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I talked about the what, why, when, who and how of wireframes. Highlights include: Emphasis on embracing analog tools like pens, sticky notes, moleskin, and whiteboards. I also suggest to get to a working prototype as fast as possible.If you saw this presentation, rate it at Speaker Rate: http://speakerrate.com/talks/314-what-the-wireframe-a-pragmatic-approach-to-wireframes

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  • What the wireframe? A pragmatic point of view
  • Hi, Im Jason Robb Tweeting today? @jasonrobb #wtwf
  • MyHappyPlanet Start-up company Wearer of many hats Design of: UX, UI, IA, IxD, etc...
  • Why listen to me? Made a fair share of wireframes. A few methods. Not all. Youll learn something! (Even if it is what not to do, I win!)
  • Note: I have no idea what Im doing up here. Throw me a bone. Ask me questions!
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