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Website comparisons between 2 social networking sites (Twitter and Facebook) and 2 music artists website (Lady Gaga and Jessie J) for AS Media Studies.

Transcript of Website Comparisons

  • 1. Facebook is more personal, as you have to add people in orderfor them to see your profile. Facebook provides more entertainment, as there are gamesavailable. Facebook is very simple and everyone has the same template,with the banner at the top (which has the logo, friend requests,messages, notifications, search bar, profile button, home buttonand the drop down in order to log out and change the settings),down the side is the menu bar (which has messages, pokes andchat), the footer (which has the Terms & Conditions), and on theright hand side is where the advertisements are.

2. Twitter is less personal, as anyone is able to access your profile. On Twitter you are able follow your favourite celebrities. You are able to personalise your profile, however everyone hasthe same template. The banner at the top (which has the homebutton, connect button, discover button, the me button, logo,search bar, settings button and the compose a tweet button),on the left-hand side there is your profile picture, along withhow may times you have tweeted, how many people you arefollowing, and how many people are following you. Along withthose things are suggested people to follow and then below thatis what is trending. In the centre is everyone who you arefollowing and/or are following you tweets. 3. Lady Gagas official website has a simple layout. At the top of the site there is a red box which when you hoverover it, it drops down allowing you to sign in with your SocialNetwork address (Facebook, Twitter, etc), below is the bannerwhich has Lady Gaga in big bold lettering and just under isdifferent options taking you to different parts of the site (Haus,Info, Events, Shop, Lyrics and Chat), and then below the banneris her news feed which is attached to her Twitter and to theright is images which when clicked on take you to the differentparts of the site. 4. Like Lady Gagas official site Jessie Js has a simple layout. At the very top is the audio player, and below this is the mainbanner which has her name in big, bold letters and an image ofher, along with this there is all the different options that willtake to different parts of the site (Home, News, Blog, Gallery,etc), below this is all the latest news and to the right you areable to sign in with your Facebook and below are various otherimages, and her Twitter feeds.