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The what, the way, the how guide for Pinterest. Tips for beginners, businesses and non profits. Offers great insight into what makes a great pin, boards and offers real suggestions for success. Includes question and answers from a journalist, communications director, community managers and company directors.

Transcript of Pinterest White Paper (Pinterest Specialists Question and Answer)

  • 1.Pinterest: The Q And A White PaperThe what, the way, the how guide for Pinterest. Tips for beginners,businesses and non profits.Collated by -Danny

2. The IntroThis small project started off as an idea for a small blog post to show how different Pinterest is andwhat it means to different sets of people, it quickly became a dedicated Q and A session from UK toboth coasts of the US, but by compiling the answers it seemed only right to convert it into adedicated white paper which people can take inspiration from and understand the differentpersonality that Pinterest bring out of people.The PurposeThis white paper is to guide you through what Pinterest is, what the difference is between personal,business and non profit boards and top tips from top pinners.The People...There is a great diversity of people involved; all varying in professions - from a successful journalist,to community managers, social media consultant, communications director and a CommunityDevelopment Manager.The Questions...Name:Pinterest URLWebsite or Twitter handle (where applicable)OccupationLocation3 reasons why you love PinterestWhy are you on Pinterest?The reason you pin?Your favourite ever pin?In your opinion what makes a good pin?Top 3 tips for Pinterest?What is the difference between personal and corporate pins?Any tips for companies on Pinterest?Any advice for non profits/charities?If you could change 3 things about Pinterest what would they be?What would make you leave Pinterest?Top 3 social mediaPage 2 3. The Key Take Aways...Reason for loving PinterestEasy, visual, creative.Reason to be on PinterestCurate, share, inspire.Reasons to pinFun, beauty, motivation.What makes a good pin?Personality, beauty, inspiration.Top tips for Pinterest?Be yourself, use clear image, be mindful, use as a mood board.What is the difference between personal and corporate pins?Corporate voice essential pin what reflects you and your firm.Tips for companies on PinterestDont self promote, pin to reflect your company, make itAdvice for non profits/charitiesProvide good insight, share great images, get infographic designers.Things user would like to change about PinterestPrivate boards and approvals on shared boards.What would make you leave Pinterest?Nothing.Top 3 social media1. Facebook2. Twitter3. Pinterest Page 3 4. Name: Jewel FryerPinterest URL: or Twitter handle: Community managerLocation: Northern CaliforniaQ. 3 reasons why you love Pinterest:1. Ease of use.2. Endless links and ideas3. Excellent easy way to curated and reference material.Q. Why are you on Pinterest?It is a fun and beautiful way to find new things on the internet and the best way to organize them.Q. The reason you pin?It is relaxing and I love finding new things.Q. Your favourite ever pin?I cant pick one. I like them all.Q. In your opinion what makes a good pin?Visual appeal and linked back to the source.Q. Top 3 tips for Pinterest?1. Pin what inspires you.2. Remember you can follow single boards you dont have to follow everything.3. Always pin for the permalink, original source. Dead end pins suck.Q. What is the difference between personal and corporate pins?Personal boards should be whatever you like with no thought to what others like or think of you. It isan excellent way to organize many different things in one place so that you can find then again easilyor share them with others. If you just like the look of a photo then just pin it for that.Corporate pins should have a purpose to share who you are and what you are about to everyoneelse. They should have well thought out categories and they should always link back to the originalsource, and give due credit. Hashtags and simple information in the comments is more important. Page 4 5. You should consider the balance between promoting others, sharing information about yourself andpromoting your own content. You should pin with a purpose on a corporate board and you can justpin what makes you happy on a personal board.Q. Any tips for companies on Pinterest?Pin with purpose and dont just sell. It is more important to share useful things and ideas. Use it toshow people who you are, what you care about, what you do. Always link back to the source andprovide accurate information. Do not just use it as an outlet for self promotion.Q. Any advice for non profits/charities?Same as companies. Let people know what you are about. Give them different ideas of how they canhelp.Q. If you could change 3 things about Pinterest what would they be?1. Private boards2. Ability to block people3. Better