above SKYNEWs logo as well? perhaps showing the cover of the current issue Get this current issue now SUBSCRIBE Under the SUBSCRIBE button on the banner can we have some drop down options before they lead to an order page maybe like: SUBSCIBE PRINT SIUBSCRIBE DIGITAL RENEW DIGITAL EDITION BACK ISSUE GIFT CUSTOMER CARE If a customer keyed in SUBSCRIBE in the search box could they get to the subscribe option that way? Could we make the Search box a bit clearer maybe a SEARCH button to click on after they write in In the Follow SKYNEWS could we have the enewsletter option after Facebook and Twitter and more detail like: SKYNEWS MONTLY NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR FREE Email _________________ SIGN UP Should we have more options on the footer? SUBSCRIBE ABIOUT US Could we have a standard footer following each edit article that says: Get 6 issues of SKYNEWS for $26 and SAVE $X Click here to purchase

2. Home Page 3. About SKYNEWS Current Issue 4. Subscribe Button 5. About SKYNEWS SKYNEWS Mag 6. Footer 7. Contact Us Tab 8. Contact Us Follow SkayNews SKYNEWS E news