Trading Books Every Trader Should Be Reading

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  • Best book for traders

    doesnt exist

  • The Daily Trading Coach:

    101 Lessons for Becoming

    Your Own Trading


  • Coaching yourself to peak


  • Give yourself a daily review!

  • Getting Started in

    Technical Analysis

  • Entering trades

    Risk control

    Holding winning trades

  • Broad trading principles

    Psychological factors

  • It is one thing to read about

    the analysis of price and a

    totally different thing in

    doing so on a chart.

  • Trading Price Action

    Trading Ranges

  • Set aside time so you can

    focus on his writings without


  • Market Wizards

  • Trader Vic

    Methods of a Wall

    Street Master

  • Foreign Exchange

    A Practical Guide to the

    FX Markets

  • Currency Futures

    FX Options

    Economics Of Ex Rates

  • High Probability


  • Hard work




  • Each chapter ends

    with a recap which

    will help solidify the

    content discussed

  • These are the books that I have

    found extremely valuable but this

    is not a final list.


  • There is a lot of

    information you will need

    to digest as a trader.