Welcome to 9 th Grade Orientation

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Welcome to 9 th Grade Orientation. AGENDA 9 th Grade Orientation Folder 8 th Graders Busy Planning for Their Future Graduation Requirements/Diploma Program Completing the 4-year Plan The Scheduling Packet. I. 9 th Grade Orientation Folder Left Side: 21 st Century Scholars Reminder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Welcome to 9 th Grade Orientation

  • Welcome to 9th Grade Orientation


    9th Grade Orientation Folder

    8th Graders Busy Planning for Their Future

    Graduation Requirements/Diploma Program

    Completing the 4-year Plan

    The Scheduling Packet

  • I. 9th Grade Orientation FolderLeft Side:21st Century Scholars ReminderHomework Hotline RulerTrip to College and Drive of Your Life flyerProject Lead the Way BookletIndiana Career Explorer - Info for ParentsKokomo Area Career Center BrochureLearn More Indiana MagazineComet College InformationRight Side:Freshman VocabularyDiploma Programs/Graduation RequirementsCourse Offerings for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grades (pink)High school bell schedule2013/2014 EHS Course Catalog (find it online at www.eastern.k12.in.us)Separate from Folder (stapled together)Courses already assigned to your student in SkywardCourse Request Form for 2017 graduates9th Grade Course Offerings & PrerequisitesSample Four-Year Course Planner (students need to enter their plan online by signing into their Indiana Career Explorer account and entering 4-year plan into the Indiana Graduation Plan folder).Individual License from Drive of Your Life online activity

  • Transition Activities8th Graders - Busy Planning for Their Future7th Grade Career Unit7th Grade Trip to Welcome to the Real World 8th Grade Trip to Living in the Real World 7th & 8th Grade Indiana LearnMore MagazinesVisits to www.driveofyourlife.org and www.indianacareerexplorer.org and guidance pages on Easterns websiteCollege Go! Week ActivitiesRegistered with Indiana Career ExplorerKACC Presentation

  • Graduation Requirements/DiplomaProgramsGeneral (Students must go through the Core 40 Opt-Out Process for this diploma)Core 40Core 40 with Academic HonorsCore 40 with Technical Honors

    **It is possible for a student to earn Academic Honors and Technical Honors

  • Course and Credit Requirements


    8 credits

    Including a balance of literature, compositionand speech.


    6 credits (in grades 9-12)

    2 credits: Algebra I

    2 credits: Geometry

    2 credits: Algebra IIOr complete Integrated Math I, II, and III for 6 credits.

    Students must take a math or quantitative reasoning course each year in high school


    6 credits

    2 credits: Biology I

    2 credits: Chemistry I or Physics I or

    Integrated Chemistry-Physics

    2 credits: any Core 40 science course

    Social Studies

    6 credits

    2 credits: U.S. History

    1 credit: U.S. Government

    1 credit: Economics

    2 credits: World History/Civilization or

    Geography/History of the World

    Directed Electives

    5 credits

    World Languages

    Fine Arts

    Career and Technical Education

    Physical Education

    2 credits

    Health and Wellness

    1 credit


    6 credits

    (College and Career Pathway courses recommended)

    40 Total State Credits Required

    Schools may have additional local graduation requirements that apply to all students

    * Specifies the number of electives required by the state. High school schedules provide time for many

    more electives during the high school years. All students are strongly encouraged to complete a College and Career Pathway (selecting electives in a deliberate manner) to take full advantage of career and college exploration and preparation opportunities.

    For the Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma, students must:

    Complete all requirements for Core 40.

    Earn 2 additional Core 40 math credits.

    Earn 6-8 Core 40 world language credits (6 credits in one language or 4 credits each in two languages).

    Earn 2 Core 40 fine arts credits.

    Earn a grade of a C or better in courses that will count toward the diploma.

    Have a grade point average of a B or better.

    Complete one of the following:

    A. Earn 4 credits in 2 or more AP courses and take corresponding AP exams

    B. Earn 6 verifiable transcripted college credits in dual credit courses from priority course list

    C. Earn two of the following:

    1. A minimum of 3 verifiable transcripted college credits from the priority course list,

    2. 2 credits in AP courses and corresponding AP exams,

    3. 2 credits in IB standard level courses and corresponding IB exams.

