Valais Rye bread PDO An authentic product. Valais Rye bread PDO Round; 250g, 500g or 1kg; Plain;...

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Valais Rye bread PDO An authentic product

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Transcript of Valais Rye bread PDO An authentic product. Valais Rye bread PDO Round; 250g, 500g or 1kg; Plain;...

  • Valais Rye bread PDOAn authentic product

  • Valais Rye bread PDORound;250g, 500g or 1kg;Plain;Cover with cracks;Recognisable by the pastille AOC

  • The PDO code of practiceCereals produced in respect of the environment, exclusively in the Valais, and processed in the Valais;A production process that is clearly defined in the code of practice;Regular tasting by professionals;A long fermenting leaven that gives the Rye bread its aspect (typically with cracks) and its specific taste;A full grain bread made out of at least 90% Rye (max. 10% wheat).

  • Current situation

    ProducersMillers BakeriesThe Association Rye bread of the Valais PDO Promotion activities

  • Harvest

    40 producers with a contract for growing and providing Rye

  • Quantities of Rye

  • Margin for growthRye for the PDO / total amount of Rye in the Valais in 2008 : 483 T / 998 T = 48% of the production Rye for the PDO / cereals for human consumption in the Valais : 483 T / 3540 T = 14% of the production

  • Price of the Rye breadIndicative price of Rye : Fr. 46.00 / 100 kg=> Each producer negotiates with his buyer depending on the market the association does not intervene Bonus : Fr. 12.50 / 100 kg => paid to each producer that has a contract with the association, according the quantities produced => Rye is paid more than wheatIndicative price for wheat : Fr. 57.00 / 100 kg (top class)

  • Mills Two certified mills

  • Backers

  • BackersBacking : 790000 kg bread

  • Price of the breadFlour for the PDO : + Fr. 30.- / 100 kg (10 ct per bread)Price of the bread : freedom of the backerIndicative price to be set ?

  • Association of Rye bread of the ValaisRepresents the whole supply chainCreates a link between the farmers, mills, backers and control bodiesIs a member of the Swiss association of PDOs and PGIs and the Valais chamber of agricultureIt defends the interest of its members and promotes the Rye bread

  • Association of Rye bread of the ValaisThe committee is composed of : Three backers with large distribution networksTwo mill managersTwo cereal producersAnd permanent guests : OIC, Valais agricultural department, Valais chamber of agriculture

  • Functioning of the associationBackers pay a slightly higher price for the flour (10 ct per bread)Producers receive a bonus of Fr. 12.50 per quintalThe certification, the secretariat and the promotion activities are financed by the remaining amounts and contributions of the chamber of agriculture and the canton

  • Promotion activitiesProviding sales material to the backers (bags, flyers, )Participation in fairs and events (Salon des Gots et Terroirs, Semaine du Got, Foire du Valais, )Actions : Advertising campaign, web-site, participation in the collective actions of the PDO-PGI association or the Basket of Valais products

  • Movable bakery

  • Challenges

    Internal development External Development

  • Internal development : ObjectivesBetter federate the current backer membersConvince the remaining non-member backers to join the initiative Improve the identification of the product in the shopsManage the quantities of Rye

  • Internal development : MeansGuaranty the artisan production thanks to stricter controls and the code of practice => OICVoting rights within the association : one vote per memberFight the abusive use of the name Support by the state of the Valais and the chamber

  • Internal development : MeansDevelop trainings and consultancy for the backers and sales staffObtain the generalised use of the pastille AOC and the bagsUse of the trademark Valais for the backers (voluntary in a first stage, widen to all backers later)

  • Internal development : MeansGrowing trials for new varieties of Rye to assure the future of the production

  • External development : ObjectivesDevelop sales of Rye bread outside the canton. Main problem : logistics (fresh product) Maintain the quality and the image of the Rye bread of the Valais PDO

  • External development : MeansSensorial study on the conservation of Rye bread : comparing fresh bread with frozen and vacuum-packed bread under in a atmosphere=> Objective : set rules on certain processes and if necessary forbid certain methods

  • Conclusion The PDO guarantees authentic and unvarying local methods The PDO protects a terroir, a tradition and a know-how, but the objective is not to make every bread uniform: The code of practice guarantees the basic recipeAllows each backer to express his own know-how=> Rye breads do not have the same taste in all bakeriesChallenge : growth without losing the nature of the product, nor the spirit of the Pain de seigle valaisan AOC

  • Thank you for your attention!

  • ContactsAssociation du Pain de seigle valaisanPresident : Jacques-Roland CoudrayManager : Nelly ClaeymanAddress : Maison du Paysan , CP 96, 1964 Conthey Tel : ++41 (0)27/345.40.10 Fax : ++41 (0)27/345.40.11 Internet : ; [email protected]