Super Hero Creation

Super Hero Creation Based of TSR Marvel RPG


Creating Random Super Heroes - For more information see Word Document labeled "Super Hero Creation Document"

Transcript of Super Hero Creation

Page 1: Super Hero Creation

Super Hero Creation

Based of TSR Marvel RPG

Page 2: Super Hero Creation

Base Stats

• A - Agility• S - Strength• E - Endurance• R – Reason• I – Intuition

Page 3: Super Hero Creation


• Alien• Altered Human• Robotic• Technology• Magical

Page 4: Super Hero Creation


Page 5: Super Hero Creation

Altered Human

• Spider Man

• Fantastic Four

• Mutants

Page 6: Super Hero Creation


• Vision

• Machine Man

• Ultron

Page 7: Super Hero Creation


• Batman

• Green Lantern

Page 8: Super Hero Creation


• Dr. Strange

• Dr. Fate

Page 9: Super Hero Creation

Five Levels

• Feeble• 1-2

• Typical• 3-4

• Remarkable• 5-6

• Amazing• 7-8

• Unearthly• 9-10

Page 10: Super Hero Creation

PowersPower List

1 Resistances2-3 Movement4 Matter Control5 Energy Control 6 Body Control

6-7 Distance Attacks8 Mental Powers9 Body Alterations/Offensive

10 Body Alterations/Defensive

Movement1-2 Flight3 Gliding4 Leaping5 Wall-Crawling6 Teleportation7 Lightning Speed8 Levitation9 Swimming

10 Dimensional Travel

Matter Control1-2 Earth Control3-4 Air Control5-6 Fire Control7-8 Water Control9 Weather Control

10 Animal Transformation Others

Resistances1 Resistance to Fire and Heat2 Resistance to Cold3 Resistance to Electricity4 Resistance to Radiation5 Resistance to Toxins6 Resistance to Disease7 Resistance to Emotion Attacks8 Resistance to Mental Attacks9 Resistance to Magical Attacks10 Invulnerability to?

Page 11: Super Hero Creation

Powers Con’tBody Control Distance Attack Mental Powers1 Growth 1 Projectile Missile 1 Telepathy2 Shrinking 2 Ensnaring Missile 2 Image Generation3 Invisibility 3 Ice Generation 3 Telekinesis4 Plasticity 4 Fire Generation 4 Force Field Generation5 Shape-Shifting 5 Energy Generation 5 Animal Control6 Body Transformation to? 6 Sound Generation 6 Empathy7 Animal Transformation- Self 7 Stunning Missile 7 Emotion Control8 Density Manipulation - Self 8 Corrosive Missile 8 Precognition9 Blending 9 Slashing Missile 9 Plant Control

10 Phasing 10 Darkness Generation 10 Psionic Attack

Energy Control1 Magnetic Manipulation

2-3 Electrical Manipulation4 Light Manipulation5 Sound Manipulation6 Darkness Manipulation7 Gravity Manipulation8 Probability Manipulation9 Energy Reflection

10 Time Control

Body Alterations/Defensive1 Body Armor2 Water Breathing3 Absorption4 Regeneration5 Solar Regeneration6 Recovery7 Life Support8 Pheromones9 Damage Reflection10 Immortality

Body Alterations/Offensive1-2 Extra Body Parts3 Blinding Touch4 Energy Touch5 Paralyzing Touch

6-7 Claws8 Rotting Touch9 Corrosive Touch

10 Health-Drain Touch

Page 12: Super Hero Creation


1-2 Weapon Skills 3-4 Professional Skills 5-6 Scientific Skills 7-8 Mystic and Mental Skills

9-10 Other Skills

Weapon SkillsProfessional Skills Scientific Skills

1-2 Guns 1 Academics 1 Chemistry3-4 Thrown Weapons 2 Law 2 Biology5-6 Blunt Weapons 3 Pilot 3 Geology7-8 Sharp Weapons 4 Military 4 Genetics

9-10 Oriental Weapons 5 Business/Finance 5 Archeology6 Journalism 6 Physics7 Engineering 7 Computers8 Crime 8 Electronics

Other Skills 9 Psychiatry 9 Medicine1-2 Artist 10 Espionage 10 Astrometry3-4 Bar Fly5-6 First Aid7-8 Repair/Tinkering

9-10 Pop Culture WizMystical and Mental Skills

1-2Photographic memory

3-4 Mesmerism and Hypnosis

5-6 Sleight of Hand7-8 Speed Reader

9-10 Occult Lore

Page 13: Super Hero Creation


• Pick a Weakness for the Character– Video Game Sales?– Fluffy Objects?

• Pick a Limitation for a Power– Can Only be used in Disks?– Can’t Effect Yellow?