Camp Super Hero 2015

Camp Super Hero 2015

Transcript of Camp Super Hero 2015

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Camp Super Hero2015

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Teen WeekHousing & Hunger

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Teen Super Heroes• 5 teens ranging from incoming freshmen to seniors.

• Students represented West Bend West High School, Slinger High School, Kewaskum High School & Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School.

• Teens volunteered for the Full Shelf Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, Roots & Branches, and helped with the Stuff the Bus initiative.

• Students developed leadership skills throughout the week.

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Accomplishments• Completed a case study of the Stuff the Bus initiative. Developed collection strategies and recipient recruitment ideas which they would like to present to the committee.

• Toured and helped unload trucks at the Full Shelf Food Pantry. Got to “shop for a month” to visualize the amount of food. Worked as a team to buy lunch for 6 people on an $8 budget.

• Dug trenches to install plumbing for Habitat for Humanity. Helped with any other tasks as assigned while at Habitat.

• Weeded garden beds throughout downtown for Roots & Branches.

• Assisted in planning & material prep for Youth Week.

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In Their Own Words…“I feel like we actually made an impact and people DO realize it. It feels so rewarding to do so much for someone just because you want to.”

“Working at the food pantry showed me the true value of volunteers and donations.”

“I learned that support makes for a successful community. If organizations don’t reach out to one another very little can get done. No group should ever be alone in what they are doing.”

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Together they contributed 150 volunteer hours to Washington County

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…providing $3,368 of service!!

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Youth Week7 Partner Nonprofit


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Youth Super Heroes• 30 children ranging in grade from 5th – 8th

• 5 teens returned in leadership roles

• Represented all school districts within Washington County

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Accomplishments• Gained an understanding of how horses enhance lives of those with disabilities at Rides & Reins. The children had the opportunity to witness a therapy session, lead the horses, clean tack, groom horses, remove stones from the pasture, and MUCH more!

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Accomplishments• Together the team beautified Hartford! They worked with Volunteers for a Beautiful Hartford to maintain the gardens surrounding the Schauer Arts Center and the Hartford Library. They also visited the Schauer Center and learned how they can get involved in performing and visual arts.

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Accomplishments• Our Super Heroes LOVED every moment of volunteering with Cedar Community. They brought joy to the residents by leading Bingo, hosting a carnival for the memory-care patients, hosted an ice cream social at Cedar Ridge and helped stuff invitations for the annual fundraiser.

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Accomplishments• The kids learned about the importance of fresh, local food at Wellspring. They weeded the fields, laid mulch in the gardens, harvested vegetables, and prepared our lunch. They also learned about the importance of bees and organic farming!

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Accomplishments• The team visited the Museum of Wisconsin Art where they received a tour and painted something from the week that was inspiring to them. At the Volunteer Center they provided Random Acts of Kindness to people downtown and they reflected on their week together.

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Together they contributed 1,200 volunteer hours…

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…providing $26,688 worth of service to Washington County!

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Results• 100% of students said they developed a deeper understanding of community needs

• 100% of the teens said they developed leadership skills over the 2 weeks

• 100% of students said they wanted to continue volunteering!!

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A few words from the students

“I liked helping and working with the elderly. If there was a “Best Experience Ever” box, I would have checked that.”

“It was great seeing a diverse group of students come together to make great things happen at Camp and the nonprofits.”

“I enjoyed helping out the elderly, Random Acts of Kindness, making new friends and having great instructors!

“I loved seeing everyone work together!”

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A few words from the parents“It gave my daughter a chance to learn about nonprofits and ways to help. It gave her a chance to meet new friends. The positives are endless!”

“My son had such a great time meeting other kids from the community.”

“It gives kids a whole new perspective on things. They aren’t just going on “field trips”….they are contributing to the community while learning about different things and enjoying the summer. He learned so much more this year than last. You did a great job!

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Thank You Sponsors!

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