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Comparing motorsport magazines

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This magazine type is sports racing Formula 1 to be specific. The title here does not really stand out, however it is noticeable because it is a different colour to the rest of the magazine, which seems to have a theme of black and gold.The target audience for this magazine is obviously fans of Formula 1 racing. However the target age cannot really be confirmed since there is such a variety of fans. The target gender, according to the photo and most racers in Formula 1, would probably be males. Although the publishers name is not included on the cover of this magazine, I found out that the head of Group Publishing is called Stuart Williams and they publish all F1 Racing magazines.The price of F1 racing ranges from 3 - 4 depending on where it is sold. This may be considered expensive for a magazine, but the contents make it worth the price.

This type of magazine is also sport racing, but it is not just Formula 1, it is also about road cars and the history of motorsports cars. The title is noticeable because it is black and white therefore stands out from the red and green theme.The target audience for this magazine would be fans of motorsports and normal road cars. Because this magazine is not just about Formula 1, it may have a wider audience range than F1 Racing.The price for this magazine is 3.66 for a printed issue and 3.79 per digital issue. This would be considered reasonable for the type of magazine it is.Although her name is not on the magazine cover, the publishers name is Sophia Dempsey and she is part of the publishing team along with some leading directors and marketing directors.