The Case For Emerging Diversity Talent

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The Case for Emerging Diversity Talent

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Transcript of The Case For Emerging Diversity Talent

  • 1. The Case for Emerging Diversity Talent

2. A New Direction
The ongoing increase in minority U.S. population, coupled with growth projections in the upcoming decades, present a tremendous opportunity for companieswhofocus their human capital on developing this quickly growing market and workforce.
This presentation provides insight to the historic changes the U.S. population is experiencing.
3. Changes in U.S. Demographics
Data from U.S. Census Bureau
4. Consumer Impact
The Multi-Cultural Economy 2008 a study by The Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, examines the dynamics of these new markets and provides a clear picture of the opportunityat hand.
The study highlights the business impact of the ongoing demographicshift and examines the projected market share and buying power increases for each ethnic group.
The results confirm Hispanics have experienced a sharp increase in buying power and market share, while African Americanbuying power has increased at a rate substantially higher than the total buying power increase for all races.
5. Understanding the Opportunity
U.S. Market Share by Race/Ethnicity*
% Increase in Buying Power from 1990 to 2008*
U.S. Buying Power by Race/Ethnicity (in billions)*
*Selig Center for Economic Growth, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, The Multicultural Economy 2008
6. Impact of Diversity

  • Increased exposure to a rapidly growing customer base

7. Expedited product development cycles 8. Market penetration activities are more effective 9. Higher rates of attraction and retention of talent 10. Reduces exposure and costs associated with lawsuits and EEOC claims. 11. Increased community relations and consumer perception 12. Status quo is more frequently challenged 13. Advertising campaignsbecome more effective 14. Decision making capabilitiesimprove through broader perspectives and experiences