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Muncheese Wireframe

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  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteAs soon as a user logs in the website, it detects its current location using browser cookies. and prompts for a location change at the 1st instance

  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteEliminating all the clutter, the user just sees a single search bar, where it can search by the items it wants to eat, cuisine it wants to try, or a specific restaurant its looking for. Based on the system database, the system takes all three queries and gives the user a list of restaurant that fit in any of the above criteria.

    Anuj GadreSticky NoteRestaurants can come and register here and experience the customer side also at the same time. Post registration, a sales team can contact them.

    Anuj GadreSticky Noteplace holder logotype and logo

    Anuj GadreSticky Notethe usual login sign up allows users to surf the website and login, or sign up anytime during their interaction, or just before placing the order.

  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteUser email becomes their login Id

  • Anuj GadreSticky Noteeasy sign-up takes the basic email/password queries to go to a more detailed sign-up page or lets user chose to login through facebook or twitter or google +

  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteEach restaurant gets its own user friendly tab, which takes the user to individual restaurant page, as well as gives basic details right here

    Anuj GadreSticky NoteAfter placing the order, the customer goes to checkout its plate

    Anuj GadreSticky Noteeach item has its own pop up, for it to be prepared, with all possible add ons, remarks and quantity.

    Anuj GadreSticky NoteFilters for a more refined restaurant search

    Anuj GadreSticky Noteafter prepare, a user can add it to its Plate.

  • Anuj GadreSticky Notechoosing between delivery or takeaway. Choosing takeaway skips step 2.

  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteUsing old used addresses or choice of adding a new delivery address , similar to flipkart.

  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteFinalizing the order details, adding phone, email and generating unique order ID for for all references.

  • Anuj GadreSticky NotePayment through COD, Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, etc. and finalizing order.

  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteThe Restaurant owner has to add his name and contact to get the sales team in touch with him. Once the registration is done he gets a log in Id.

  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteThis is the entry to the restaurant control panel where the restaurant owner can, add delete edit and modify menu items and pricing.

  • Anuj GadreSticky Noterestaurant logo and name, which can be added and edited in profile

    Anuj GadreSticky Notethis will take the res owner to the list of existing orders for both delivery and takeaway

    Anuj GadreSticky NoteFrom here the restaurant owner can go and add a new item to their menu

    Anuj GadreSticky NoteA display of items that are already existing in the menu

    Anuj GadreSticky Notethis will tell about the most successful, or currently successful menu item

  • Anuj GadreSticky Notesimple and intuitive adding panel

    for items no letters mean

    Anuj GadreTypewritten Text

    Anuj GadreSticky NotePer Item special categories displayed here as a tree, each item editable on the right of it.

  • Anuj GadreSticky NoteOnce the order is placed, the given restaurant receives a new notification of the order details and the type of order for them to prepare.

    home alertHomeLog InSign UpRestaurants and menuorder 1order 2order 3order 4restaurant reg panelThank yourestaurant login panelres ctrl panel homerestaurant ctrl panelres ctrl panel add item