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Transcript of College comparisons

  • 1. Cleveland State University University of Kentucky University of Toledo
    • College Comparisons
    • By: Nolan Marks
  • 2. Distance From Home
    • CSU is much closer then the other schools I researched on, making it a more attractive school to me then Kentucky and Toledo
  • 3. Dining Options
    • CSU dining options : New student hall with new cafe, many on campus options all close to each other
    • Toledo: Several smaller cafes, food options on campus not to high, drive to off campus food
    • Kentucky: Many options, great food selections, many on campus foods
  • 4. Athletics Scholarship
    • Though CSU does not have the best overall athletics, it does have the best fit for me on the tennis team, Toledo can provide more money, but the team is not as good
  • 5. Price
    • UK would cost much more then both CSU and UT with the scholarships I am offered from all the schools. UT would end up being the cheapest, making it a good target school
  • 6. Violent Crimes
    • CSU & Kentucky: Surprisingly to me CSU, and Kentucky have low crime rates. Both the local and Campus police do an excellent job of taking care of the on campus students. The blue lights located throughout the campus ensure student safety in case of emergency.
    • Toledo: on the other hand is a hot bed for crime and other negative aspects, due to the surrounding neighborhoods
  • 7. ACT Scoring
    • CSU and Toledo have an ACT score average that is more reflective of my personal results; UK is much more difficult to get into
  • 8. Student population
    • The schools I am looking at have a large population of both on campus and commuter students, in the end CSU has the least number of kids and I am looking for a smaller school
  • 9. Campus Size
    • CSU: 80 acres
    • Kentucky: 670 acres
    • Toledo: 450 acres
    • CSU is dramatically smaller then both UT and UK, though campus size is not something I am to worried about but a smaller school in a big city is something that attracts me
  • 10. Comfortability
    • Each school Ive visited has left a lasting impression and gut feeling as to how comfortable I would be on the campus the next four years. I gave each school a score on a 0 to 100 scale.