support for questionsQ. What would make you leave Pinterest?Nothing.Q. Top 3 social media:1. Facbook2. Twitter3. Pinterest Page 5 6. Name: Kelly LiebermanPinterest URL: handle: Social Media Manager and Social Media ConsultantLocation: Atlanta GA USAQ. 3 reasons why you love Pinterest:1. So easy to use2. Focuses on interests3. Creative and inspiring outletQ. Why are you on Pinterest?Personally I am using Pinterest to learn more. Pinterest is full of so much creative inspiration curatedby a diverse community. It allows me to easily catalog, search, and share my interests with peoplethat I know in real life and with a much larger community that I have yet to meet. Professionally ithas been a wonderful way to connect beyond business and also focus and share my expertise.Q. The reason you pin?Easy way for me to catalog things that I am interested in and easily recall them for later use or forsharing.Q. Your favourite ever pin?My favorite Pin, this is so hard but this one also happens to be one of my favorite quotes In your opinion what makes a good pin?Visually striking, compelling, tells me something without having to read the description.Q. Top 3 tips for Pinterest?1. Be yourself. Pin what you are actually interested in not what is trending or popular.2. Be mindful of the content that you share, you are what you Pin.Page 6 7. 3. Respect other peoples creative property if they do not want to be Pinned respect their wishes.Q. What is the difference between personal and corporate pins?A personal profile is a complete reflection of you and your personal interests - it says who you are. Corporate Pins must reflect the corporate voice, tell the story of your brand - who you are, whatmakes you unique, showcases your past, present, and future. Must be cohesive and consistentrepresentation that highlights what is important to you and what you value. Ultimately sharing withthe Pinterest community how you fit into their life.Q. Any tips for companies on Pinterest?Do your homework. See how you are being Pinned, learn user sentiment about yourproducts/company/brand. Think beyond your products and how you fit into the life of users of yourproduct. Share relevant content and images -- from how tos to new products.Q. Any advice for non profits/charities?Share compelling images, educate, create awareness, offer resources that are easy for people tounderstand. Connect the community to Facebook, Twitter, website, blog for ongoingcommunication. Share success stories, highlight who you are helping.Q. If you could change 3 things about Pinterest what would they be?1. Love to have a few private boards2. Easier to switch between profiles3. See individual followers on boardsQ. What would make you leave Pinterest?I cant imagine anything driving me away from Pinterest.Q. Top 3 social media:1. Pinterest2. Twitter3. FacebookPage 7 8. Name: Samantha LollPinterest URL: or Twitter handle : Communications Director at a Nonprofit Campaign Management CompanyLocation: Atlanta, GAQ. 3 reasons why you love Pinterest:1. You can be very personal, pin your interests, your dreams, your desires, without being tooexposed. You dont have to provide tons of personal information to get started, and theres a certainfreedom in that. I would never approve a friend request from a person that I didnt know on FB, but Iget so excited and feel like a rock star when I see new people follow me on Pinterest!2. I love the control I have over what I follow. I can follow a person, their board, or just repin a singleitem of interest. It allows you to filter your interests so you dont get overwhelmed.3. How easy it is to use!Q. Why are you on Pinterest?I started out on Pinterest at a friends recommendation to get inspiration for my wedding. I quicklybecame obsessed, spending hours a day pinning, and I kept having thoughts like, "This nonprofitshould be on Pinterest. That nonprofit could create such a cool board about this. I know a nonprofitthat would really benefit from following this board," and thats how Pin4Nonprofits came about. Ijust had to find an outlet for all the ideas that kept popping into my head.Q. The reason you pin?I pin to inspire myself, motivate myself, and (oddly enough) educate myself. People are usingPinterest to organize so much great information now, and I find out about all sorts of great nonprofitfundraising campaigns via Pinterest. Im a total slacktivist, and Pinterest feeds my need to helpnonprofits with just a few clicks of the mouse.Q. Your favourite ever pin?This is cruel question and I refuse to answer it! I love all my pins. Thats why I pinned them! I doregularly shout pins that are so awesome I just have to share them on my twitter page though. Mymost recent "Genius!" pin is this one: Thisnonprofit, the Heritage Humane Society, totally capitalized on the popularity of the Ryan Gosling"Hey, Girl" memes to promote their cause. I can only imagine how many women stumbled acrossthis pin on accident, and I know I voted for them