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Get actionable insights of your Pinterest account in a language you understand with Viralwoot Analytics. For more information go to

Transcript of Viralwoot Analytics For Pinterest: Pinterest Analytics Made Easy

Viralwoot Analytics

Viralwoot AnalyticsIn-depth analysis to accelerate your Growth!Get your Pinterest progress report to know where you stand!

Lose the training wheels and gain a quantitative assessment of your Pinterest performance.BENEFITSOrganize your Pinterest lifeA simple yet sufficient overview of your Pinterest profilePrevent spamming your boards unknowinglySegregate your Pins according to their source (Repin, save button and upload)BENEFITSImprove your efficiencyReceive a quantitative assessment of all your Pinterest activity till dateGet to know your most optimum time to PinDetermine the colors of Pins your viewers love and shareCompare yourself with other users. Get out there!Identify your top Pinners and website visitors

FEATURES: BASIC STATSA simple overview of your Pinterest profile.Displays the number of boards, Pins, Likes, Followers etc.

FEATURES:SCORESCompare yourself with others using these scores

Pinfluence score- An average score for all your Pinterest activitiesReach score- A reach score of 51 implies that 51 viewers out of a 100 view your postsActivity score- How active you are on Pinterest compared to other usersEngagement score- Represents your communication with other users

FEATURES: BOARDS DATAView the details of your board such as the name, category, followers, Pins, repins and likes

FEATURES:SPAM & SEO CHECKView the origin of your Pins and the distribution of boards

TESTSUse these tests to improve the quality of your profilePinning Mode Spam Test- This test checks whether you have any spam in your accounts. Spam includes those Pins that are a part of the wrong board. Pinning Activity- Checks how active you are on PinterestBoards Spam test- Checks to see if you have any spam boards. Having too many group boards will hurt your score as they attract more spamBoards SEO test- It is very important to improve the SEO of your boards by assigning categories to all of them.

FEATURES: BEST PINNING TIMEGet to know the most optimum time for you to post your PinsTells you the colors of your Pins that have attracted the most users

WEBSITE INSIGHTSTrack all activity taking place on your websiteIt helps you to understand better which content your audience is engaging with, how theyre doing this, and who they are. It helps you answer the burning question Of all the content I create, what do people like most?Find out your Top Pinners- who Pins the most content from your siteCheck out the Recent Pins from your websiteFind out the most popular Pins in the Top Pins sectionAutomate Your Pinterest Marketing with Viralwoot

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