    D. Earn a combined score of 1750 or higher on the SAT critical reading, mathematics and writing sections and a minimum score of 530 on each

    E. Earn an ACT composite score of 26 or higher and complete written section

    F. Earn 4 credits in IB courses and take corresponding IB exams.

    For the Core 40 with Technical Honors diploma, students must:

    Complete all requirements for Core 40.

    Earn 6 credits in the college and career preparation courses in a state-approved College & Career Pathway and one of the following:

    1. Pathway designated industry-based certification or credential, or

    2. Pathway dual credits from the lists of priority courses resulting in 6 transcripted college credits

    Earn a grade of C or better in courses that will count toward the diploma.

    Have a grade point average of a B or better.

    Complete one of the following,

    A. Any one of the options (A - F) of the Core 40 with Academic Honors

    B. Earn the following scores or higher on WorkKeys; Reading for Information Level 6, Applied Mathematics Level 6, and Locating Information-Level 5.

    C. Earn the following minimum score(s) on Accuplacer: Writing 80, Reading 90, Math 75.

    D. Earn the following minimum score(s) on Compass; Algebra 66, Writing 70, Reading 80.

    Effective beginning with students who enter high school in 2012-13 school year (class of 2016).

    with Academic Honors (minimum 47 credits)

    with Technical Honors (minimum 47 credits)

  • Theyre Here!!!...Indiana College & Career PathwaysIDOE has finalized the Indiana College & Career PathwaysThis will impact the way high school students attend the Kokomo Area Career Center if they have an interest in doing so.Students interested in the Career Center will enter into Career Pathways. However, before they can enter a Pathway, they will need to have taken certain foundational courses.All 9th graders at Eastern schedule for Preparing for College and Careers, and this course is a foundational course for all pathways.Before scheduling for sophomore classes, students and parents would want to become familiar with each pathways required courses.Be prepared that if you enter an Indiana Career Pathway, you will be expected to complete that Pathway.If you would like to learn more about Indiana College & Career Pathways, you can visit www.doe.in.gov/achievement/career-education

  • Indiana College and Career Pathway Plan State Model

    Cluster: Transportation

    Pathway: Automotive Service Technology

    Core 40 with Honors High School Graduation Plan*

    *This is a SAMPLE plan for schools to use in planning. Course sequences and grade level in which courses are offered may vary according to local policies, practices and resources.

    Students should enroll in Indiana Career Explorer, complete interest inventories, and investigate careers in clusters & pathways prior to or during the time they create their individual Pathway Plans.




    Language Arts




    Social Studies

    CTE/Career Preparation Courses

    for this Pathway

    Other Elective Courses

    for this Pathway


    English 9

    Algebra I

    Integrated Chemistry-Physics

    Health & Wellness/

    Physical Ed

    Preparing for College & Careers;

    Digital Citizenship,

    Personal Financial Responsibility

    World Language


    English 10



    Geography/History of the World or World History/Civilization

    Introduction to Transportation

    World Language


    English 11

    Algebra II

    3rd Core 40 Science

    US History

    **Automotive Services Technology I

    World Language


    English 12

    Math or Quantitative




    **Automotive Services Technology II

    Fine Arts

    State specified Pathway Assessments: Dual credit final exams or NA3SA assessments Minimum of 4 by the end of Automotive Technology II covering the following modules: Brakes, Electrical and Electronic Systems & Engine Performance and Suspension Steering

    Industry Recognized Certification: NA3SA or Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

    Postsecondary Courses Aligned for Potential Dual Credit**

    **See individual Course Frameworks for alignment of high school course standards and postsecondary course objectives

    Ivy Tech Community College

    Vincennes University

    AUTC 101 Suspension and Steering

    AUTC 121 Brakes

    AUTC 113 Electrical Systems

    AUTC 109 Engine Performance

    AUTO 105 Transportation Fundamentals

    AUTO 110/L Electrical Systems

    November 16, 2012

  • Completing the Electronic 4-year Plan1. Become very familiar with the credit requirements for each diploma. Read through the green/yellow/gray diploma document.2. Look at Eastern High School Courses one-page sheet (pink).3. Read through the online course catalog to see what classes interest you! Pay attention to any prerequisites for certain courses.4. Consider Suggested High School Courses listed on their license from the Drive of Your Life Activity and consider College & Career Pathways.5. Students can see me if they have a specific career in mind, and I can print the IDOE s