Pinterest How To (Pinterest for Business Week #5)

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Pinterest How-To for business. Topics covered: * Statistics and Users * Why Pinterest * Pinterest Goodies * The "Pin It" button * When to post * How to use Pinterest to FIND information * Effective Pinterest Profiles * How to be aware of what is being shared about your brand * Creating effective pins * Using "Rich Pins" * Good Pinterest examples

Transcript of Pinterest How To (Pinterest for Business Week #5)

  • 1. Week #6: PinterestSharing Your Interestswith Shannon

2. What is Pinterest? 3. Pinterest Statistics and Users@sbkelsickMen: 34%!Women: 66%! 3.8 million Canadians use Pinterest 2.5 million of them are women 54 percent are 24 to 54 years ofage 38 percent have children 35 percent of users have ahousehold income of over 100,000per year 4. Why Pinterest?@sbkelsick PEOPLE USE IT! ! 2.5 BILLION monthly pageviews! PINNERS BUY STUFF! Pinterest users also buy more of the items theyencounter in pins than items on Facebook! PINNERS SPEND MORE MONEY! Pinterest users spend 70 percent more money when theyarrive at your website from Pinterest versus non-socialreferrals 5. Why Pinterest?@sbkelsick 6. Pinterest Goodies@sbkelsickGo to:! 7. Pin it Button on YOUR websiteimages@sbkelsickEnsure you have a Pinit option on ALL ofyour images on yourwebsite!**WordPressrecommended app:Pinterest Pin It ButtonFor Images by Canhaimages 8. Pinterest When to Post@sbkelsick 9. Use Pinterest to FINDInformation Content to share Content to learn Content to inspire Competitive Information Client information (likes)@sbkelsick 10. Pinterest Profiles@sbkelsickAbility to include Facebook &Twitter link in profile 11. Be aware of how YOUR picturesare being shared/pinnedMy daughterspicture from herblog featuring apicture of herwith FrancoiseAbanda wasshared by WTAQuebec!**Ensure youknow what isgoing on withyour brand!@sbkelsick 12. 13. How to get your products onPinterest, even if youre not Give people something GREAT to share! Great product photography Great content (DIYs, How tos) Great video!!@sbkelsick 14. Compare Yourself Search out your competitors on Pinterest, how doyou compare with them?! Are your images as pin-able as theirs?! How can you make better images?! Are you tagging/naming your images so theycan be found?@sbkelsick 15. Creating Effective Pins@sbkelsick 16. Businesses - Use Rich Pins@sbkelsick 17. Pinterest Page Examples 18. Pinterest Page Examples@sbkelsickB2B usage: 19. Pinterest Page Examples 20. Pinterest Page Examples@sbkelsick 21. Pinterest Page Examples 22. Converting Personal toBusiness Page@sbkelsick 23. Pinterest Tips and Tricks Pin It button widget that appears at end ofpage for WordPress: Pin It on Pinterest Ensure you use Pinterest Mobile app to seethe difference and learn how your audience isviewing and sharing@sbkelsick 24. Pin away!with Shannon Bowen-Kelsick!!@sbkelsick 25. references Youtube Pinterest video!!!!@sbkelsick