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Presented by: Lisa Pickens and Mildred Andaluz The Art of Hosing and Harvesting Conversations that Matter

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The Art of Hosing and Harvesting Conversations that Matter

Presented by: Lisa Pickens and Mildred AndaluzThe Art of Hosing and Harvesting Conversations that Matter

It starts when it starts

On day one we initiated conversation by joining together in a circle as wediscussed what we hoped to gain from our experience together. Thefollowing were some of the possibilities discussed. NetworkingBuilding on resourcesConnectingHosting conversationsBringing back what we learned to our workplace so that the consequences when working with students are not so punitiveExplore restorative justiceMovementSustainability Help become part of changeBecome stronger communityExploring the Possibilities

Creating a Community

Being the host- A host is someone thatOpens and closes the circle Is unbiasedListens unconditionallyCaringCompassionatePoses powerful questionsMaintains flow of the groupDoes NOT provide suggestionsStimulates conversation amongst the group

Hosting a ConversationHow do we host effective conversations that help us move towards change?

Listen deeply- looking for what joins us insteadof what separates us

Speak with intention- speaking from the headheart and gut, discerning what needs to be said

Reflections on who we invite to the conversation?Think of those you would rather not invite (maybe not inviting them to meeting, but a conversation)Who is the worker (core team), cheerleader, or eagle (strategic input)Who is the work for?Do we invite the same people to each meeting?Who will offer different view points?

Asking powerful questionsYes/No Urgency When/Where Could, MightWhat/How Very powerful questions

. Invitation and Powerful Questions

World Caf

A World Caf is a great way of fosteringinteraction and dialogue with both large andsmall groups

The World Caf is a method for creating a livingnetwork of collaborative dialogue aroundquestions that matter in real life situations

Grace: allowing ourselves to be human beings. (learning to forgive)Re-conceptualization of power: power with vs. power over (shared work)Instead of looking on discussion as a stumbling block in the way of action, we think it an indispensable preliminary to any wise action at allMove from who I am to who we are to discover a shared understandingWe all hold a key to someone elses lockYou cant be a part of the solution without admitting you are part of the problem

What was most meaningful to us:

Its over when its over